The Fifth Annual Mofie Awards! Round Three…

This is it, the final winners of the Fifth Annual Mofies! Thanks for the memories.

Best Cooking With Kids goes to Cold & Sleepy Cooks, for her ABC theme and her daily kiddo pics.

Hottest New Ingredient goes to Vegan Culinary Crusade for Vegan Lisa’s post on Raw Caramel Chips, which introduced us to lucuma powder.

Most Epic Post goes to Three And A Half Vegans for creating an entirely edible Candlyland! Need we say more?

Best Use Of Chia goes to Spinach Pancakes from Spa Bettie. This could double as “Best Use Of Spinach”, too!

Best Around The World Adventure goes to Meet The Wikos where Erinwiko took us from Sicily to Sri Lanka and back again!

Most Fantastic How-to goes to Sugar Skull! Kristin made her blog’s namesake (SUGARSKULLS!) and held our hands through each step.

Best Theme goes to Don’t Eat Off The Sidewalk for her amazing Dinner And A Horror Movie theme. Katie kept us laughing and screaming and eating all month, while still managing to blog here and do the Iron Chef Challenges. Maybe she wins best Mofo-er overall?

Thanks for playing, everyone! Hope you had fun. Winners! Please email us to receive a little banner to display on the sidebar of your blog. And thank you to Amanda at Will Draw For Cookies for creating the banners.

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Isa Chandra Moskowitz blogs at and is the author of 7 cookbooks, including Veganomicon, Appetite For Reduction and the brand new Vegan Pie In The Sky.

9 Responses to The Fifth Annual Mofie Awards! Round Three…

  1. babette says:

    Those awards were cool. I hadn’t seen most of those posts, and thanks to you, I now know about them =)

  2. Kristina says:

    thank you, Isa! 😀 so happy to have won a mofie! and it is fun to revisit posts and find new ones I missed.


  3. justbloggs says:

    So glad the sugar skulls won – they are fab!

  4. Kristen says:

    Thanks, Isa :) You da best.

  5. Savannah says:

    This years Mofies were the best ever! 😉
    The candy land board was major epic too!
    Loved it all.
    And thank you to everyone for all the work you all put in, mofo team and everyone around the world who cooked & typed their fingers off!

  6. coldandsleepy says:

    Aw! Thanks! I am touched to be mentioned in the same post as these other blogs. And filled with happy MoFo nostalgia.

    Good work everyone!

  7. Gail Fenton says:

    I am so enjoying these awards! LOVE the categories and think the winners are awesome! The sugar skulls are amazing and I also loved the epic award!

  8. veganlisa says:

    Yay, lucuma love! I am missing Vegan MoFo already.

  9. Trista says:

    These are all so impressive and inspiring. I doubt I’ll ever take on CandyLand, but the sugar skulls are on my “bucket list.” Thanks for keeping me motivated and inspired about vegan living and creativity! It’s endless!

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