You say it’s your birthday…

You say it’s your birthday…

…it is f’reals my birthday too, yeah! When round-up days were being passed out, I only took today because I knew exactly what my subject would be, the only thing that matters. I have been bookmarking pretty pictures of cakes all month long, and here are some of the best!

Kelly has been posting fabulous looking baked things all month long, but as soon as I saw this unicorn cake, I knew this was going in my round-up! Kittycakes was a close second.

Not only did Bianca have one of the most awesome vegan bakers in the country make her TWO birthday cakes this year, but one was a surprise gay cake!

Vegan cupcakes are still taking over the world, hopefully these double chocolate mint cupcakes will realize that the world is in my stomach, and get in there toot sweet.

Maybe it’s because i’m such an adult, but peanut butter and jelly ANYTHING will send me flying towards the food in question at a million miles per hour…which is why there is now a dent in my computer screen.

Would you like to join me in seething jealousy that Lindsay lives in a place where she can get a beautiful slice of raspberry cake with her lunch?

For something different from the standard wheat-cake/buttercream combo, this couscous cake with pomegranates is so pretty!

I really want to emphasize that Kristen did not buy this shoe cake from a bakery, she MADE it. And as far as I can tell, she is not a cake decorator by trade.

And finally, because once again I am a grown-up, I really really wish someone would adopt me and make me Hello Kitty cakes for my birthday every single year.

Happy birthday to some of our MoFoers this month: Bianca, Sarah, Savannah, Carrie, and Kelly! If you were an October baby, feel free to add yourself to the list via the comments!

19 thoughts on “You say it’s your birthday…

  1. my daughter had a birthday this month too! she is 12!!!!! yes, she *just* turned 12. she rocks.
    check out her blog:
    vegan sweetness
    she is also doing mofo.

    p.s. isa, we met you at d.c vegfest 😉
    we <3 vegan mofo… great job, all!

  2. Happy Birthday, Katie (and all the other October-birthday-having people)! All of these cakes look seriously epic, and it’s totally making me want to eat cake. Also, that surprise gay cake was a bitch to assemble, so I’ll definitely take the challenge of a Hello Kitty cake next year for Bianca’s birthday!

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