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I love making pies in the summer even though it’s a thousand degrees in my kitchen. The only thing better than a freshly made cherry pie is maybe a peach pie. Or a tart made of fresh tomatoes from the garden. It’s hard to say. Then we turn the corner into fall and it becomes all about the apple pie and then the holiday sweet potato pies and pecan pies. In the dark of winter I love nothing more than a comforting shephard’s pie or a pot pie. Dynise Balcavage’s new book has all of these pies and more and I can’t wait to get my hot little hands on it. There are all the traditional pies I mentioned, quiches, creamy pies, tarts, raw food pies, and even imposter pies like whoopie pies and pizza pie and savory pies like “Hashbrown Crusted Breakfast Pie” & “North African Inspired Kale Pie”.

I could eat nothing but pie and be completely happy and soon you can too because Fair Winds Press is giving away 4 copies of the book! Also I’m excited to let you know that the book will be available internationally so everyone can participate.

To enter just comment below, with an email address that you check, and tell me about your favorite movie, tv show, song, painting, multimedia installation, art work, or any other media about pie! And pizza counts. The best entries will win a copy of the book.

Have fun!

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113 Responses to GIVEAWAY – Pies and Tarts with Heart

  1. Jared says:

    While this isn’t a show about pie, I’ve really enjoyed Orange Is The New Black and this is only appropriate:

  2. Erika Boyer-Kern says:

    I feel like the BEST pie scene in a movie is during the movie The Help when Minny makes a chocolate pie for Hilly, the snotty woman who hires Minny as a housekeeper. Long story short, Minny makes Hilly feel like it is a peace offering, but it turns out that the chocolate pie is not made of chocolate at all. I won’t get too graphic but if you have seen the movie you know what I mean!!

  3. Hope :) says:

    I’m glad you included pizza in your Pie Requirement, because the first musical number that comes to my mind is “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s amore …” :)

  4. Dawn says:

    I don’t remember the reason, but at some point during The Rocketeer, Billy Campbell was very emphatic about all he wanted was “some pie and coffee”

  5. Ashley says:

    I really love the Engine 2 chocolate pie, though I admit to adding a Ton more cocoa and sometimes peanutbutter !

  6. Thanks to your contest, I’ve finally found the meaning of my son’s inane repetition of the phrase “I like pie,” which has become an insult, nay, a communication handicap, to those of us who truly do.

  7. Jenny says:

    Pushing Daisies! Loved that show. If the Pie Hole was real, I’d spend so much time there.

  8. Amanda lander says:

    Pushing Daisies is the best! Fairy tale type mysteries and pies!

  9. Kim says:

    The movie “Waitress” always gets me in the mood for pie!!

  10. Lacey says:

    Oh god. I LOVE the slowed down version of the Olson Twins’ song: Gimme Pizza. Prepare for your mind to be blown.

  11. Shannon says:

    i’m a loser but I love Mystic Pizza.

  12. Kelly G. says:

    That’s easy! “Free Pizza for Life” by Ghost Mice!

  13. Karen Redwine says:

    I have been in love with pie since I was five years old and learned the lyrics “can she bake a cherry pie, Billy Boy…”. I went home and demanded to bake a pie, so that I could be like the girl in the song. Been baking ever since!

  14. Christopher Greenslate says:

    Pushing Daisies is probably the best show about a pie shop ever made…if only it wasn’t gone…

  15. Wendy S says:

    The first one that came to mind was of course, American Pie, the movie. The ridiculously awkward
    apple pie scene! LOL!

  16. Galen says:

    Waitress for pie and Mystic Pizza for pizza.

    “Cut my pie into four pieces, I don’t think I could eat eight.”
    ? Yogi Berra

  17. Christina says:

    My favorite is an I love Lucy episode where the Ricardos and Mertzes decide to go into business together and buy a diner. Well, there appears to be a disparity regarding the workload, feathers get ruffled and they divide the diner in half to determine the most popular side by underpricing each other. Things inevitably become strained and a food fight ensues with pies flying left & right! It’s hilarious!

  18. Chasity Dix says:

    Oh my gosh, definitely Waitress! Or American PIE! What about Mystic Pizza? Yeah, getting old school there.

  19. johanna groh says:

    so I know someone already mentioned mystic pizza, but the episode of 30 rock where jenna is in mystic pizza: the musical and has to eat 32 slices of pizza a week is hilarious. one of my favorite episodes, always makes me crave my favorite vegan pizza from city o city in Denver!

  20. Veronica says:

    The movie Thinner. The movie is about an overweight man who runs over a gypsy and is then cursed. He starts losing weight no matter how much he eats. Anyway in the movie there is a pie that is poisoned. His daughter ends up eating the pie. I don’t know why but every time I watch this movie I just want cherry pie.

  21. Marianne says:

    The movie Waitress! All about pies. And love, and living in the South

  22. poopiebitch says:

    I immediately thought of the Psych episode “Dual Spires”, which was of course an homage to Twin Peaks, where everyone is eating and talking about the cinnamon pie at the local cafe. It basically combines many of my favorite things (namely, Psych, Twin Peaks, and pie).

  23. Melissa says:

    My favorite pie reference is N’Sync’s song, “Pie, Pie, Pie.”

    I just want to tell you that I’ve had enough
    It might sound crazy but it ain’t no lie
    Baby pie pie pie

  24. kendy says:

    Over the summer I was really into The Next Food Network Star…There was a contestant named the “Pie Guy”…

  25. Allison C. says:

    Ooooh, pie. I just watched “Twin Peaks” for the first time earlier this year (I know, I know! And I’m originally from Washington state!), and when Agent Cooper tells Diane that she should try the cherry pie? I was hooked.

  26. A. Cook says:

    Oh my gosh, definitely American Pie! American Wedding was pretty funny too but it didn’t have the same level of baked goods intimacy…

  27. Stephen says:

    What about Pi? It makes me think of a bar I liked in San Francisco named Pi Bar that served delicious beer and solid pizza (death by mushrooms with mushrooms sauted in beer!). The best part, it opened everyday at 3:14. Oh Pi!

  28. Terri Cole says:

    Hands down, Patty Griffin singing “Making Pies”!

  29. Mamachandra says:

    Waitress is a movie I always think about when someone mentions pie. Silly and sweet.

    ‘I can’t have no affair, because it’s wrong and i don’t want Earl To Kill Me Pie. Hold the Banana.’
    Her pies made of her feelings always makes me smile.

  30. Anna says:

    The Friends episode in which Rachel makes a “traditional” English trifle including minced meat pie is just hilarious!

  31. James says:

    who doesn’t love pies, i may like tarts more though.
    i’m still kind of tired and the first pie reference to come to mind was golden smog pecan pie


  32. Shannon R says:

    I wrote a pie recipe after listening to “Sweet Sweet Pie” By PWEI. It totally has nothing to do with pie. I know, I even stretched it in my darn blog post about it. But… PIE!

  33. Asena G says:

    Wow this book sounds amazing! My favourite pie related thing is the TV show Pushing Daisies, which is also my favourite TV show ever. The main character is the Pie Maker- he bakes pies & wakes the dead =). Except for lacking his magical powers, I think I am very similar to the main character and we are both obsessed with pie!
    If anybody happens to read this comment and decide to watch this show, I recommend you have some pie on hand because you will really really want some soon =)
    This is why I need so much pie, because I am always watching this show =P

    xo mofo-ers :)

  34. Rithika says:

    Of course there is Waitress, but there is also No Reservations. I love the scene where Aaron Eckhart and Abigail Breslin kick Catherine Zeta Jones out of the kitchen and make pizza together which they serve to her under a makeshift tent inside the living room with stuffed animals and pretend they are on a safari!

    But I love any movie that has something to do with food!

  35. Hannah says:

    On True Blood, just after Adele dies, Sookie gets so upset when Maxine tries to move Adele’s banoffee pie (I think?) out of the fridge. Sookie later eats it, mourning her deceased grandmother. There is absolutely no better way to commemorate someone!

  36. Emily says:

    That’s A more was the first that sprung to mind, but someone already mentioned that, so I’m going to go with Cartman in South Park trying to get people to attend a meeting by telling them there will be punch and pie. There turns out not to be, but the mention of it counts, right?

  37. Em says:

    I second Pushing Daisies. We loved that show and were super sad when it ended.

  38. Pushing Daisies! It was such a fun and magical show (the darn writers’ strike did it in…). It featured Ned, a pie maker, and much of the show took place at his cute pie shop, The Pie Hole.

  39. chels says:

    Oh my god all those crazy pies etc. that the animals ate in the Redwall books, apostrophes and elderflower liqueur and all.

  40. Lori says:

    Pi Day (3/14) ranks almost as high on my favorite holiday list as International Talk Like a Pirate Day (9/19)…

  41. Oh I used to love Pushing Daisies! A pie shaped pie shop!

  42. Jess C says:

    “That’s Amore”, of course! Just thinking about the song I can hear my entire family obnoxiously bust out the chorus. I love them!!! ?


  43. Angela says:

    How about the “The Big Night” where 2 brothers make a Timballo in anticipation for Louie Prima showing up at their Italian restaurant.

    A Timballo is huge spaghetti pie that is made in a mixing bowl that is covered with pie crust, stuffed with pasta, sauce, meatballs, veggies, etc., pressed down, then turned upside down so it makes a dome-shaped pie. It’s typically not vegan, but we should totally try to make one!

  44. Helen says:

    Agent Cooper and his cherry pie in Twin Peaks make me so very happy. Only Lynch could juxtapose “And, uh, two more pieces of this incredible pie” with “my log saw something that night” and make it work.

  45. My guilty pleasure is watching the American Pie movies. Obviously the pie-related media in question would be the famous pie scene in the first one. However, I fully admit that I have seen every single American Pie movie ever made. There are like, 10 of them. The only person from the original cast who shows up now is Eugene Levy for a quick cameo. Every time they release a new one, it only gets worse but I can’t. stop. watching.

  46. Amy Kolasa says:

    Another vote for Waitress! How can you not love something with Lonely Chicago Pie?

    “Let’s go have coffee somewhere.”
    “I can’t have coffee. What kind of doctor are you?”

    Oooh, there’s also a really cute kids’ book called, “Betsy, Who Cried Wolf,” by Gail Carson Levine. The main character’s family own a Pie Shop, that makes savory & sweet pies and she always has pie for lunch as she’s guarding the sheep. That’s how she becomes friends with the wolf (who was just hungry!).

  47. Sarra says:

    I adore Pushing Daisies and Waitress as much as other commenters here, but I have to add two different things that I also love:

    Weebl and bob love pie:

    Buffy’s Thanksgiving episode, “Pangs”: Anya: “I love a ritual sacrifice.” Buffy” “Not really a… one of those.” Anya: “To commemorate a past event, you kill and eat an animal. It’s a ritual sacrifice. With pie.”
    (Also from that episode: Giles: “Buffy, Xander’s in real danger. Are you sure the solution is pie?” Buffy: “Over bickering and confusion, I’ll take pie. We will find a solution. And we will have a nice dinner, ok? Both. End of story. I’m having thanksgiving, and it’ll be perfect.”

  48. April says:

    I can’t believe I’m the first person to say this, but the film “Waitress” is my favorite pie media. Some day, I’m going to attempt to make a vegan version of every pie she makes in that film. *grin* (It’s funny, but I just blogged about it, too – )

  49. Caroline says:

    There’s a few but my favourite is Waitress. I’ve made all my friends watch it on DVD and I always make sure to bake pies for us to eat whilst viewing!

  50. Lindsey says:

    Pushing up daisies was my favorite show with pie. Because who wouldn’t love to turn that box of strawberries rotting in the fridge into ripe beauties in a pie crust?

  51. Michelle says:

    Pushing Daisies , Mystic Pizza =)

  52. Sara says:

    Pushing Daisies all the way! I still miss that shw.

  53. Blake says:

    The episode of Parks & Recreation when Andy tries to solve the mystery of who pied Jerry in the face!

  54. Tessa says:

    I memorized every word of Don McLean’s “American Pie” when I was eight years old. I remember them to this day, and that song will forever make me want to dance. And eat pie.

  55. Jenny says:

    Okay so I know these have been mentioned, but I AM TOTALLY PASSIONATE ABOUT PIE ON TELEVISION:

    [Vegan] cheese baked into the crust, anyone?!!??!? Also I remember Olive giving Ned a raincoat with pies on it at some point and ohmygoodness I wish it was in my closet…

    Also, I once made “cup-pies” as an homage to Pushing Daisies:

    BUT COOPER AND THAT CHERRY PIE OH MY GOODNESS. I once made a birthday card for my partner inspired by Cooper’s love for food:


    There’s more (don’t even get me started on pizza…) but I’ll stop there. *blushes out of slight embarrassment*

  56. Kim says:

    I don’t know if you can say “Supernatural” is about pie, but Dean definitely loves pie and talks about it often! Thank you for offering such a great giveaway!

  57. I have to say Mystic Pizza too. I saw it dozens of times as a kid.

  58. Lizzie says:

    I love this pie song from the movie “Michael” :

    It’s just so sweet.

  59. Michelle says:

    My husband I call each other pie.
    But he is Pi and I am Py. So on March 14th we calculate the area of a flaming cherry pie!!

  60. Rachel says:

    Homer wangling his way to eating pie on the Simpsons (it’s not as funny if I say what happens) –
    Or Jon Lovitz talking about tartlets on Friends –
    And I loved Waitress! So many pies! I wasn’t a huge pie fan before I watched that, and I left the cinema wanting to make pie.

  61. Mrs Pine Nut says:

    info at jorele dot com

    This looks like an awesome book! My answer to the question: when I was little, my mom and dad loved to sing a song that I think came from Sesame Street. It was to the tune of Twinkle Little Star and the words were “Twitter, twitter, little bird / Isn’t eating crumbs absurd? / How about some ham on rye / Or a piece of cherry pie? / If the crumbs are all you want, / Get out of my restaurant!”

    Now I sing it to my girls, too. :-)

    …I just went and googled it and here’s a link to the script of the whole skit: My mom and dad remembered the words a bit wrong apparently, but the idea is the same!

  62. Michelle says:

    OH I forgot the media part!

    “Blueberry Pie” – we danced around the house with our baby boy to that song!

  63. Juno. The receptionist who says of the flavored condoms, “They make his junk taste like pie.”

  64. Ashley says:

    Waitress is my favorite!!

  65. Walker says:

    I saw this guy at an arts festival years ago when I was back in middle school and fell in love with a particular massive painting of his, “Hibernation.” A lot of his other works are in a rather different, whimsical vein, this being one of them:
    Other paintings include “A Mangoes to a Bar,” “A Perfect Pair,” “Apple of My Eye,” “In the Limelight,” “Lemon Drop,” “Peaches and Cream,” and “Underwatermelon.” They’re quirky & pretty fun. he also has a lot of nature paintings involving animals and the seasons. I recommend his work!

  66. Eleni says:

    Hands down, Herman Cain’s , “Imagine (There’s No Pizza)”

  67. Amelia Tobias says:

    I hope no one else commented with this one… it cracks me up:

  68. Donovan Armijo says:

    One of my best friends is named Pie! he’s a musician you can check out his music by looking up Pie Lombardi

  69. LFL says:

    Probably my favorite movie scene involving pie is a scene from early on in When Harry Met Sally. Sally and Harry have just met in order to share expenses for a trip from their college to New York which both of them are moving to. They stop at a diner and Sally orders pie in her inimitable Sally way. I found an excerpt from the scene on YouTube. Here’s hoping my first attempt at embedding a video clip works:

    Besides this I also really liked the TV show Pushing Daisies which was set at a bakery/restaurant called the Pie Hole and involved magical pie making.

    And in terms of music, I love Don McLean’s song “American Pie”. Yes, I like it so much that I even like the Madonna version (sacrilege, I know).

    It’s hard to pick among all these but I think my favorite might be When Harry Met Sally, because I adore that movie. That may make me a middle aged fogey but there you have it.

  70. Stacy says:

    Going the other route here, I always think of The Help where she makes her special “chocolate” pie. It was gross, but talk about eating a slice of humble pie!

  71. PK says:

    comfort food Yummmmmmmmm!

  72. Mandi says:

    When I make pies I always think of the scene in Harold and the Purple Crayon when he draws a pie picnic to share with a moose and porcupine…all nine kinds of pie that Harold liked best.

  73. Maddie says:

    You gotta love Eric Cartman’s chocolate chicken pot pie (South Park). 😉 If I was feeling more ambitious and seasoned this year, I would have done that for TV Tuesdays, but with seitan, of course! And it would have been gloriously disgusting!

  74. courtney says:

    I love the song “Blueberry Pie” from the Free to be You and Me tape/cd from when I was growing up. Bette Middler sand it and it is amazing :)

  75. It’s got to be the old British TV series ‘Pie in the Sky’ of course :)

  76. Ben says:

    Scottish punk band Oi Polloi’s track “Anarcho-Pie” is pretty much just a recipe for a politically symbolic savory vegan pie:

    “Using the spare bits of pastry, decorate the top of the pie with a pastry anarchy sign – symbolising our never-ending resistance to the omnicidal system that perverts our lives.”

  77. Stacie M. says:

    I really, REALLY, loved the movie Waitress with all those awesome pies she made up. “I hate my husband pie” etc, really awesome movie.

  78. Val says:

    The intro to Louie makes me crazy when he goes into the pizza place and gets a slice and then takes a couple of bites and then tosses it! I love it and hate it at the same time.

  79. Every time someone says “pie” around me, I think “That’ll put marzipan in your pie plate, bingo!”

  80. sarah says:

    i miss pushing daisies so much!

  81. Amy says:

    Definitely Pushing Daisies!!! That show is the cutest!!!

  82. Anna says:

    Cherry Pie by Warrant.

  83. While this movie is not exactly about pie, pizza pie played a large role in the main characters’ diet. And I kinda was obsessed about them when I was younger….Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

  84. Shannon says:

    Wayne Thiebaud made lots of amazing dessert art, but this pie painting is one of my favorites!

  85. Gotta be American Pie by Don Mclean – my dad’s favourite song :)

  86. Cat says:

    Of course, there’s Kramer’s idea to open a restaurant where you make your own pizza:

  87. WHERE’S MY PIE! in the style of Cartman on South Park. Mystic Pizza also comes to mind. But I have to say the most recent Pie TV has to come from the last season of the Next Food Network Star “Pie Style”. vegintraining at g mail dot com

  88. Call me tragic, but I just can’t go past Warrant’s ‘Cherry Pie’…

  89. Traci says:

    My favorite pie movie is “Waitress”! I really need help with my pies, would love to win your book!

  90. Lindsey says:

    Favorite movie “Big Lewbowski” has nothing to do with pie but I do live by the dude’s mantra that when it comes to eating pie this dude or dudette abides

  91. Toneria McCoy says:

    I love baking and came across this website from a friend called The Pie Academy It breaks pies down to a science lol; from traditional pies, tarts & pizzas it has it all. The owner Ken Haedrich also has videos and even courses for those who are aiming at the professional level. Go check it out!

  92. Cadry says:

    In Flight of the Conchords, the band’s manager, Murray, wants to woo to the leggy blonde in his office. He writes a song for her with all kinds of inanities about himself including… “I had a budgie, but it died. Oh, I like pie.”

  93. charj says:

    Soupy Sales surprising people with a cream pie in the face on tv shows.

  94. Elizabeth says:

    Pushing Daisies – not only the best show about pie, but the best show, period. Also, I think “Mr. Monk and the Three Pies” was by far the best episode of the series Monk.

  95. Eric Peter says:

    Best movie by far with “pie” references is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Cowabunga, dude!

  96. LFL says:

    I commented yesterday when the thread was open but my comment got stuck in moderation and is still stuck there, Please pull it out of your spam filter before you pick a winner!

  97. Vegyogini says:

    There was a really lovely indie film called “Waitress” that was released in 2007 and featured Keri Russell as a pregnant, pie-creating waitress. If you haven’t seen it, it’s definitely worth watching. Thank you for the giveaway!

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