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Vegan MoFo Round Up 15: Nice as Pie and other stories

Vegan MoFo Round Up 15: Nice as Pie and other stories

Regular readers of my blog will know how much I love pies. For those of you who are not regular readers I FREAKING LOVE PIES!
Savoury pies or sweet pies I’m not fussed. Just give me something enclosed in pastry and I’m happy.
Lots of MoFo’ers have been feeding my pie addiction, so to speak, and here’s a pick of the bunch for today’s round up.

Courtney is making something new beginning with each letter of the alphabet for her MoFo theme and today’s letter is G.
G for Gas Station Pies!


A Bug and a Fish is testing and photographing recipes for Robin Robertson’s upcoming cookbook Quick Fix Vegan. This Roasted Vegetable Tart looks and sounds INCREDIBLE

Roasted Vegetable Tart

Pumpkin Pie has been making an appearance all over the MoFo and this Vanilla Pumpkin Pie from Wasabi Peas is simple and not too sweet. A Great holiday recipe!

I'll take a slice of that please

This Pumpkin Pie with a Gingersnap Crust would also be perfect for the holidays.

Mmmm Gingersnap Crust

And talking of Holiday recipes these Cranberry Pistacio Biscotti from Dreamin’ It Vegan look so festive and tasty – I’m really liking the flavour combo of these.

Cranberry Pistacio Biscotti

Cheese cake counts as a pie right?
Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheezecake Bites!


The Vegan Mouse (who just happens to be one of my favourite bloggers) has been making and scoffing these awesome looking Calzones

How crazy good do these look!

And whilst this is not a pie but it caught my eye none-the-less.

Potato and Beets

Google translator calls it potatoes under a fur coat – lol. And whilst fur coats are definitely not vegan this glorious colourful dish most certainly is.

Our very own MoFo rounder-upper Andy has veganised a family recipe with Grandma Jane’s French Breakfast Puffs.
And in Andy’s own words “They really should be enjoyed right out of the oven. Sugar. Cinnamon. Butter-like substance. You can’t go wrong.”

And I’m not gonna argue with that!

Enjoy right out of the oven? OK!

So that’s it for the second week of MoFo 2010 folks – tomorrow will see our halfway stage WooHoo! Is the time just whizzing by or what?
This is your Sunday MoFo rounder-upper signing out.
Over to you MoFo’ers.

Vegan MoFo Round Up 7: That was the week that was

Vegan MoFo Round Up 7: That was the week that was

What a corker of a week this first week of MoFo 2010 has been.
It’s been so much fun discovering new vegan bloggers as well as catching up with old friends, and this year the MoFo’ers are ROCKING! There has been no end of vegan awesomeness to feast my eyes on and we have kicked off the MoFo fantastically.
You have all successfully had me salivating over my keyboard and sniffing my monitor (and sometimes even licking the monitor, but I don’t advise this at all) and I have bookmarked sooooo many recipes that I’m gonna be eating like a vegan princess for a very long time.
Here’s a few snippity gibbets that caught my eye today.

Look at these delightful little Cranberry Chocolate Tartelettes that Mihl has been making.

Cranberry Chocolate Tartelettes HELLO!

Rose is on a Random Vegan Road Trip for MoFo which is such a cool idea. She’s been to Bolivia so far and currently she is “in” Florida recreating fancy restaurant meals.
Just look at this!

Curried Winter Squash, Pan Seared Hearts of Palm, Brussel's Sprouts, Smokey Tofu and Carrot Pickle

Vegan Eats and Treats is also gallivanting round the globe with her Around the World in 30 Days theme and I LOVE IT SO MUCH!
Today she’s in Haiti and has been making Haitian Banana-Lime VooDoo Tofu!


Doesn’t the name alone ROCK! She’s a fab artist as well so do yourselves a favour and head on over there.

I can not resist Falafels. Who can right? If you want me to love you forever then ya just gotta make me some Falafels and the adorable pomidorinka can make me Falafels any day.


Megan from Down Home Vegan can also make me some soup.


And just as I was about to conclude today’s round up with some witty hilarity; this little beauty popped up in my reader.

Vanilla Slice!

This was always a favourite of mine back in the day and I’m so happy to see it in all it’s glorious vegan splendour courtesy of Megan.



It's The Final Countdown (do da do do, do do do da do, do da do do….)

It's The Final Countdown (do da do do, do do do da do, do da do do….)


Get that song stuck in your head.

Can’t believe we’re in the final week of MoFo! How quickly October has flown by is probably to do with the fact that my time is taken up by reading all the wonderful MoFo blogs, and you know what they say; “time flies when you’re having fun”, and I’ve been having a ball!

Of course everyone knows what a special day the last day of October is and so many MoFo’ers have been gearing themselves up for all the fun and frivolity.

Just look at theses ghoulish cookies from Cute and Delicious

Ghost Cookies

Nom Nom Nom has been busy veganising a Starbucks recipe.  How good do these Pumpkin Cheesecake Muffins look!

Pumpkin Cheesecake Muffins

Check out Ozzy over at  V for Vegan in all his Halloween finery.

How cute is he!!

And this Jack O’ Lantern carrot platter is a GREAT idea for all you MoFo’ers planning a Halloween Party

Jack O'lantern carrot platter

So simple yet SO cool

Vegan Chubosaurus had the family over for a day of Pumpkin Carving.

Joker Pumpkin

How awesome is this Jack O’lantern!

I know the MoFo’ers have not been short on Pumpkin recipes, but if you want to try something different then just look at this Pumpkin Bread that Madcap Cupcake whizzed up.

Pumpkin Bread


This Baked Yoghurt Cheescake excites me

Baked Yoghurt Cheese Cake

As do these Garlic Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers from My Veggie Kitchen

Garlic Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers

Über YUM!

And who can resist a cute bunny? Not me

Cute Bunny

Hope you all have a magical week.


To succeed in life you need two things:ignorance and confidence

To succeed in life you need two things:ignorance and confidence

Mark Twain said that.

But it’s not true ‘cos you need inspiration too!

And one thing this years Vegan MoFo is not short of is inspiration. Ideas are just zapping through the blogosphere and oozing out the monitor at me. Sunday’s picks that caught my eye shall ensue and I dare you not to drool a little bit when you feast your eyes on these creations.

Check out this amazing looking club sandwich from Lisa


This pot roast from meatsbegone had me sniffing the monitor, there’s bonus cute puppy pictures too.


How fancy does this Delicata Squash and Hazelnut Lasagna look from Rose. It sounds amazing and I love the combination of her ingredients.

lasagna 025

I just LOVE these Caramel Apples from Andrea. They made me ask myself the question “Why have I not made these before??”


Now you’ll either think I’m mad or you’ll feel sorry for me; but I’ve never had sushi before. Zoa over at The Airy Way has delighted me with her sushi creations all weekend and I am definitely inspired to make my own.  These inari-zushi excite me.



And it’s not just MoFo’ers who are inspiring me – it’s their Grandmas too! Check out this awesome looking Pineapple Pie that Bianca’s Granny made her.

Pineapple Pie

How awesome is that!

If anyone’s a bit stumped over what to MoFo about, how about taking some inspiration from the most awesome bloggers in the world – the MoFo’ers!


Have a FAB week.


Something for the weekend

Something for the weekend

When you’ve just got to eat and you’ve got to eat NOW our MoFo’ers come up with some amazing quick and tasty meals.

Mihl’s sloppy snobby joes look hearty and satisfying for when you want a quick lunch that is packed with protein, fibre and iron amongst other delicious things.


You don’t get much quicker than a toasted sandwich and Susan over at Kitten’s Gone Lentil has had the tough job of trying out lots of different combinations. The sacrifices we make in the name of MoFo!


This Au Gratin that Megan got together in 15 mins positively had me drooling. Fork tender brussels sprouts combined with fresh mushrooms in a casserole dish, smothered in a basil-y red curry coconut sauce and baked.



And for when we do have a bit more time for cooking at the weekends these two dishes totally caught my eye

Channa Dhal Cutlets

Chana Dal Cutlets from The Messy Vegetarian Cook

and this Dhal Soup with Dhal-Chili Cake looks a proper winter warmer from Vegan Lovlie


 Sunday is a perfect day to indulge in some awesome brunching and Bonnie from Eating with the Rabbits did just that.


Curried Cauliflower Frittata


Samosa Mashed Potato Pancakes


And Bakery-Style Berry Muffins! What an awesome brunch!

Hope you’ve all had a fantastic weekend.