2018 Themes

2018 Themes

A different vegan meal or food item from local Austin restaurants every day for the whole month! – @Atxvegans

Anything You Can Eat We Can Make Vegan – @CarrotsRestaurant

Around the World: 30 Cuisines – Herbivores’ Heaven

Bookmarked Recipes of Vegan MoFo Past – My Apologies for the Novel

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – @Vegan.raptor

Celebrating the end of summer and the beginning of fall, while also following some daily prompts and weekly themes – VegCharlotte – Living Vegan in Charlotte, NC

Cute food – VeganDollhouse

Easy everyday vegan – @ofneverendinglight

Freestyle! – @Veganosaurus

Meal Planning for Mental Health – Not Fun At Parties

Pasta/Noodles in all shapes, sizes and forms – @ms.spaetzle

Potatoes – Vegan In Your City

Simply vegan food! – @bigtentvegan

Back to School – Plant Crush

Budget – My Cat Loves Daiya

Straight Outta Africa: Veganizing Cuisines From Various Countries – AfroVeganChick

Travel & eating while vegan – Fake Meat & True Love

Artwork based on weekly prompts – @jena_sinclair

Vegan food for runners – Vanilla and Zag

Vegan foods at the kosher grocery store – @lonestarplate

Vegan in Austin – @rabbitfoodgrocery

Vegan packed lunches – Food for Dissertating

Vegan travel – @openmikepunkrock

Veganized cuisines from my past – @Ladyfunk25

Veganizing American Cakes and Pies – One Raw Bite

You can be vegan anywhere – @Anewdayvegan

Zero Waste Vegan – Cindy T is for Triathlon