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betty coverLike many of you, I love to get a brand new cookbook and read through it. If a book I’ve been lusting after just ends up being a bunch of recipes I’m kind of disappointed. When I fork over my cash for a cookbook I want it all, great recipes are a given, so I also want to get to know the author’s approach to cooking, what inspired them to make recipes, and if dishes are really good or zomg the best ever. If you feel the same way as me you are going to love Betty Goes Vegan by Annie & Dan Shannon. After reading through it I feel like I know them. I learned how cooking through the Betty Crocker Books helped Annie figure out what made her happy in life, their love of animals, each other, and so many of their favorite movies and tv shows. I loved it.

This book is very different than the typical vegan cookbook in that the focus is on using convenience foods to easily make American classics. So you won’t find recipes for entrees like Millet with Butternut Squash and Mushroom Gravy, instead it’s more like Pork Chops made with Match ground pork, Vegan Fried Eggs (with noochy yolks injected inside tofu) and Beer, Bacon, & Pepperjack Biscuits. I love buying vegan products and supporting vegan businesses but I never know what to do with all the substitutes & this book has already come in so handy. I also love that if I am thinking of a random American entree, like chicken and waffles, I can just open the book and find an easy recipe for it. And there is a chapter dedicated to casseroles! And Annie is an olive lover! And there is a holiday chapter that even tells you how to deep fry a tofurkey! And of course if you don’t like Gardein products or whatever you can always use your own homemade seitan or tofu.

I think this would be a great book to give to the next person who asks you “do you just eat salad?”. They will be shocked! Or if your mom doesn’t know how to make food for you for Thanksgiving, or if your partner is craving a meat & potatoes kind of meal, this would be the perfect book to give them. And now you can because we are giving away 5 copies!

TO ENTER– Post below what is your favorite vegan substitution product. Is it the So Delicious Coconut Creamer in your morning coffee or the Food For Lover’s Queso you pour all over your chips? Whatever it is, let me know below and also make sure to add an email that you check and have a US or Canada address.

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217 Responses to GIVEAWAY – Betty Goes Vegan

  1. Lindsey says:

    Gimme lean sausage. I can make faux sausage but it beats all.

  2. Amanda St. Andrews says:

    Silk soy creamer in my coffee! When I became vegan cream in my coffee was the toughest thing for me to give up, now I’d feel sick if I even tasted coffee with cream! Love you, Silk!

  3. johanna groh says:

    all of the styles of field roast ‘sausage’ are amazing, I use the Italian style in pasta dishes and lasagna and i use the chipotle style in tacos!

  4. Shelley says:

    Earth balance buttery baking sticks make it SO easy to substitute for butter in regular baking recipes!

  5. Mooinca says:

    Cashew nut cream …yummy, you can make it savoury or sweet.

  6. Amanda J. says:

    If I had to choose a favorite substitution item, it would be Daiya cheddar-style cheese. Something I use on a regular basis, though, is unsweetened soy milk.

  7. Ooo, my classic American cooking repertoire is pretty tiny so this books sounds super interesting.

    I’m going to go with the Daiya wedge because the only thing I do with it is grate it to make a delicious American sandwich: grilled cheese!

  8. Ann Eckler says:

    Tough choice! Either Tofutti ‘cream cheese’ or So Delicious ‘ice cream’. Both winners in my book :)

  9. Dani Sanchez says:

    Gimme lean sausage because you are that much closer to a homemade egg roll or sausage gravy.

  10. Jess C says:

    I’m pretty sure I’d be lost without vegan butter (which my boyfriend lovingly makes for me). I may be vegan but I still have my “I wanna be a fatty” moments! lolol ?

    Thanks, love!!!

  11. Jennifer Sikes says:

    I realize this is stated above but…. I am in love with So Delicious Coconut Creamer (plain)! I use it everyday in my coffee or tea. And speaking of salads, I LOVE LOVE adding Beyond Meat’s lightly seasoned Chicken-Free strips for a good chunk of protein. You can also add them to stir-frys, sandwiches or whatever!

  12. Shannon S says:

    Almond milk! Think of having cows mill makes me sick

  13. Ian Smith says:

    Daiya cheese for pizza.

  14. Kathy McLean says:

    I love Tofurky Italian sausage…they are Wonderful in spaghetti and making sausage “dogs”!!
    and Daiya cheese and Almond MILK…..

  15. Ruby says:

    Dr. Cow’s cream cheese actually tastes like goat cheese, which was the last thing I gave up when I went vegan 14 years ago. I’m do happy to have a goat cheese substitute!

  16. Cassie says:

    Hmmm. Tough choice between Beyond Meat strips or Gimme Lean Sausage. But I think Gimme Lean wins by a nose.

    Happy Eating!

  17. Anneh says:

    I sure love Daiya cheese. I haven’t had a chance to try their cream cheese yet, but it is on my list!

  18. Krystal says:

    Sweet and Sara’s vegan marshmallows

  19. George says:

    I’d have to say So Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Milk “Creamer”. I never thought I would give up half-&-half until I found it.

  20. Gwendolyn says:

    Since you said substitution and not overall favorite vegan product… It’d be a toss up between Daiya, The Vegg, and the coconut Earth Balance. Don’t make me choose!!

  21. Donna L. says:

    Daiya cheese slices, wedge or shredded :)

  22. Sarah Spardy says:

    So Delicious ice cream products ftw!!! ????????

  23. Earth Balance butter. Even my non-vegan peeps eat it without complaint.

  24. Lori says:

    Lately I’ve been loving the Beyond Meat faux chicken.

  25. Mickey S says:

    Tofurky Italian sausages!

  26. Chasa says:

    Almond milk, chia seems and quinoa

  27. Ryan says:

    I’m addicted to earth balance’s natural buttery spread!! Its great for cooking, baking, or just putting it on a nice slice of toast in the morning for breakfast(which is exactly what i did this morning!).
    I don’t know why a lot of people still rely on dairy products when there are so many great alternatives like this one!!

    Cruelty-free, guilt-free, and fabulous <3

  28. JoAnne says:

    Daiya cheese and Gardein!

  29. Evan ODell says:

    Earth Balance Coconut Butter, such a delicious taste. I like precisely because it’s not butter.

  30. heather says:

    Beyond Meat Chicken. I rarely “substitute” as I try to avoid processed foods,but this is freakishly realistic. A nice treat.

  31. Dennis G says:

    Food For Lover’s Queso, Silk Pure Almond Milk, and Lifelight Organic Tempeh! :)

  32. Katie Eory says:

    Pick just one?? I think Veganaise is the one I adore most. Nothing puts that creamy tang on a tomato sandwich like Veganaise. I actually crave it, and lick the spoon too :-)

  33. Jennifer d says:

    I love to bake, so earth balance sticks make baking so much easier!

  34. Kimber Granola says:

    I think my life as a vegan would not be near as sunny without
    Earth’s Balance organic margarine! So many comfort dishes are veganized in my house with EB!

  35. Laurel T. says:

    Almond and coconut milks are my favorite substitute for cow’s milk. I use them everyday and can’t imagine life without them.

  36. T. Reza says:

    Definitely Follow Your Heart Veganaise. I use it to make ranch, tartar sauce, dips, dressings etc. Also as a binder for homemade veggie burger patties. Love it!

  37. Michelle says:

    Ack! How can I possibly pick just one?!?! It hasn’t been mentioned yet, so I’ll say Dandies marshmallows! I could roast and eat a whole bag by myself – yum!

  38. Bethany says:

    My absolute favorite are the burgers from HIlary’s Eat Well, my first favorite was there chili/cumin but now I have found there greens/hemp!!! YUMMO.

  39. choirqueer says:

    Right now it’s Field Roast sausage!

  40. Suzie says:

    Sweet and Sara marshmallows!!!

  41. Natalie M. says:

    Although I don’t love faux meat, tofurkey bologna sandwich slices are one of my 4 year old’s favourites and definitely make lunch tines easier!

    For me, personally, it’s the French vanilla coconut milk creamer.

  42. L-cat says:

    so many to list, but I’ll single out Dandies marshmallows. Holy heck, those things are life-changers.

  43. Megan says:

    I am a sucker for Soyrizo. So good.

  44. Kim says:

    Hard to decide. Probably anything that Daiya or So Delicious makes!

  45. Babs says:

    Most certainly the daiya cheeses! I love them all. Cheese is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to give up…so this product is a dream!

  46. Jackie M says:

    It’s a tie between gimme lean sausage and almond milk. Both are indispensable to me.

  47. Sue Marchbanks says:

    Love Fieldroast frankfurters and Italian sausage!

  48. Sara says:

    Daiya Cheese or Almond Milk

  49. LynnS. says:

    Its tough to choose (especially when I’m hungry now!), but its a toss up between Gimme Lean sausage, The Vegg, and Beyond Meat faux chickn strips.

  50. Nicole says:

    Earth Balance whipped organic “butter”. Love it on my Veganic toast in the morning!!

  51. Tracy Ewing says:

    Tofurky Italian Sausage is my favorite!

  52. Kristin says:

    Another vote for Beyond Meat Chicken Strips! Soyrizo will always hold a special place in my heart, though. :-)

  53. Tiffany Keeping says:

    My favorite is any and every gardien product. :-)

  54. Dixie says:

    Helen’s Kitchen chorizo! I just tried it the other day. I made excellent nachos by combining it with the Food For Lovers quest and black beans!!

  55. Jess G says:

    Either field roast sausages or the Wegman’s Don’t Be Piggy sausage crumbles. I’m a sausage fan.

  56. Britny says:

    Ahh this is hard! It’s a toss up between almond milk, vegan butter, and daiya cheese!

  57. Judith says:

    Almond milk it taste better than regular cow milk!

  58. Faith says:

    Love Earth Balance!

  59. Nancy White says:

    Vegenaise. My daughter makes the best artichoke dip in the world with it!!!

  60. Alissa says:

    So many choices!! I’m currently loving the Trader Joes faux Italian sausages! By far the best Italian style kind I have had!!

  61. Erin says:

    Definitely unsweetened almond milk and the occasional soya mince!

  62. Jill says:

    Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese and Sweet & Sara Toasted Coconut Marshmallows!

  63. Sean Kallsen-Mackenzie says:

    Hello my vegan mofo!

    My all time favorite vegan replacement for anything has got to be
    Hampton Creek Foods Beyond Eggs!



  64. Allyson says:

    Definitely Vegenaise, forever!

  65. Valerie Staudt says:

    Veganaise and Earth Balance do it for me!

  66. Dru J. says:

    I love almond milk! Why did it take me so long to find this amazing stuff?!?

  67. Derevaun says:

    ha! mine actually is So Delicious coconut creamer. I use it for soooo many things. I’ve cream in my Vitamix, ” milkshakes”, Matcha latte, chai, and pudding.

  68. Amy Kolasa says:

    Trader Joe’s soymilk creamer. I’m another one of those “the only thing holding me back is the coffee creamer” people. Bless you, makers of soy creamer!

  69. Emily says:

    The ‘substitute’ I use most often is a soy or nut milk rather than dairy. But as for my favorite…it would be some sort of non-dairy ice cream. Perhaps So Delicious, or Luna & Larry’s.

  70. Ron says:

    Tofurky Chorizo Style for tacos!

  71. Rochelle says:

    My favorite substitute would have to be Daiya. I missed cheese until I found it!

  72. Disco says:

    Gardein Beefless Burger

  73. Alex says:

    Almond milk because I use it every day and it’s perfect in coffee

  74. Daiya cheese almost made me cry, I was so happy!

  75. Lynn Styles says:

    All the non dairy milks,,,especially coconut…

  76. I would say that my favorite vegan substitute is Field Roast Frankfurters…or wait, maybe Daiya garlic havarti cheese…or, well, Tofutti Ice cream! How can you be cruel and make me choose just one! Phoney Baloney’s Coconut Bacon is divine!

  77. I’ve recently transitioned to a 99% vegan diet and I am loving it! I’ve found so many great vegan recipes over the last couple months, but one of my favorite vegan substitute so far is taco “meat” made from walnuts, sun-dried tomatoes, veggies and spices. It makes the most delicious raw/vegan taco salad, even better than the meat version!

  78. Dori Roberts says:

    I choose Daiya cheese, pretty please :)

  79. sylvia wesley says:

    I love vegan mozzarella!

  80. Darcy says:

    Definitely almond milk!

  81. Sandy Riedinger says:

    Boca ground crumbles makes the best chili

  82. Jason Morgan says:

    Tofutti sour supreme, don’t even miss my sour cream days

  83. Tamara Dixon says:

    Earth Balance-Mindful Mayo, Buttery Spread
    So Delicious Ice creams
    Vegan Gourmet Cheese…. and so much more!!!!!!

  84. Gloria Kersh says:

    This is a tough question to answer cos I have several go to’s — but I think it’s Daiya cheese, I do love me some pizza from time to time.

  85. Stephen says:

    Tofurkey Beer Brat Sausages with Full Sail Pale Ale. I cook ’em up with delicious chickpea fries every week.

  86. Jennifer says:

    Coconut oil for everything!

  87. Melissa S. says:

    Daiya is perfect for grilled “cheese” and vegan nachos!

  88. Samantha says:

    Trader Joes really makes it easy to be vegan, they have so many great items. But if I had to choose it would be their Soyrizo, or their chicken-less orange chicken! So delicious!

  89. Dianne says:

    I love the vegan parmesan flavor cheese from Galaxy Nutritional Foods.

  90. Jahnvee says:

    Chipotle flavored Field Roast Sausage. Cut up and cook stovetop with onions until nicely browned. Perfect for vegan tacos!

  91. Michelle says:

    Gardein’s Mandarin Chikn

  92. Carrie says:

    Definitely the so delicious coconut products. I love the creamer & milk. Sometimes I just use coconut milk from a can, too.

  93. Susan Radlett says:

    Chocolate Soy milk ????

  94. Carrie says:

    Another vote for Beyond Meat chick’n strips. Darn them for being so convenient!

  95. Cindy S says:

    Nutritional Yeast. I use it on everything this time of year. “Parmesan” for the top of soups, mac and “cheese”, I make toasted chickpeas with it. I love it! Plus, being a vegetarian, it is so good for me!

  96. I love So Delicious coconut yogurt! So tasty!!

  97. Casi Grabill says:

    I love Earth Balance butter and Trader Joe’s almond milk. My boyfriend makes a killer cafe au lair with almond milk!!!

  98. A. Cook says:

    I love love LOVE the idea behind this book and I have made so many great recipes from their blog too! My favorite vegan substitution product is definitely soy chorizo (Trader Joe’s brand is the best in my opinion). I have to place limits on myself for how often I can buy it because otherwise I would eat it every day.

  99. Mary Syrenne says:

    Unsweetened Almond Milk.

  100. Sherry N says:

    Love the Daiya cream cheese products!

  101. Jenn says:

    My family’s favourite are the Gardein crispy tenders. They’re our go-to quick meal on a night when no one feels like cooking or we have to be somewhere fast. But I also *love* Turtle Island tempeh bacon. Yum.

  102. Marissa sutter says:

    Field roast Italian sausages!

  103. Ama Opare says:

    Field Roast Italian and Mexican Chipotle sausages

  104. Barbara Long says:

    anything from Field Roast – their products are just great in soups and stews now that fall is here

  105. Yvonne says:

    I have to say So Delicious Coconut Milk is my favorite.

  106. Jessica Moore says:

    I bake a lot so the “flax egg” has saved some of my favorite recipes!

  107. Em says:

    TVP (textured vegetable protein). That stuff is awesome in just about everything…sloppy joes, chili, shepard’s pie, tacos…it brings the carnivores back for seconds!

  108. Andrea Renaud says:

    Avocado=Mother Nature’s butter

  109. James says:

    either tofurky sun dried tomato sausages or the rice milk i use multiple times a day.

  110. Jane says:

    UnSweetened Almond milk!!

  111. Sarah Star says:

    So Delicious Vanilla Coconut Milk on my cereal, in my tea, for baking, anything and everything! :)

  112. Julie says:

    Any “cheese” from Heidi Ho. These cheese substitutes are actually nutritious, unlike most cheese substitutes available at the local grocery stores.

  113. Elizabeth says:

    Daiya cheese!!

  114. Marion says:

    I love Vegourmet Santi cheese, that along with their mock ham makes the best sandwich.

  115. Sandra K says:


    That stuff is so delicious on a veggie sandwich!

  116. charj says:

    Almond milk

  117. Kylie - FotV says:

    Gimme lean sausage – it makes THE best Thanksgiving stuffing and a great breakfast sandwich.

  118. Kelly G. says:

    How can you not love a cookbook that has a cupcake inspired by Jean-Luc Picard? (I already own a copy – in fact, I’ve been doing most of of Vegan MoFo cooking from it! – but I’m throwing my name in the hat on behalf of my younger brother, who recently went vegetarian. He wanted a cookbook recommendation & Betty Goes Vegan was at the top of my list.)

    As for my favorite vegan substitute? Tofutti’s Drumsticks, which I’ve been unable to find anywhere in Missouri. *this close* to special ordering an entire case.

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  120. Jenny says:

    Tofurky sausages are definitely my go-to, especially when I’m feeding omnivores (my Dad and partner both love them!).

  121. Christina Bonanno says:

    I love Tofurky Sausages! All of the varieties are delicious. I eat them on sandwiches with sauerkraut and mustard for that New York feel, I like them with spaghetti and delish in soups, Gumbo style!

  122. Elizabeth Handler says:

    My favorite? That’s HARD! I love Daiya cheeses, Gardein burgers, Yves hot dogs, Tofurky sausages, Wildwood creamer, Earth Balance ‘butter’ and soy milk….I can’t pick just one!

  123. Kacey says:

    Such a tough question! I think I’ll have to say field roast apple sage sausages. I was never particularly a fan of sausage pregan, but these are SO GOOD.

  124. Christine says:

    I LOVE flax milk. So creamy and delicious and I swear people can’t tell the difference!

  125. Shauna says:

    What a difficult decision! I think I have to go with Beyond Meat. I also really love Jackfruit…

  126. Amy Thomas says:


  127. Sarah says:

    Daiya cheese for snacking and melting!

  128. Kate Davis says:

    I have a tough time drinking black coffee, so I love Soy Creamer.

  129. Jamie says:

    Daiya is our absolute favorite veggie cheese!!!

  130. Mike Mattice says:

    The best “sweet treat” in our house is Tader Joe’s Soy Creamy Cherry Chocolate Chip vegan ice cream. Darned good!

    • Maddie says:

      Random reply here – I LOVE that ice cream! I’m not a big cherry person, but that’s the creamiest non-coconut ice cream I’ve ever had! Somehow, it even trumps the other Soy Creamy flavors!

  131. Katrina Ehrhart says:

    Before I started my vegan journey, my favorite meal was street tacos. Thank goodness I can still enjoy them by using tempeh in place of the ground beef. I season the tempeh just as I would ground beef and it’s AMAZING!!!!!

  132. Marianne says:

    Tofurkey Brats! OMG, so good, especially with some sauteed onions and peppers

  133. Erin says:

    Funny, I don’t really think of these items as substitutes, just as what I eat! My most used and loved would be So Delicious creamers, almond milk, vegan cheese, Tofurky slices, and Gardein Crispy Tenders.

  134. Nicole says:

    Earth Balance whipped organic “butter” hands down!!

  135. Skye Freeman says:

    Gotta be Earth Balance Margarine!

  136. Jeni says:

    I love Vegenaise! I also am a huge fan of Field Roast Sausages, especially the apple and sage one.

  137. Em says:

    My favorite is definitely Daiya. It’s made a HUGE difference in my vegan life.

  138. Rainn Kenyon says:

    This is tough- there are so many great products. Daiya, Gardein, Field Roast, Beyond Meat, Veganaise, Earth Balance, Almond Milk, Tofutti Cream cheeze… I really can’t pick just one. I just returned from the store where I bought Field Roast so I guess I could say that. I use plenty of grains and tofu, but it is nice to have so many options.

  139. Jennifer says:

    Earth Balance buttery spread. I’m pretty sure I could eat it straight out of the container.

  140. Aleise Lundberg says:

    tofurky sausage

  141. Gardenia Olivera says:

    Go veggie “cheese” slices

  142. Ryann Salik says:

    Ooooh! I used Gardein Crispy Chik’n Patties, Yves Canadian Bacon and Pepper Jack Daiya to make my husband a variation on the vegan Double Down. I also love nooch forever. Can’t wait to check this book out!

  143. Laura says:

    Field Roast anything on everything at any time of day. Though I did make my own roast recently that competes, Field Roast will always be my first love.

  144. Tracy says:

    Yves hot dogs, love a good vegan hot dog!

  145. Jamie Wheeler says:

    Vegan Butter…Love cooking with it!

  146. Melody Barbin says:

    Earth Balance butter sticks. Can’t do without ’em.

  147. Karen Rooney says:

    Field Roast vegan sausages!

  148. lizzy says:

    Avocado! Nothing fancy, but it has such a neutral taste that I use it in any recipe that has a creamy factor, like mock tuna salad or chocolate pudding. Avos4life!

  149. Wanda Terry says:

    I love almond milk in my oatmeal, coffee and just about anything and everything you could possibly think of! My daughter who is 28 has been vegan for the last 14 years makes her owm almond milk!

  150. Lisa Ann says:

    I do love my So Delicious coconut milk creamer the most in my coffee. I also like their ice cream sandwiches too!

  151. elizabeth findlay says:

    Ground flax seeds for eggs:)

  152. Chelsea Bates says:

    It is so hard to choose a “favorite” but since transitioning my daughter, Tofurky lunch “meats” have been a life saver, especially b/c her class is a nut free class. But, I also LOVE Uptons Seitan line. It is really great to have especially when I am making a meal for my meat eating family.

  153. Anna says:

    I just tried the Teese nacho cheese sauce for the first time this weekend, and I’m hooked. So junky and delicious.

  154. B says:

    Coconut oil instead of butter in baking!

  155. Eleni says:

    Daiya, Daiya, Daiya. Couldn’t get along without it!

  156. Maggie Frazier says:


  157. Shannon says:

    Quorn vegan burgers are my fave!

  158. Beth says:

    Oh I am definitely going with Veganaise! Wait, or any Gardein… Veganaise….er….damn too hard to choose.

  159. Brian Norris says:

    Daiya changed the game!

  160. Benjamin says:

    Earth Balance buttery sticks! I can make everything else myself!

  161. Janet Colon says:

    SO Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Milk Unsweetened

  162. Maddie says:

    This was a really tough one, but I’d have to go with Soy Free Earth Balance. All my other subs are great, but this is by far the most versatile – and I love to bake!

  163. Ellen says:

    I love me some Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk!! Use it in EVERYTHING :)

  164. Holly Carlson says:

    So Delicious Coconut Milk. I love it on my cereal or just drinking it straight out of the glass!

  165. Sheila says:

    I can’t live without Almond Breeze Almond Milk. The original, not unsweetend. Oh and the chocolate version. YUM.

  166. RobinHartmann says:

    My go to vegan substitute is Trader Joe’s Chickenless Strips. I sauté them or microwave them and put them in salad, stir fries, pasta dishes, tacos, even sandwiches. A total meat loving friend told me she couldn’t tell they weren’t chicken when I served them to her in a salad. Great texture and good taste, but bland enough to absorb whatever sauce or dressing I’m using.

  167. Annemarie says:

    Veganaise & Tofurky Deli Slices

  168. Christine says:

    Earth Balance is the bestttt

  169. Hannah says:

    Cleo peanut butter cups.

  170. Lynn f says:

    Daiya cheese. I am new to vegan and now I have a list of good subs to try. Thank

  171. Walker Argendeli says:

    Field Roast’s Celebration Roast. Under a pile of mashed potatoes & gravy, you have the best comfort food in the world, and it fits in perfectly with the theme of this giveaway!

  172. Almond Breeze Unsweetened Almond Milk!

  173. Crystal says:

    This is lame but I love Earth Balance. It’s just so good and works just like butter whether it’s for toast, cookie batter or a baked potato!

  174. Angie says:

    My favorite sub is veganaise! I think I missed mayo more than cheese! Lol. Also almond milk-store bought or homemade! Love

  175. Earth Balance. It’s not something I use every day, or even every week, but I’d be lost if I couldn’t have it when I needed it!

  176. Terry says:

    Tofutti cream cheese. I just made a Vegan Pumpkin cheesecake!

  177. Jessica Eddy says:

    Chocolate almond milk is a godsend when I NEED CHOCOLATE NOW. Veganaise is also an amazing substitute in just about everything!

  178. Kirsten says:

    Chickpeas! They are so versatile! You can mash them up with a fork and mix in vegan mayo, chopped celery, and chopped onions for “chicken” salad. Mashed chickpeas, vegan mayo, celery, and relish tastes more like “tuna” salad. Falafel, chickpea burgers, chickpea mash, … I even found a chickpea recipe for faux cookie dough dip! Yum!

  179. rae says:

    i’m currently obsessed with the beyond meat lightly seasoned strips. and the so delicious coconut yogurt!

  180. Melissa says:

    my favorite substitution is agar agar flakes for gelatin. I went veg at 5, and discovering agar agar 16 years later was like opening up a whole new world.

  181. Michele Tezak says:

    Vegan “ricotta” made with tofu, cashews & nutritional yeast!

  182. Tessa says:

    Most substitutions, from cheeze to mock-meat, I only use occasionally. So, I’d have to say Earth Balance margarine and almond milk are my two subs I couldn’t live without.

  183. Hannah says:

    hickory smoked tofurky deli slices!!!!!!!!

  184. brandy c says:

    Field roast sausage!


  185. Heather says:

    Field Roast sausage

  186. Carolynn Ashelman says:

    Almost any brand tofu. It’s very versatile!

  187. Ello says:

    Upton’s Naturals seitan. Also, almond milk!

  188. Bernadeta says:

    Tofurky Italian Sausages…………yummmy

  189. Sheryl says:

    Tofurky Italian sausage . . . Tofurky roast for the holidays!

  190. Jessie says:

    daiya shreds, hands-down – better than the real thing!

  191. Pamela says:

    Soyrizo! Even my meat eating friends love it in a sweet potato hash.

  192. Michelle says:

    I’m really loving So Delicious coconut greek style yogurt. It’s thick and creamy yogurt-y goodness!

  193. Jordyn L. says:

    I love nutritional yeast. It has become a staple in so many meals I’ve made since we’ve become vegan 1.5 years ago.

  194. Natasha says:

    Vegan cookie dough, straight out of the tub.

  195. Rithika says:

    Cashew and nooch, my fav substitutions! I love how you can play around and do so much with just the two of them!

  196. Mia says:

    Upton’s Naturals Traditional Seitan!
    The best in homemade pot pies!

  197. I think cashews changed my vegan life. From cream to ice cream to cheese to cheesecake…they make all the delicious things on the planet! 😀

  198. Miranda says:

    Daiya Pepperjack Cheese! Oh my! I put it on my brown rice, make quesadillas for carnivores, and put it on my lentil tacos. I think I may be loving this stuff! :)

  199. Amy says:

    original almond breeze. . love love love! :)

  200. Gina Sengupta says:

    Trader Joe’s shredded mozzarella!

  201. Jordyn says:

    Mine might have to be nooch. I’ve been putting it on everything. I’ve just been craving it lately I guess :)

  202. Mamachandra says:

    I’d say nutritional yeast, but we use it so much around here it’s not a sub as much as it’s own thang. I think my favorite = the most used substitute so it’d be coconut oil. Great in baking, in frying when recipes call for bacon fat or lard, and even as a moisturizer and deodorant!

  203. Megan says:

    Gardein Mandarin Chicken-I can do without the sauce, but that chicken. Oh man!!!!!!

  204. Luisa says:

    Definitely Daiya cheese. The shreds, cream cheese, slices and blocks are all amazing, especially the Jalapeno Havarti. I brought it to a work party once, and all the omnis were amazed.

  205. Melissa G says:

    FYH’s Vegenaise. Right now my super-fave is the Chipotle Mayo.

  206. Michaela says:

    Earth Balance is always in our fridge!

  207. Omer says:

    Daiya, most definitely.

  208. Dandies, vegan marshmallows! 😀

  209. stanislav kalyuzhny says:

    I love soyrizo and so Delicious creamers

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