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Vegan and gluten-free maker of crafty stuff. I love estate sales and tasty Vietnamese food. Co-Creator of, Mother of Papa Tofu. I also blog at Cake Maker to the Stars.
No Gluten this Wednesday.

No Gluten this Wednesday.

Combing through The MoFo for this roundup, really gave me a butt-shot of the vegan-gluten-free fuzzies.  Since seitan is popular with so many vegans, it can be lonely to do without, but it seems there are many people eating this way nowadays, with attics stuffed full of granny’s own delicious recipes.  There’s no loneliness hangin’ with   The Gluten-Free Vegan Family. Sorghum flour’s never sounded so good!  And look what their four year old created…

Black bean and pumpkin taquitos!  Do I spy pomegranate jewels mixed into that guacamole?

Cupcake Punk has rocked out a XgfX pie crust, just in time for those winter gatherings with the family.  Hi Uncle Jack, I love you, want some pie?

I’m into the rustic-ness of this tart, I may just try it with the mound of Asian pears sitting on my counter.

Apparently, baked beans have been hitting the no-gluten-o-meter, both Mitten Machen and Happy Vegan Face are rockin’ ’em today.  So good!  Where the hell is my crock pot?

With collards and sweet potatoes!   I like the way this plate is swinging.

The Fairest Feed was inspired to make some pantry-stash killin’ muesli bars.

Just look at those colors, and why yes those are pistachio nuts.  Thanks for askin’.

Ash recently inspired me with her mosaic of XgfX deliciousness.

I’d be happy with any of this!  And speaking of the happy fuzzies, do you know what good friends Soy Curls can be?  I find that they can be used in lots of places where I used to put seitan. The Elizavegan Page shows how to adapt them to Thai cuisine.  Not only are they tasty, but paired with coconut and spices, they can help fix you up.

xo kittee

Sunday MoFo International Round Up 10/4

Sunday MoFo International Round Up 10/4

YEAH it’s Sunday!

YEAH I get to do today’s MoFo round up.


It’s so awesome to see so many people participating in this, the third Vegan MoFo, and what’s also awesome is seeing the amount of different countries and cultures being represented around the MoFo blogosphere, all helping to spread the vegan love. Man.

This Swedish dish of Raggmunkar caught me eye and got my taste buds going


Yesterday was “Tag der Deutschen Einheit”  in Germany (German Unification Day) which is the national holiday to celebrate the reunification of East and West Germany and you can see some awesome vegan Solyanka over on Mihl’s blog


Bex, who is travelling around Spain as I type, has been sampling the awesome vegan eateries on offer in Barcelona. Check out the funky place that is Juicy Jones.


Sticking with the Spanish theme I can’t possibly blog about international veganism without giving a shout out to La Dolce Vita Vegana.


She has totally mastered the art of veganizing a patata tortilla which is traditionally made with eggs and potatoes.

No mean feat as you can imagine.But us vegans stare mean in the face and say “NO”! So ya gotsta check it out. If you need a translation then either copy and paste into google translate (it’s very very good) or email me and I’ll happily give you the English recipe.

For a European such as myself – the one food item that epitomises American cuisine is the WAFFLE!

Waffles have taken on a whole new meaning to me since I entered the blogosphere. Who knew they could be so delicious and so waffling versatile!

To see a perfect waffle in all its waffling goodness then check out these beauties:





That’s what I’m talking about!

Two Vegans in States with Two Names Eat Things and Go Places was feeling the Asian vibe on this MoFo day #4


Who can resist pop-into-your-mouth-sized pieces with a spicy glaze?

And in their own words ( and I ain’t gonna argue)  “Holy Yumminess” !!

And just because this is too awesome not to include in today’s round-up.

I defy you to look at this and not shout  “GIMMEE GIMMEE GIMMEE!” out loud!


And this just because it cracked me up so much.


Hee hee heeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Happy MoFo’ing Y’all.

Keep it all coming ‘cos you’re ALL FREAKING AWESOME!



Friday's Roundup is Very Round 10/02/09

Friday's Roundup is Very Round 10/02/09

It’s Friday!  I get to pick out the stuff that popped me in the face today.  I’m not sure how to rodeo tie so many blogs, so I think I’m gonna stick with one of the basics, something we can all understand–geometry.

First off, has anyone checked out Rayray’s rectangular ants on a log with kabocha squash?  Celery has never been my favorite part about these standards, I think using steamed squash as the peanut butter carrier is pure genius.  This post really hurt my head when I saw it, so smart.

Urban Girl Scout’s round Oatgurt, y’heard.  Seriously, I bet you’ve never had anything like this before, she also gets extra kittee points for making it herself and for having the foresight to pre-soak.  I applaud you lady.

Home Sweet Vegan Home‘s wildly and wonderful super vibrant square rainbow cookies.  You can’t post something like this without the recipe, it breaks hearts.

Vegan Victuals deconstructs Daiya cheese, which is sorta the opposite of geometry, so I’m including it.  Sweet cassava–  first bubble tea balls and now this.  Who’s a great little tuber boober?  That’s right, you are  little cassava root!

Circle shaped homemade corn crusted empanada pizza  layered with thick slices of potato by Bicycle Bread.    Why is there no one in my life to fill this void?  I have needs.  I want to eat circles.

Cafe Karma shoves the Food Network into the Veganizer (c) and comes out with triangular slices of baked Angelhair pasta pie.  No Giada di Laurentiises were harmed in the making of this blog post.

I do realize that I used a round food thing and a circular food thing.  In geometry, round and circular could mean two different things, at least in this case they do.  Besides I looked at several hundred posts searching for an ellipse, and could not locate one.  Stretch that round oatgurt out, and the need is met.

I’ve gotten a few emails from folks who want to know how they can maximize the Vegan MoFo.  I’ve also heard from several people who are going vegan for the first time this month, and from others who have never blogged before.  If you’re seasoned and zesty with the MoFo, why not adopt a blog or blogger or ten and give ’em your full support.   It can be as easy and quick as a single comment on their blog everyday.  Find some newbsterites and comment bomb!

MoFo Maintenance Update:  please make sure to check that your blog’s feed is working on the MoFo RSS feed that’s been setup on Bloglines and that you are linked to the master list if you are MoFoing (so folks can find you easily).  Also, if you don’t like Bloglines, you can export the list into another reader, just scroll to the bottom and clink on the “export” link.  Since I was long ago outnumbered by your masses, I trust if you have a problem you’ll send me an email.  Thanks beanie weanie mofu patooties.

After reading all these posts, I wish I had one of Your Vegan Mom’s Cranberry Margaritas!

xo kittee