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Week 4 Roundup!

Week 4 Roundup!

And just like that, VeganMoFo is over for another year! Thanks as always to our wonderful community for cooking, blogging, and posting like champions and filling our lives with delicious vegan food for a whole glorious month! Here are some of the highlights from Week 4…

Day 24: Road trip snack


These cocoa date bites look perfect for either a road trip or a picnic! Tweak the recipe to match your tastes.


Imogen has been sharing some exciting vegan finds from around Edinburgh – is there anything more exciting than a vegan grocery shop?!

Day 25: Favourite international dish/product

Adventures in Veganism

Pho is definitely one of the all time great dishes, and I will have to follow this suggestion to use it as a remedy for summer allergies!


There’s no greater sense of achievement than veganising an old family favourite and recreating the magic! Check out this sour cream potato salad!

Day 26: A dish that transports you back to a vacation 

Vegans Need Sauce

Allow these flaky roti canai to transport you to Southeast Asia. They look delicious!


I always check vegan doughnut options before I book a holiday, so I’m now fully in favour of a trip to Asheville!

Day 27: A cuisine that inspires you to travel


What’s not to love about Italy?! Homemade pasta is just one of the reasons we all want to go there…


Japanese food really is what dreams are made of! Definitely worth travelling to Japan for amazing sushi.

Day 28: Cocktail/mocktail

Living the Dream

Cocktails and cake make the perfect union in Jen’s margarita cupcakes! Make sure you haven’t missed her 31 days of cake…


The puns are strong with this one! Vegan Raptor has continued the Star Wars inspired menu with this tart, which I’m sure would have R2 making lots of excited beeping noises.

Day 29: Hearty breakfast


Caroline’s VeganMoFo posts have combined three of my favourite things: books, tea, and baked goods! Take a look at these muffins made with freshly foraged blackberries!


If you prefer a savoury breakfast, look no further than this feast!

Day 30: Inspired by your favourite city

Just Blogs Vegan

Carrots in bolognese: yay or nay? Check out Justine’s recipe for a spag bol inspired by Bologna!

Vegan HaHa

And here’s a tribute to London in the form of a Tottenham Cake. Never heard of it? You can learn all about it and even get a musical interlude too!


And Day 31 is our wrap up day, when you can share something that you have loved from the last month. What were your highlights? What recipes have you bookmarked to try? We’re looking forward to seeing what you all think!


Thanks again, VeganMoFo’ers, for another marvellous year! We hope you’ll be back for more in July 2020!

Week 2 Roundup!

Week 2 Roundup!

Another week over – can you believe we’re already over halfway through VeganMoFo?! I hope you’re enjoying it as much as we are! Let’s look back at some of the highlights of the second week. For those of you following the weekly themes, this one was all about pop culture and there were some really fun takes on the daily prompts!


Day 10: Inspired by favourite show

Coastal Vegans

Clare was inspired by Jane the Virgin to make the ultimate grilled cheese – do you agree with her take on triangles?!


Sarra takes inspiration from the greatest TV show of all time (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, duh) with Buffy Summers-time pizza and cookies good enough to make the gang forget the drug-laced dishes that evil Ted was cooking for them. Now I really want to rewatch that episode…and eat this pizza!


Day 11: Cook for your favourite character


Surely even Mr Darcy would find something nice to say about this shepherd’s pie? Let’s hope he isn’t prejudiced against vegan food!


Meanwhile, VeganMoFo regular Janyce continues with her Caribbean Cuisine theme – check out this Barbadian recipe for cou-cou with lime fish!


Day 12: Veganise a dish from a sci-fi/fantasy world

Trimazing! Vegan Lifestyle and Health Coaching Blog

Any excuse to make fun of the Star Wars prequels! Cindy took inspiration from a terrible scene in Attack of the Clones for these fancy looking poached pears.

Long Island Vegan

I still feel like dessert hummus probably comes from an alternate reality, but Long Island Vegan has almost convinced me that it’s worth trying…check out her Aldi haul review post, and learn more about the vegan scene on Long Island with her theme this month.


Day 13: Food song pun

Amber Eats Veg

Amber managed to stick to her theme (Southern dishes) and still incorporate a good song pun when she shared this frito pie recipe: Reach for the Pies by the Flaming Chips!

Living the Dream

VeganMoFo superstar Jen is doing an ambitious 31 days of cake this year – living the dream, indeed! Today she made a fruit smoothie cake, and just look at the colour of that batter! You can find the full recipe on her blog.

Walks, Talks & Eats

And make sure to check out this new recipe from VeganMoFo organiser extraordinaire, Emma! Biscoff rocky road sounds like the ultimate treat!


Day 14: Cook something to bring a villain back from the dark side


Angie is posting all month on an Adventure Time theme, which sometimes ties in perfectly with the daily prompts. Here’s a chocolate pudding to placate the Duke of Nuts, a character who is always stealing other people’s desserts because he has a pudding deficiency. I wonder if I can get away with that too…

Downright Vegan

I’m not sure if maple walnut whisky fudge would turn us to or from the dark side…but either way, it sounds delicious! The full recipe is provided so you can see for yourself.


Day 15: Cartoon inspired


The Broccoloids are coming for us! Angela has some interesting philosophical thoughts on how compatible these villains are with a vegan mindset, but ultimately reaches the only possible conclusion: eat all the broccoli!

Alien on Toast

Sal is posting on three different topics per week as part of her VeganMoFo theme – veganising, what I ate, and recipe testing. Her ‘what I ate’ posts are full of envy-inducing snaps of the delicious feasts she found in San Diego recently. She’ll have you booking your flights in no time!


Day 16: Perfect snacks for event TV


Sarah assures us that this sweet and spicy pineapple fried rice is the perfect accompaniment to any season finale, and we believe her – it looks delicious!

Adventures in Veganism

There’s a reason that popcorn is a classic snack, and vegan parmesan, garlic salt and rosemary sound like the perfect topping. It looks like somebody agrees!


Can’t wait to see what you all come up with in Week 3!

VeganMoFo 2019 Sign-Ups!

VeganMoFo 2019 Sign-Ups!

It’s time!

You’ve already seen the weekly themes and daily prompts, now it’s time to commit: sign-ups are open! Click here to participate. The sign up deadline is Sunday 21st July.

Remember, if you don’t officially sign up you won’t be included in our round-up posts and blog-rolls, so it won’t be as easy for our other MoFo’ers to find you. Don’t miss out, sign up today!

VeganMoFo 2019 Themes & Prompts!

VeganMoFo 2019 Themes & Prompts!

VeganMoFo 2019 is on its way! This year VeganMoFo is taking place in August and we are very excited about having some natural light when we’re taking our pictures for a change! (Apologies to our friends in the southern hemisphere who might be less enthusiastic about this time of year…)

As usual, we’re offering up three different ways to participate, from our structured daily prompts to some looser weekly themes, to completely freestyling with your own theme for the month. We don’t care how you participate, we just want to see delicious vegan food every day in August!

These are your options:

1) Weekly themes (which are listed below!). You can interpret these themes whichever way you like, and use them to inspire your posts!

2) Daily prompts (which are also listed below). These tie in with the weekly themes, but give you more specific ideas to follow. You can use all of them, or just a few!

3) Choose your own theme. You don’t need to follow any of our themes if you don’t want to – come up with your own and use that instead! So long as it’s vegan, everything goes.

4) A mixture of them all  Feel free to use the themes as a loose guideline, or choose ones you like the look of and create your own inspiration for the other days!

And as always, you can participate on whatever social media platform you prefer – youtube, blog, Instagram, whatever! Make sure you use #veganmofo19 so we can all find your delicious dishes, and please sign up when registration opens later this month.

Here are the daily prompts and weekly themes, for those who wish to follow them:

Thursday 1st: Introduce yourself – Tell us about yourself, your veganism, why you’re participating this year, and anything else we need to know!

Friday 2nd: Kitchen tour – Show us where the magic happens!

Week 1: Bake Off Week (Saturday 3rd – Friday 9th) – show us if you could you be crowned star baker and earn that elusive Paul Hollywood handshake!

Saturday 3rd: Biscuits – give us your best biscuit/cookie!

Sunday 4th: Cake – bake an amazing cake!

Monday 5th: Pastry – sweet or savoury, what can you do with pastry?

Tuesday 6th: Bread – can anyone go one better than the famous bread lion on Bake Off?!

Wednesday 7th: Technical challenge: Quiche – let’s see if everyone can make an amazing quiche, with no soggy bottoms in sight! Don’t worry, you can use a recipe…

Thursday 8th: Afternoon tea – what would you serve up for a classic British afternoon tea to impress Mary Berry?

Friday 9th: Showstopper – pull out all the stops with your most spectacular bake!

Week 2: Pop Culture Week (Saturday 10th – Friday 16th) – take inspiration from the TV shows, fantasy worlds, and characters that you love the most!

Saturday 10th: Inspired by favourite show – whether you’d make fro-yo inspired by The Good Place or have a hankering to veganise Niko’s shepherd’s pie recipe from Killing Eve, let’s see what your favourite show brings out!

Sunday 11th: Cook for your favourite character – serve up a feast fit for your favourite character from TV/books/movies.

Monday 12th: Veganise a dish from a sci-fi/fantasy world – a glass of blue milk? A slice of lembas bread? Make it vegan!

Tuesday 13th: Food song pun – “We built this city on sausage rolls!”…give us a great pun! 

Wednesday 14th: Cook something to bring a villain back from the dark side – could your chocolate brownies have turned Darth Vader back from the dark side?

Thursday 15th: Cartoon inspired – cook for your cartoon character hero, or create a meal that would fit in a cartoon world!

Friday 16th: Perfect snacks for event TV – what do you serve up when you’re settling in for the big game or series finale?

Week 3: Seasons (Saturday 17th – Friday 23rd) – take a journey round the sun, visiting all four seasons in one week!

Saturday 17th: Winter warmer – from a hot chocolate to a hearty stew, what ‘s your go-to winter dish?

Sunday 18th: Summer cooler – what do you eat or drink to keep cool in summer?

Monday 19th: Fall colours – showcase some beautiful reds and oranges for Fall.

Tuesday 20th: Spring salad – keep it green with a light, tasty salad!

Wednesday 21st: Indoor/outdoor picnic – depending on the weather, show us your indoor or outdoor picnic treats!

Thursday 22nd: Seasonal dish – what’s in season where you are right now?

Friday 23rd: Inspired by your favourite season/seasonal celebration – the perfect excuse to celebrate Christmas in August!

Week 4: Travel (Saturday 24th – Friday 30th) – take inspiration from the sights you’ve seen and the memories you’ve made!

Saturday 24th: Road trip snack – the best part about travelling is the snacks! What would you make to keep you going?

Sunday 25th: Favourite international dish/product – what non-local dish or product do you dream about? Recreate it!

Monday 26th: A dish that transports you back to a vacation – what dish do you associate with your favourite vacation?

Tuesday 27th: A cuisine that inspires you to travel – would you book a trip to Italy just so you could get that perfect gelato? Tell us which cuisine has you eyeing up flights!

Wednesday 28th: Cocktail/mocktail – a drink for letting your hair down!

Thursday 29th: Hearty breakfast – something to set you up for a day pounding the pavement in a new city.

Friday 30th: Inspired by your favourite city – a bolognese to make Bologna proud? An Eiffel Tower constructed from eclairs?  Pay tribute to your favourite city.

and finally…

Saturday 31st: Wrap up day – what’s been your highlight of VeganMoFo? Make something inspired by a recipe from one of your fellow MoFo’ers!


February MiniMoFo

February MiniMoFo

If you’re feeling the love in February, we’re right there with you! For February’s MiniMoFo theme, we’re embracing all things fancy – whether that’s cooking a fancy meal, or whipping something up for the person you fancy! It doesn’t need to be a romantic meal, of course, we’ll take any fancy breakfast, brunch, packed lunch, dessert, or cocktail you care to show us, whatever the occasion or whomever you’re cooking for!

As always, everyone can participate in MiniMoFo, and newcomers are always welcome to join in – the only rule is to keep it vegan! Use the hashtag #MiniMoFo on social media, and link to your blog post in the comments below so that we can come and see what you’ve been cooking and feature you in our roundup post at the end of the month.

January MiniMoFo

January MiniMoFo

Happy New Year, VeganMoFo’ers! We hope you will all have a wonderful 2019, full of happiness, good health, and all the delicious vegan food! We needed a bit of a break after September’s VeganMoFo, but we’re back in business and ready to revive our monthly MiniMoFo challenges – hopefully you’re all ready to cook along with us!

Our theme for January is Beat the Blues. January can be a tough month for people for various reasons, so let’s fill our social media feeds with tasty dishes to keep our spirits high! Maybe you’ll make something colourful to counter the grey weather (for those of us in the northern hemisphere, at least), or bake a delicious cake to boost your spirits if you’re returning to work post-holidays. However you’re beating the January blues, let us know!

As always, everyone can participate in MiniMoFo, and newcomers are always welcome to join in – the only rule is to keep it vegan! (If you have friends participating in Veganuary, why not let them know so they can follow along too?) Use the hashtag #MiniMoFo on social media, and link to your blog post in the comments below so that we can come and see what you’ve been cooking and feature you in our roundup post at the end of January.

Happy New Year, and happy cooking!

Sick on Sin Giveaway

Sick on Sin Giveaway

Can you believe VeganMoFo 2018 is ending today? September has flown by in a blur of delicious food! Thank you very much to everyone who has participated, either by actively posting or reading along, we hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have. As a thank you, we have one last giveaway to mark the final day!

Sick On Sin is run by a vegan wife/husband team out of Hamilton, Ontario (Canada). They have been making tees, pins, totes, key chains, and other fun flair since 2005. All items feature their cute original designs involving everything from pro veg messaging, animals and food to sci-fi and horror inspired. Something for everyone! Each month 10% of profits are donated to a compassionate organisation.
You can check out the goodies here: and follow them @sickonsin (FB & IG).

The wonderful people at Sick On Sin have generously offered a $30 gift certificate to be used at Sick On Sin to one lucky VeganMoFo participant anywhere in the world!

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is tell us: what has been your highlight of VeganMoFo2018? It could be a new blogger you’ve discovered (tell us who it is!), an Instagrammer who always brightens your day, one particular new recipe that you already know will be a game-changers, a daily prompt that you absolutely loved…anything you like!

Leave us a comment either here on the blog or over on our Instagram post and tell us your VeganMoFo 2018 highlight. We will choose a winner at random. This giveaway is open internationally, but only to registered VeganMoFo participants. It will close at midnight Pacific Daylight Time.

Good luck!

Truffle Pig Giveaway

Truffle Pig Giveaway

We know all of our dedicated VeganMoFo participants love good food, and what better food is there than chocolate?! With that in mind, we’ve teamed up with the incredible team at Truffle Pig to giveaway one of their most delicious sweet treats!

Truffle Pig is an all-vegan chocolatier based in Sheffield in the UK, creating an array of delicious goods. They’ve currently got popping candy chocolate frogs for the Harry Potter fans amongst us, and pumpkin spice truffles for anyone who can’t get enough of the seasonal spices at Starbucks! As someone who has ordered a LOT of treats from Truffle Pig, I can confirm that everything they make is really delicious, and wins over vegans and non-vegans alike.

The good people at Truffle Pig have kindly agreed to donate one honeycomb bar to a lucky winner! Here’s how you can get your hands on it:

Comment here on the blog or on our Instagram post and let us know which Truffle Pig product is top of your wishlist! (You can view the full range on their shop right here.) A winner will be chosen at random.

This giveaway is only open to registered VeganMoFo participants who are resident in the UK, and it will close at midnight BST.

Good luck!

Vegan Tuck Box Giveaway

Vegan Tuck Box Giveaway

For five years, Vegan Tuck Box has been selling delicious vegan chocolate bars and treats, along with amazing monthly goody boxes. With their Variety Box or Ultimate Box, you can get a mouth-watering selection of mystery vegan goodies delivered to you anywhere in the world.

This month, the Vegan Tuck Box team has kindly donated one Ultimate Box to a lucky VeganMoFo’er! Here’s what you have to do to get your hands on it:

  1. Make sure you are following VeganMoFo on Instagram.
  2. Comment on our Instagram post telling us your favourite vegan snack that you’d like delivered to your door.

This giveaway is only open to registered VeganMoFo participants who are resident in the UK, and it will close at midnight BST.

Good luck!

VeganMoFo 2018: Week 1 Roundup!

VeganMoFo 2018: Week 1 Roundup!

Inspiration Week has come to an end, and it’s safe to say there have been some very inspirational dishes in the first eight days of VeganMoFo 2018! Let’s take a look at some of the highlights in our first weekly roundup post – make sure you’re following all our participants so you don’t miss a single delicious post! And keep using #veganmofo18 to help us find you!


Day 1: Introduce you!

Walks, Talks, & Eats

Emma is one of our hard working VeganMoFo organisers, so you should probably get to know her! She’s posting on Instagram, as well as numerous delicious recipes on her blog, make sure you’re following along!

This Vegan Lyfe

You might have followed Amber on Instagram during last year’s MoFo, but this year she’s back on her blog as well and we couldn’t be happier! Get to know her a little more in this post, and also learn how to make this swimming rama!


Let’s welcome VeganMoFo first timer Jena, who is participating with lots of amazing illustrations!


Day 2: Emoji Inspired

Vegan Ha Ha

The simple heart emoji is a classic – and here it is in the form a chocolate cake topped with raspberries. *insert heart-eyes emoji here*


Don’t these pancakes look almost a little too perfect?! How come mine never look that good? Amazing job, Garrick!


The pumpkin emoji was a popular choice today, and here is Bonnie’s pumpkin-inspired dish. Pumpkin lasagna with mushrooms and caramelised onions sounds pretty good to me!


Day 3: Leader of a country, place, or group


Rosie the Riveter needs a protein packed meal more than anyone! I’m sure she’d be happy with this quinoa, tofu,and broccoli dish.


Of course, there are great leaders in our own homes and families too – Moon made this gazpacho and tofu-egg salad in honour of her mother-in-law, and we’d love to join them for a meal!

Food for Dissertating

Of course, there’s no obligation to follow our daily prompts or weekly themes – Food for Dissertating is posting about packed lunches all month. Not only does this look like a delicious lunch, but I can confirm from personal research that the recipe for these chocolate hazelnut oat bites is to die for!


Day 4: Artist inspired


KZ shared this beautiful Pitaya bowl, which definitely looks like a work of art to me! Plus there are some philosophical musings on art and perception.


Top marks to Michelle for transforming a bunch of leftovers into a Rothko!

Coastal Vegan

Look at these Mary Blair-inspired cookies that Clare made! There were even diagrams involved!


Day 5: Inspiring cookbooks


Oh, hello, bookshelf of my dreams! But which one is Kristen’s favourite?!


Check out this dish from a 1970s cookbook, originally called ‘Governor’s Lady Deviled Crab’ and now veganised for the modern times!


Sarra is posting on the theme of vegan travel, and shared some of the cookbooks she’s picked up on the road – including non-vegan ones, which she promptly veganises, as you can see from her famous bicsuits!


Day 6: The Anti-Vegan

Vegans Eat Yummy Food Too!

How does Sandy deal with people who claim to hate tofu? She turns tofu into a pizza base! Check out the recipe for these tofu pizza bites!


Burgers featured pretty heavily on this day, and here’s just one example of an amazing burger that can win over any meat eater!


Meanwhile, Vegan Raptor continues to post Buffy-based puns alongside tasty vegan dishes as part of his Buffy Menu theme. I’m sure we can get Buffy to slay the anti-vegan brigade!


Day 7: Colour

Vegan Dollhouse

If you follow Vegan Dollhouse on Instagram or her blog, you’ll expect nothing less than adorable food at all times. Just check out these purple steamed buns!


Have you ever been served a yellow lasagna before?! Learn how to do it on this post from Wister!


And why settle for one colour when you can eat the whole rainbow? Emily leads the way with this colourful bowl.


Day 8: Your own flops

Downright Vegan

Most of us have probably experienced a disaster which almost cost us a beloved dish or utensil. But you’ve got to have the courage to try again, as we can see from this beautiful looking focaccia!


Cindy has been thwarted in the past when making crispy fried tofu, but now she’s really shown it who’s boss! Find out her secrets, and get the recipe for her BBQ nut butter sauce as an added bonus!


All this week, Angie has been veganising some classic Pennsylvania Dutch recipes, and she finished up with this shoofly pie, which apparently tastes just like gingerbread! Yum!


Here’s to another amazing week of VeganMoFo 2018!