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Loopy Tuesday

Loopy Tuesday

This roundup is brought to you by allergy medication! Lucky for this roundupper, there was no shortage of delicious MoFo posts today, so you, dear reader, will experience no shortage of awesome today.

First up, Vegan Guinnea Pig takes time out of her insanely busy schedule to whip up some fantastic looking chickpea cheeze. Cheap, easy, and scrumptious looking – see?CIMG0274

Mihl over at Seitan is My Motor should be sending me money for a new keyboard after I drooled all over my current one looking at her pumpkin bread and dreaming of making it into french toast. Sigh. Kim at C’est La Vegan is turning Fail into Forking Delicious. Having wrestled extensively with vegan brownies myself, her post was particularly inspiring to me… to combine brownies and ice cream! Woo!

On the thrifty side of things, the Carnal Vegan is challenging herself using up the weird stuff in her pantry by staging a full on Pantry Raid. Meanwhile, Bonnie over at Eating With The Rabbits is helping those of us in parts of the world that aren’t the Netherlands save dough by giving us a speculaas spice mix recipe so that we can make our own damn cookies for once! The nice lady at Food Snobbery Is My Hobbery is keeping it real and sharing a recipe for preserved limes, and really, what kitchen couldn’t use more homemade preserved¬† limes?Preserved+Limes

Finally, Joni at Just the Food provides us with an informative post on an alternative to the evaporated cane juice us vegan baking types tend to consume at alarming rates.

All in all, a great day for Vegan MoFo – see you next week!

The MoFo Weekend

The MoFo Weekend

It’s no secret I’m kinda fastidious about presentation and food photography. Maybe even a bit of a snob. Which is why I’m not only impressed but slightly overwhelmed by the number of people participating in this year’s MoFo making dishes that not only sound lovely but look pretty freakin’ beautiful. Soup and fried foods, for example, are often hard to make as aesthetically pleasing as they are tasty, but SmarterFitter has managed both with lovely photos of borscht and potato pancakes. Also check out today’s post about the equally easy-on-the-eyes, and no doubt the palate, besan burgers. Definitely going on my list of things to try.

Cold beet soup

Yesterday, Swell Vegan rounded up a hard day of apple and berry picking with this gorgeous homemade pizza, topped with chopped veggies from the CSA stash.


And few things, really, can beat a well-crafted cupcake. Lisa, the eponymous blogger behind the Lisa’s Thoughts blog, gives us a peek at these adorable gravestone cupcakes from New Jersey’s Sweet Avenue Bake Shop:


Finally, if moving pictures are more your thing, I would be totally remiss not to mention this short animation that Jenny from Herbivore Dinosaur put together especially for Vegan MoFo. So here’s to another week of MoFo awesome times. See you around the Internets, mofoers!

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