Sunday MoFo Round-Up: I Want It All

Sunday MoFo Round-Up: I Want It All

Greetings, MoFos. Sundays are lovely. I’ve made waffles and raked leaves, and we drove out to one of the last island farmers’ markets of the year. There is a big sheepdog to my right and a nerdy boyfriend organizing his Magic The Gathering cards to my left. We are considering going to a pumpkin patch tomorrow. Basically, I’m all cozy and I hope you are too, because we are so close to finishing and conquering the wonderful Vegan Month of Food. Let’s take a look at what stood out today.

If you’ve been vegan for any length of time, you’ve probably already experienced the phenomenon that is cheese-less pizza appreciation. Suddenly, even the idea of putting Daiya on your pizza is kind of weird, considering how much it takes over the other ingredients’ flavours. I would happily eat up this caramelized onion and squash pizza from I Eat Grains any day.

What’s in Robin Robertson’s slow-cooker? should be a regular feature in the soon-to-be-a-reality vegan tabloids. Today, it’s seitan posole.

I am absolutely loving think. care. act.’s tour of veganized regional Germany. Today? Northern Germany’s intriguing Pears, Beans, and “Bacon”.

Gimme this breakfast.

WHAT! Dandies bars from Three and a Half Vegans. Homemade vegan chocolate bars in your pie hole.

I just started testing for Terry Hope Romero’s upcoming world vegan food cookbook, and it is absolutely amazing, since Viva Vegan is one of my favourite cookbooks of all time. Proving its awesomeness are these beautiful arepas sandwiching yellow chili grilled mushrooms and fruit slaw from Cupcake Kitteh.

No plans for this (or next) Sunday night? Take a cue from Amy Zucchini and throw yourself a sushi rollin’ party.

Have a marvellous week!

3 thoughts on “Sunday MoFo Round-Up: I Want It All

  1. Yummy looking round-up. I hoped there’d be a recipe for that Seitan Posole. Oh well, I will make it up….which is probably not much different from the way I follow a recipe. The arepas look great too. Looking forward to Terry Hope Romero’s new cookbook!

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