Comes The Deluge

Comes The Deluge

We’re getting the end of a monsoon here in the pacific northwest and the rain has been pouring and the streets have been flooding all weekend. I am rounding up a herd of cats to flee with me on my ark and have picked some delectable comfort food meals that I am hoping the cats will prepare for me as we sail on.

blogger-image--1737375519They are going to get their little paws all floured up and bang out some breakfast pancakes like Vegan In Brighton while I lounge in the captain’s quarters drinking tea.

IMG_1622Afro Vegan Chick is cooking up hearty bowls of carrot potato ginger soup, and I am sure the cats will have no problem chopping up a ton of roots for a luncheon stew.

machotdogbites-6-678x1024If they do have a problem, we’ll go to plan B, which is mac ‘n’ cheese veggie dog bites from Vegan Yack Attack. Or maybe even both, as I will need my strength to steer us ever onward.

betty's+meatlofFor dinner I want a big ol’ pile of mashed potatoes and meatloaf. Vegan Crunk served up this recipe from Betty Goes Vegan and I have absolute faith that cats are good at shaping up loaves.

DonutsAppleButterFilled-1018x1024For dessert I am counting on these apple butter stuffed donut holes from Veg-Am. By the time I have stuffed myself all day I hope the rains have abated and we can step back on to dry land where I will be queen of the cat colony.

Happy Mofo y’all!


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