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Follow Your Heart Giveaway!

Follow Your Heart Giveaway!

Congratulations to Andrew Magee and Nick Michelle Hathorus!  Both of you will be getting an email soon.  Thanks for participating everybody!

My first introduction to the Follow Your Heart brand happened a few months after I became vegan.  I have very fond memories of searching the deepest corners of the internet, looking for vegan cheese recipes.  When I happened upon Vegan Gourmet, the first meltable vegan cheese I had ever seen, I was beyond stoked.  Back then, I could only get it through online order…which I did often.

Now the vegan market is flooded with cheese.  This is all good and well, but I still say Follow Your Heart has the best flavor.  Nobody is touching my loverly monterey jack, yo!

Besides vegan cheese, Follow Your Heart is also behind the magic that is Vegenaise (pronounced any way you’d like).  They’re also making dressings, sauces, marinades, and veggie meats!  Oh yeah!

Today, the wonderful people at Follow Your Heart are offering up the “Vegan Made Easy” kit to TWO lucky winners!  This kit includes: Soy-Free Vegenaise, Vegan Gourmet Mozzarella, Vegan Gourmet Cream Cheese, High Omega Vegan Ranch, and a Follow Your Heart Spatula!

To enter this contest please tell us what you’d do with all these awesome products!  Contest ends tonight at 10PM Pacific time.  Open to US only.


Good luck!!!

I’m Goin’ Broooown…

I’m Goin’ Broooown…

Today’s round up is brought to you by the color brown.  Whether yellowish-brown, tan, or orangish-brown these dishes are absolutely stunning even though they are in the most misrepresented part of the color spectrum.

There are few things I love more than a good curry.  When I stumbled upon Hot Vegan Chick…peas!  kabocha curry, I just about died.

Okay.  I know I already linked to Kristen’s blog last time I posted, but this deserves a freaking round of applause.  SPECULOOS CUPCAKES!!!

This time of year is all about the pumpkin for me.  So check out Rabbit Food’s pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.  I don’t know that it gets more beautiful than that!

Dudes.  West Philly Vegan’s pumpkin spinach quiche is so beautiful, it will make you smack yo mama!

One of my favorite brown things is bread.  Becky is taking bread to a whole other level by smothering it in some humble home-cooked beans.  Oh, yes!

There is nothing I love more than awesome people.  I met VeganMoFo’s own Stephanie (Lazy Smurfy) this summer in Portland.  Her theme involves making things from Sunny Days in Texas, a zine that helps the Sunny Day Farms Animal Sanctuary.  Check out this freaking Frito pie.  Waaaant.

Well, another round up has reached its close.  Congrats to all the MoFos who got the Mary J. Blige reference.  Have a great Saturday…and don’t forget to get your brown on!

Saturday Round Up: A Lil’ Halloweenie Goodness

Saturday Round Up: A Lil’ Halloweenie Goodness

Hope everybody is having a wonderful weekend!  Can y’all believe we are halfway done with this thing?  Since Halloween is swiftly approaching, I decided to do a round up dedicated to my favorite holiday.

First of all, I want everybody to check out MoFo’s own Katie because she is doing dinner and a horror movie for the entire month!  My favorite so far is a tie between Carrie and Child’s Play.

Keeping up with the horror theme, Jen from That Pain in the Ass Vegan has been doing a super fun True Blood theme.  She has funny stories and ever’thang.  But check out this po boy.  Drool.

When I think of Halloween, I always think of pumpkin.  I am drooling over Don’t Fear the Vegan’s savory pumpkin dip.

And, son of a biscuit eater, I could totally go for A Vegan Food Snob’s pumpkin chai tea.

Or how about this fantastic bowl of spicy pumpkin chili made by the lovely Ashlae at Oh, Ladycakes?

Another thing that always reminds me of Halloween is sugar!  Nothing gets more sugary than Kristen’s gorgeous sugar skulls!

MoFos, I’ll leave you with these awesome nails.  Sophie does food too, but I could not resist posting these amazingly awesome Halloween fingernails!

Well, that’s all for now!  Happy Saturday and happy blogging to all!

Sick on Sin Giveaway!

Sick on Sin Giveaway!

Congratulations to Nicky A for winning the Sick On Sin giveaway!  Thanks to all who entered!

Nicky A: Everything is so cute! I’m in love with the Ghost Cat and the Giraffe.

Happy Saturday to all!  Today’s giveaway is brought to you by, an independent business headed by Jennifer Krebsz (and all designs are done by her husband, Michael Lalonde).  When Jen contacted us about donating, we all fell in love with the super cute, veggie-inspired clothing over there.  They’ve got it all: clothing, buttons, magnets, tote bags, and more!

Lookit how cute!  The shirts above say: “Not my dinner.”  So adorable!  Here’s how it works…

Leave a comment describing all the wonderful things you’d like to get from SickOnSin.  One winner will receive a $25 gift certificate!

Contest is open to ALL MoFoers!  That’s right…they will ship worldwide!!  Giveaway closes at Midnight (Pacific).  Best of luck to all!

Lotus Bakeries/Biscoff Giveaway

Lotus Bakeries/Biscoff Giveaway

Congratulations to Jennifer Licata and Robin!  I’ll be sending an email shortly.  Thanks for playing everybody!

Jennifer Licata: I have not tried the spread yet, but it seems like a perfect add-in to homemade vegan ice cream, along with some berries or chocolate chips. A fruit tart with a Biscoff Spread-infused crust also seems like a fantastic idea.

Robin: With a spoon! Biscoff lollipop!

Good morning to all my MoFo peeps.  This giveaway will knock your pants right off your booty.  Our good friends at Lotus Bakeries, makers of Biscoff, have donated 1 jar of Biscoff Spread and 1 case of cookies each for 2 winners!  What what?!

That’s right.  The speculoos train has arrived!  For those precious few not in the know, this stuff is the jam!  For years I heard vegans pine over Biscoff cookies and spread, never knowing exactly what it was.  When I realized I’ve been eating it all my life under the name “windmill cookies”, it all made sense.  It was like a dream come true the first time I saw Biscoff cookies in the store.  These crispy, spiced delicate cookies are perfect with tea or just straight outta the bag.

As for the spread, there’s no real way to do it justice.  Imagine, if you will, a paste the consistency of peanut butter…that’s made out of Biscoff cookies!  It’s amazing.  It has totally caused apples to break up with nut butters in this house because Biscoff spread is the new sheriff in town.

Here’s how it works.  Comment and tell me all the wonderfully awesome things you want to do with that spread.  Spread it on crepes? Toast?  I need to know…  I’ll pick 2 winners at Midnight (Pacific time) tonight.  Good luck!

Sorry, contest is open to the U.S. only, but check out the websites linked above.  They ship to many places worldwide!

ProBar Giveaway!!!

ProBar Giveaway!!!

Congratulations to KaraHadley and Megan!  Both of you beauties will be getting an email asking for your addresses very shortly.  Thanks for signing up ever’body!!!

What up, MoFos?!  I am totally beyond stoked to tell you about this here giveaway for ProBar products.  For those not in the know, this company makes some seriously amazing whole food based meal replacement bars.  Don’t let the description fool you because these things are beyond delectable.

The first time I ever had a ProBar was on a whim.  I was hungry at the store and got myself one from the sweet and savory line, a little gem known as Cherry Pretzel.  This bar had it all: sweet and tangy cherries, decadent chocolate, and crunchy salted pretzels.  I’m pretty sure I swooned.

image from

I am happy to say that ProBar has donated 2 cases to MoFo this year, so 2 winners have a chance at enjoying 12 bars each!!!  Sa-weet!  And check it: ProBar is offering a 40% discount to all MoFoers for their first order!  All you have to do is enter the code “BLOGGER” at checkout.

To enter the giveaway, please tell us what flavor of ProBar you are dying to try.  Make sure to leave your email address so we can contact you.  Good luck!

Contest open to US & Canada only.  Winners will be chosen at 7AM Pacific time October 6th!  

VeganMoFo Roundup: Deep in the Heart of Texas

VeganMoFo Roundup: Deep in the Heart of Texas

Howdy, MoFos!  This roundup is dedicated to things that remind me of my home.  I miss you, Texas!

BBQ.  Corrina, Darling is chowing down on some bbq tofu!  Her trick is to sear the ‘fu first and add the saucey goodness until it clings to the delicious tofu morsels.  Look at how delicious that looks!

Allergies.  This time of year was when I’d always get a sinus infection.  One of the daily themes going on at Choose Your Own Food Chain is “foods that heal.”  She posted a most excellent recipe for zapping those sinus problems away.  As a lover of ginger anything, I’m saving this for a down day.

Mac n cheese.  What, what?!  I don’t make it terribly often because it always reminds me of Thanksgiving back home.  Monica from Dorm Room Kitchen is making the heck outta some elbow macaroni with a little help from shredded vegan cheddar.  Aww yeah!

Halloween.  Whether it was dressing up for parties or heading out to haunted houses, I was always down to celebrate Halloween.  Check out Fork and Beans’ awesome Halloween spread!  It’s adorable like whoa.

Mexican food and fantastic produce.  VeganVintageGal’s CSA haul is the thing of dreams.  She turned the tomatillos into sauce and had some enchiladas verdes.  Holler.

I hope everybody is having fun with MoFo this year!  There’s so much greatness already.  Happy blogging, y’all!

VeganMoFo Giveaway: 2 Copies of Vegan in 30 Days

VeganMoFo Giveaway: 2 Copies of Vegan in 30 Days

CONGRATS to Winnie and Krista!  We’ll be contacting you soon.

Winnie says: Most certainly my husband. It would make things so much easier and he would be so much healthier.

Krista says:

I’m trying to transition to veganism. I’ve been vegetarian for more than 10 years, but would really like to cut all animal products out of my diet for health reasons and environmental reasons.


Howdy everybody!  Today, we are giving away 2 copies of Vegan in 30 Days by Sarah Taylor!

This is a perfect book if you are transitioning into veganism or know somebody who is doing so.

Vegan in 30 Days will make sure that you reach your goal of becoming vegan in a healthful, fun, and successful way. Filled with incredible insight and dozens of practical tips, this book is a complete resource for making the transition to a vegan diet.

Included are over a dozen starter recipes of flavorful, easy-to-make dishes. Weekly assignments keep you actively involved in the process and lists of resources help keep you motivated. Guidelines for social engagements, i.e. hosting or attending a dinner party or eating out in restaurants, show how to make others aware of your diet without offending them and their dietary preferences.

The book focuses on whole foods and offers the options of transitioning completely in 30 days or taking the same amount of time for each phase.

To enter please tell us about a person you wish would transition into veganism.  The giveaway ends at MIDNIGHT tonight (Pacific time) and the two winners will be chosen at random.  Please be sure to leave your email and blog info when entering.

Sorry, but it’s only open to people in the domestic U.S.

Good luck everybody!

VeganMoFo Roundup: How Many Days 'Til Pie, Again?

VeganMoFo Roundup: How Many Days 'Til Pie, Again?

I know some people out there are still looking for Thanksgiving ideas, and the big day is swiftly approaching.  Whether you need roadtrip eats like Cold and Sleepy or are reminiscing about the menu from your childhood like Katie, there is plenty of awesome Thanksgiving stuff floating around the vegan blogosphere right now.  It warms the heart.

If you still haven’t finalized your menu, SGCorrie already has one in mind!  Some are opting to scale down the menu, while others want to feast.  Stuffing (or dressing) is always on the menu, though!  Check out this classic onion and sage stuffing recipe from Desdemona.  Or how about this mushroom and spinach one thrown together by Dianne?

A little homemade cranberry sauce would go great with that stuffing!  Sherry is throwing all sorts of orange goodness in her sauce.

I can’t really talk pre-Thanksgiving without talking gravy.  Tofu Mom’s apple pecan bourbon gravy sounds most excellent!  In fact, her entire MoFo theme is gravy!  Does it get any better than that?

Well, maybe if we’re throwing in some rolls.  I can’t believe I missed these butterflake rolls until now!  I’m also a huge sucker for veganizing family favorites and Meggie veganized her great grandmother’s rolls!

Nothing goes with a dinner roll like a delicious bowl of soup.  The Coburn Family made a comforting one out of autumn root vegetables.  And over at Vegan and Awesome there is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make easy homemade broth out of veggie scraps!

If you still haven’t settled on a Thanksgiving dessert, why not make something not-so-traditional?  Take a look at Rachwins sticky toffee pudding or the poached pear chestnut gallettes at New Vegan Table.

That’s all for now!  I’m going to continue my days-until-pie countdown.  Mmm.  Happy MoFoing, everybody!


VeganMoFo Roundup: Spice Mixes and Other Homemade Things

VeganMoFo Roundup: Spice Mixes and Other Homemade Things

Today’s roundup is brought to you by a do-it-yourself attitude and a thrifty way of life!  I’ve noticed a lot of homemade spice mixes and the like over the course of this MoFo.  I saved a few and thought I saved more.  So, if you happen to know I’m missing some please leave a link in the comment so I can add it later.

First up, the wonderful Bryanna Clark Grogan did a recent blog with an amazing number of spice mixes.  I’m talking bacon salt, Cajun seasoning, Old Bay, and more!

Jodye at ‘Scend Food has been making gomasio.  To be specific…garlic-mustard seed gomasio.  Oh yeah!

Now, this wouldn’t be a spice mix roundup without a little parm action, so check out the vegan parm at This Evolutionary Life.

Spice mixes aren’t the only homemade goodies I’ve got my eye on.  Joanna Vaught made an extraordinary pumpkin syrup.  No more coffee shop lattes!

With Thanksgiving around the corner, what could be better than gravy from scratch?  Absolutely nothing!  Except maybe EASY gravy from scratch.  Try Megatarian’s cashew gravy!  It’s super delicious and so, so simple to make.

Nothing goes with gravy like a good homemade biscuit or a roll.  John P, once again, delivers with some of the tastiest looking rolls I’ve ever seen.

That’s all for now.  Feel free to send more spice mixes my way.  Happy Thursday to all!  Hope everybody is having a great one.