GIVEAWAY: The Taco Cleanse Zine

GIVEAWAY: The Taco Cleanse Zine

This Contest is Now Closed, See ya next year!
tacos with the zineIn Austin Texas we LOVE tacos. It’s actually a condition of living here I think, certainly of being happy here! For veganmofo this year a few of us, including myself, the lonestar plate, the taco liberation front, and Rabbit Food Grocery decided to do a taco cleanse and post about it every day for veganmofo. We also thought it would be fun to make a zine and Rabbit Food Grocery is offering to give one away to anyone in the world!

The zine is a lot of fun, it starts with forward by Laura Beck from Vegansaurus and then there are tons of recipes from bloggers from Austin, games, quizzes, rants, and everything you need to get support through your own taco cleanse. There is even a certificate on the back page! And a guide to taco yoga!

Rabbit Food Grocery is a fantastic vegan store here in Austin that has everything from V-Dog vegan dog food, to Sir Richard Condoms, to Match Grown Meats, to Soy Curls and Vitamins. So if you do decide to order the zine, order a ton of other stuff too and save on shipping!

For today’s giveaway Rabbit Food Grocery is giving away one zine to anyone in the world. All you have to do is answer this question: If you were going to eat one food for a month, for breakfast lunch and dinner, what would it be? Please also use an email that you check so I can send them your shipping information.

Happy Last Day of VeganMoFo!!!!

113 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: The Taco Cleanse Zine

  1. Wow it’s like Christmas today! Or potential Christmas. I could happily eat curry for breakfast, lunch, and tea every day. Curry, always curry. I am suffering from a huge curry craving after a month of French food.

  2. I think I could do pizza every meal. It costs enough that I’ve never tried. I practically do veggie burgers every meal now, but I think I’d prefer pizza. Both are versatile enough for me to get a variety of foods.

  3. Pasta!
    Cold/hot, sweet/savory- you can do so much with pasta of all shapes, sizes, and varieties.
    It’s almost as versatile as tacos, although I can’t really imagine a spaghetti-themed cupcake.

  4. I’d choose pizza. A slice would be light enough for breakfast, and several slices would make a filling lunch of dinner. With different toppings you could make so many different pizzas that you wouldn’t even get bored in a month.

  5. Salads. Not wussy side salads. Big, gigantic ones with tons of veggies, grains, beans, and other goodies. Otherwise known as “bowls”, they’re what I crave!

  6. Wraps, or burritos, for sure. So many possibilities. Actually, that is pretty much what I’ve been eating every day for the last couple of months or so. Not anywhere near tired of it!

  7. Navratan Korma and garlic naan from the amazing hole-in-the-wall Indian joint within walking distance to my house. Each time I order it, it lasts for three meals. This would keep me from going broke too soon. bonus!

  8. My first instinct was to say pancakes. But in reality I think I would be pretty damn sick if I ate those every day for a month for every meal – so I wil go with gorgeous diverse salads – also known as PLANT NACHOS (I forget what blogger called salads this but I love it)

  9. Probably seitan! You can make it into breakfast bacon(Uptons is the best!), BBQ, buffalo seitan nuggets,pepperoni seitan,make killer Rueben’s with it!! Yes I could eat seitan at every meal!

    1. egomaniac know it all is my buddy?I mentioned the company you keep because you seem to live by the belief that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” That can lead to embarrassing situations, like the U.S. arming and funding Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. Or you buddying up to a cat molester.

  10. It would have to be mac n’ cheez. Chipotle mac n’ cheez, mac n’ cheez with brussels spouts, bbq mac n’ cheez bowls, bbq mac n’ cheez sandwiches, white chocolate dessert mac n’ cheez… By the end of the month I’d be so plump, but so happy. I might actually need to do this as some kind of Epicurean reverse-Lent.

  11. If it’s going to be all meals, all the time, for the month, I would have to go with pasta. Or maybe chocolate. Definitely one of those. Or Guero’s vegan queso. Mmmmm…

  12. I would eat a thick smoothie with greens and fruits. I am thinking almond milk, dates,figs, peanut butter, apples, kale and perhaps some chlorella for good measure. I would thrive on that for sure!

  13. I would definitely say a burrito! You can stuff anything into tortilla and wrap it up and call it a burrito. My favorite is black beans and sweet potatoes….yummy!

  14. I’ve been grooving on tofu scramble lately so I’ll say that. New fave burrito: scramble, roasted potatoes, and kale all wrapped up!

  15. The taco cleanse makes me want to say tacos, but I’m going to have to go with sushi. I can never have enough of it…and now I have a craving.

  16. WOOOO TACO CLEANSE!!!! Love it and love you guys! Congratulations on getting this far! You must feel super healthy.

    I guess we can say ‘tacos’, so I’m going to say green smoothies. I knowwww, I learned nothing from the taco cleanse.

  17. Bread, bread, bread. I can eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and several snacks too! As the main dish, side dish, sandwiches, rolls, you name it, bread is comfort food πŸ™‚

  18. Falafel!! Everyone loves Falafel and you can do anything with them… different salads, different sauces… Falachos! Falafel stuffed with Olives (spontaneous invention :D)! Maybe even sweet Falafel??

  19. Salad – but only if you interpret it very liberally to include things like pasta salad, potato salad, and yes, taco salad.

  20. Honestly, if “tacos” truly count as “a food”, then tacos all the way, baby! If we’re being more specific, then I’d probably say quinoa. I could dress it up either sweet or savory.

  21. If you were going to eat one food for a month, for breakfast lunch and dinner, what would it be?

    Tofu Scramble. I add turmeric, nutritional yeast, cumin, salt, pepper, 1 clove garlic, 3 green onions and it is perfect.

  22. It’s been the longest year ever since I picked up ‘n moved from my beautiful, weird, guitar-strummin’ Austin to the Pacific Northwest…and I would gladly give up farmer’s markets, Trader Joe’s, and Hail Merry Miracle Tarts forever to enjoy a Lemongrass Tofu Sandwich from LuLuB’s 3 times a day for a whole month. They. Are. Magnificent.

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