Thursday Round-Up: Open All Nite

Thursday Round-Up: Open All Nite

Hello fellow vegans!  Since I knew I’d have to do this roundup all late night styles, I decided to look at food that is best served in a late night eatery.  Can you imagine it?

For starters, it ain’t no stinkin’ diner without a little soup.  Kzcakestortellini soup and Jovanke’s pumpkin and leek soup caught my eye.  Nothing like a warm bowl of goodness on a chilly night.


If you decide “no soup for you”, why not pull a Benes and get the big salad?  Look at this beautiful salad from Becca Williams.  Roasted beets, apples, and cherry tomatoes?  Fork yeah!

 Of course, it’s not a fictitious late night vegan restaurant without that sammich action.  Weekly Vegan Menu is slangin’ cheese steaks.

If you like your late night food smothered in gravy, just check out what Sal  is doing to some mighty fine chickpea cutlets.

You know there’s no such thing as late night eating without a little dessert.  Take a looksie at this caramel apple pie from The Table Fort.  Drool.

Well, that’s all for now, folks!  I hope everybody is enjoying all the blogging!  Keep it up!  We are almost halfway there.

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