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Vegan and gluten-free maker of crafty stuff. I love estate sales and tasty Vietnamese food. Co-Creator of, Mother of Papa Tofu. I also blog at Cake Maker to the Stars.
Gluten-Free & Vegan Bread Cookbook Giveaway

Gluten-Free & Vegan Bread Cookbook Giveaway

Gluten-Free & Vegan Bread: Artisanal Recipes to Make at Home by Jennifer Katzinger

If you believe in magic, then you will probably like this book.
You will also probably like this book if:

  • You like bread.
  • You like brand new books (this was released today).
  • You like beautiful books.
  • You like whole grains, but aren’t particularly attached to wheat, spelt, kamut, barley or rye.
  • You are gluten-free, or just want to let a little xgfx in your life.
  • You like free stuff.
  • You like the sound of Raspberry Rooibos Tea Bread.
  • You fancy yourself a bit of an artisan, and you may or may not be a wee bit fancy yourself.

I’ve been baking and baking from this all vegan and all gluten-free book for the last month, and I will gladly stand on the mountain top and testify for all to hear.  It’s one of my all-time favorites, ever.

It’s got chapters on all sorts of nifty breads including quick breads, yeasted breads, sourdough (yes xgfx sourdough–I told you it was special), flatbreads and batter breads.

It’s also got a super secret brand new xgfx technique for baking bread that works.

The publisher, Sasquatch Books, has offered one of our US or Canadian readers a free copy.  All you have to do is comment on this post to win!   I’m letting this offer run until noon PST on November 1st, and then I’ll pick a random entry.  It couldn’t be simpler.

Congrats to Krystyna who won this giveaway!


P.S. If you don’t win this book, I have it on good authority that there are two more upcoming giveaways (plus reviews) coming soon on Cake Maker to the Stars and Julie’s Kitchenette.

Giveaway–Great Gluten-Free Vegan Treats

Giveaway–Great Gluten-Free Vegan Treats

Yummy, yummy book with pretty, pretty pictures.

Oh!  We have a great cookbook giveaway for y’all today.  It’s Great Gluten-Free Vegan Eats by my friend and fellow MoFo’r  Allyson Kramer.  You need this book because 1) you probably eat too much seitan, and you need to diversify, 2) you can’t eat gluten and it makes you sad missing pancakes so much or 3) you’re tired of your xgfx friends constant kvetching and you want to make them something delicious to lull their cries.  (You are so compassionate, btw).

Double Chocolate Muffins

This book really can solve all your xgfx woes, but if you’re still not sure and can’t commit to brown rice and sorghum flours, maybe the review I wrote last month will help assauge your flour anxiety.

Seriously, Allyson gives awesome recipes for a million things, all with full color photographs she shot herself:  blueberry donuts, cherry vanilla pancakes, homemade ravioli, potato dosa, cranberry bagels, apricot hand-pies, broccoli soup, pecan sticky rolls–the list is endless and delicious.

This contest is currently closed!  The winner is #38–Amanda from Newman Improved!  Thanks so much to everyone who participated in this giveaway, now go out and buy Allyson’s book (or request it from  your local library)!

What? One copy of Great Gluten-Free Vegan Eats by Allyson Kramer (Fair Winds Press)
When?  Contest ends at noon tomorrow (Pacific Time) October 18th.
How to enter?   Leave a comment before tomorrow’s deadline on this blog entry, and we’ll pick a random winner.
Who?  Addresses in Canada and the U.S. only.

Easy peas-y (peas are naturally xgfx, so that works well).


Giveaway! Artisan Vegan Cheese by Miyoko Schinner

Giveaway! Artisan Vegan Cheese by Miyoko Schinner

Winner!  Beth from Whiny Vegans, who said, “I’d love some vegan cheese with my whine!”


This book is hot like gooey melted havarti, and the internet is abuzz talking about it (of course we are, vegans always talk about cheese).  Lucky for you ‘cuz The Book Publishing Company has offered to giveaway a free copy to one of you lucky, lucky people.

This book has pretty much changed my life in the cheese missing department.

I’ve spent some quality one on one time with this book, and I think it’s an absolute keeper. So far I’ve made the fresh mozzarella twice, air dried cheddar, sharp cheddar, pub cheddar, yogurt cheese, air dried gouda, cashew yogurt and the quinoa rejuvelac a few times over.

If you can afford cashews (or have a cashew sugar daddy/momma/person), like cultured food, know where to find carageenan or agar powder, are a mad scientist in the kitchen and are a very, very patient person, then this book is for you!  Or, if you’d like to read more details about this book, or are looking for a good bedtime story, I wrote an unsolicited review last month on my own patch of the Internet.

How I love thee, cheese on bread. <3

A caveat…this giveaway is open to addresses in the US  only.  Sorry to our worldwide  cheese craving neighbors, but y’all know shipping is expensive and times, they’re tough.

For a chance to win, simply leave a cheesy comment on this post before Sunday, October 14th 9PM Pacific time, and I’ll pick a random comment on Sunday evening.  

ETA:  Please make sure you leave a way to get in contact with you.  I’m noticing a lot of the comments don’t link anywhere, and my Vegan GPS locator is in the shop!


Lookie Here–Deadline Loomin’!

Lookie Here–Deadline Loomin’!

Hi Folks!

Just to clarify, anyone can submit until Midnight PST today for MoFo 2012.  The form is still open and accepting information.  The blog list on Katie’s previous post was offered, because we’re overwhelmed with requests to check to see if specific blogs were entered correctly.  We made the list about an hour ago, so if you’ve submitted your blog to MoFo since then, you won’t be on the list.  Please be rest assured we received your information.

I present to you a cute dog to soothe your nerves.

The final list with links, as well as reader bundles will be available in a few days.  I know everyone is excited, but please be patient and remember it’s just a few volunteers who are pulling this all together.  Thank you, we love you all.

Take good care,

Chewy, Cheeky, Chesty Chia.

Chewy, Cheeky, Chesty Chia.

Are you surfin’ the chia wave yet?  I know lots of folks have been chewing on chia for years, but I only recently had my first chia pudding.  I dug it.  My lateness to the chia game is crazy, because I’m a big fan of wobbly, chewy things–especially in my beverages.  I am one of the biggest bubble tea cheerleaders, ever.  In the world.

Chia and tapioca shouldn’t really be compared, though.  They’re very different animals.  Or at least, my comparisons shouldn’t be taken too seriously…Boba/tapioca reminds me of candy and desserts, squishy boobs and the age-old adage, “CHEW BEFORE SWALLOW!” Chia, on the other hand is a much smaller and delicate choking concern and more reminiscent of frog eggs than breasts.  I’m not alone in this sentiment either, just read Vegtastic Voyage‘s hilarious experience with her first “chia in kombucha.”  Her story is replete with frog egg pictures, which I’ll be kind enough to leave off of my message today.

Chia is also an insane nutrition power-donkey, and if you get bored with eating it, you can spread it on objects around your house and grow it for novelty!  I wish bubble tea had the same virtues.

From left to rightL Raspberry Passion, Cranberry Lemonade, Cherry Lime and Blackberry Hibiscus

The generous folks at Mamma Chia heard about my recent chia conversion and were nice enough to send me coupons to try each of their four flavors.  These classy drinks are filled with organic juice, organic chia and a little bit of agave.  They’re super-healthy, refreshing, have a bit of protein (4g per serving), omega-3s, and they’re fun to eat or drink (you can’t really drink a beverage you need to chew, and you can’t really eat a drink–so that’s confusing).  After sampling each of these very scientifically in my test kitchen, my favorite flavor, far and away, was Cherry Lime.  It’s tastes like cherry jello and required considerable restraint from me and my lab partner  to keep from adding vodka straight into the bottle.

Mamma Chia wants to spread their chewy, healthy love with you, too. Today we’ll pick three winners;  each of you will win a coupon for a free bottle of Mamma Chia (you pick the flavor), plus another coupon for a buck off of two bottles.

To win, just comment with your best chia alliteration, write about your general love of chia, or if you have any experience incorporating chia with booze, tell me about that.  Winners will be chosen at midnight tonight–East Coast time, so that’s 9PM for you lefties.

The winners are alliteraters Emily comment #18, Candice comment #39 and Beth comment #51.  Please email veganmofoblog at gmail dot com and send us your addresses!

xo kittee

Louise Hagler's Blissy Coconut Dream

Louise Hagler's Blissy Coconut Dream

Here’s the scene, it’s 1990, you’ve just gone vegan, no one has ever heard of seitan and Isa Chandra is nowhere to be seen–you’re all alone, tits, and you’re drowning in nutritional yeast.

I’m guessin’ you’ve figured out  this story is about me, right?  Call it my vegan destiny, but the NFS where I worked sold The New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook, and when I laid my hands on it–whoosh zoom zimmy pow–a porthole to veganism suddenly ripped through my galaxy and handed me a whole new repertoire of vegan comfort food:  pancakes, yogurt, grilled cheeze, biscuits, banana bread, chili, spaghetti meatballs and cheezy crackers!  Seriously, without this vegan bible, co-authored by Louise Hagler, and her equally amazing Tofu Cookery, being and staying vegan would have been much, much harder.  I know I’m not the only one that loves Louise Hagler, either.

Twenty years later, and I still crush on this book.  It’s that good.  That’s why I’m so thrilled and delighted at the opportunity to interview Louise Hagler.  Are you with me?  Getting excited?

Thanks to Luna & Larry, not only can you help me come up with some amazing questions to ask her, but you can eat delicious Coconut Bliss ice cream at the same time.  I’m not kidding, I have 2o Coconut Bliss kits ready to ship out, each kit contains two pints of ice cream and a re-usable bag to carry them on your next vegan adventure.  Here’s where you come in, comment on this post with your most awesome questions for Louise, and I will pick my 20 favorite, who will all win cool, creamy, blissy, heavenly, coconutty pints of yum.  I’m giving you until Monday to comment and then it’s all over.  I can’t promise the interview will get published during MoFo, but I’m gonna try–I’m not about to rush the lady who figured out that freezing tofu makes it chewy and neither should you.

Cook on my vegan bubs,

xo kittee
Can you please re-tweet, cross-post, and basically pom-pom this entry to death, so we get lots of good MoFo participation for this interview?

P.P.S.  The ice cream offer is only open to those MoFies in the United States or Canada, but you could win for your favorite blog or something!

2010 Blog Reader Options for the Brainy or Obsessed.

2010 Blog Reader Options for the Brainy or Obsessed.

Our super excellent friend and fellow MoFie, pickledtreats,  worked all night to bring us awesome ways to read all of these blogs–we ended up smashin’ 700 yesterday!  Besides the normal “click ‘n’ read” we’re offering two ways for you to access this year’s VeganMoFo blogs.

The first is for Google Reader users. If you have Google Reader you can subscribe to all of the blogs in one click! Below is a link to the Google Reader bundle that contains a “subscribe” to all feeds button. This will take you to your Google Reader page (you may have to log in) where you can choose to subscribe to all of these feeds at once, which will be created in a separate folder in your subscriptions.

Click Here for Google Reader Bundle Link

The second option is a little more technical, but this is for you if you use a feed reader other than Google Reader. Don’t worry – it’s not scary! Most feed readers have the option of importing blog feeds, but they need to be in what’s called an OPML file. We have included a link to an OPML file of the VeganMoFo blogs. Clicking the link will download this file onto your computer – or you can right-click it and select “save link as” and name it what you like. You now have a .xml file of the mofo blogs – probably in your downloads folder. Go to your reader of choice and follow its instructions for importing blogs. It should ask you to select a file…that’s the VeganMoFo file you saved! There are a lot of blogs, so it may take your reader a few minutes to import them all.There are a lot of blogs, so it may take your reader a few minutes to import them all.

Click Here for .OPML File Link

See ya!

xo kittee

The Ghost of MoFo Yet to Come.

The Ghost of MoFo Yet to Come.

I just ate a nice handful of roasted hazelnuts mixed with white chocolate chips, so it’s most likely them talkin’, but I thought y’all might like a peeksy into The MoFo That is to Come. Also, did you know our numbers are above 456? It’s uh-uh-mazing, we might even crash the internet with all of our sweet potato, pecan pie, veganizing wizardry that is about to bubble over. Here are some trick or treat tidbits for ya, since it’s best to be prepared for the unknown, lest it sneaks up on you and smacks you in the behind [insert secret handshake here].

Your eyes shall bedazzle when you see how international we have become;   Ze MoFo World includes:  Spain, South Africa, Australia, UK, Austria, Canada, Germany, Poland, South Korea, Mexico, Belgium, The Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, Philippines, Japan, France, Egypt, Denmark, French West Indies, Israel and even West Virginia!  (Please let me know if I made any gaping holes. )  Also,  MoFo won’t be broadcast in English alone, oh-no-no-no, it shall come through in German, Czech, Vietnamese, Polish, German, Russian, Portuguese, French, Arabic and even  Gluten-Freeize (thank you so much for not making me link to all of those–the gluten-freeize would be particularly challenging).

Here’s a beauty of a picture I stole from the super creative to the max River, from Wing-It Vegan— to make my post look good, obs.  And also, her quinoa is seriously scaring me to death with its nutrient denseness hangin’ out like that.

There is gonna be so much creative stuff going on that it hurts my brain to think about, and we even have Milkweed who will be drawing MoFo in comics–I will repeat and bold for those of you, who I know are skimming.  MILKWEED IS DRAWING ALL RECIPES ALL THE TIME IN COMICS.  I bet you already know Mofies can cook, but do you know they can really seriously cook–like really bang it out with publishers and test kitchens and everything?  Besides our super lovely Isa, we also have a slew of other vegan cookbook authors participating including Julie Hasson, Joni Marie Newman, Bryanna Clark Grogan, Louise Hagler (did I just type that outloud??!), Melisser Elliott, Joanna Vaught, Tamasin Noyes, Kelly Peloza, Alicia Simpson, Kris Holechek, Carla Kelly, Taymer Mason and probably more–but really with a count that high, who can keep track of the awesomeness?

This post made my bedazzled eyes bleed and my over taxed brain swell with encephalitis juice, thanks to your need for gossip and info-mation.  Plus, Isa is distracting me with her tempting tofu ball talk, when all I have to eat is leftover lentil-potato-spinach pottage.  Actually, that should be a tshirt, huh?  Isa went to Vegan MoFo, and all I got was leftover lentil pottage.

See ya around the block, bubs.

xo kittee

Vegan MoFo Blog Roll 2010

Vegan MoFo Blog Roll 2010

ETA: We currently have 324 blogs signed up to MoFo with us in November. The list below is partial and will be updated in it’s entirety on November 3rd (right after the deadline passes).

Here’s the Vegan MoFo IV Blog Roll as of 10.15.10 (241 blogs and counting–this list will be alphabetized and beautiful as soon as everyone is signed up).  So Far, Mofies are participating from Spain, South Africa, UK, Germany, Austria, Australia, Poland, Korea, Mexico, Belgium, The Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, USA and Canada.
A is for Artichoke

A is for Artichoke


As bad as it looks has a lovely shot of red callaloo.  Too bad there’s no such thing as red spinach.  Someone please let me know if it does exist, I’d love to rock some purplish saag.


In a Gadda da Vegan (who might just win for best vegan blog name ever) reveals a true Lebanese recipe for tabbouleh and explains why fresh parsley is not only energizing but so very healthy.


Herding Cats is working the Fall weather by stuffing chili into hollowed out pumpkins and chasing it with cheezy macaroni.


Disposable Aardvarks Inc., might just be the new Wing it Vegan with very inspiring and awesome scary Halloween bentos.

Beware!  This olive spider is about to make off with all your couscous!!


Eating with the Rabbits reminds us what Summer is like with raspberry vanilla cupcakes topped with coconut creme.  Cream or Creme?


Full of Beans gives it up for peanut butter. Actually, let’s all take a minute and hold hands in group appreciation.

Green Smoothie

Grow Peace shares a pesto dish made with home grown purple pesto!


Hugger Food has been packing expert lunches full of nutrient dense food such as quinoa and ruby red grapefruits.  I want that.


The I-40 Kitchen has been rockin’ the MoFo nonstop.  Recent highlights include tasty smoked yeast and desserts for The Dead.


Just the Food, tries to make me less cranky with XgfX chocolate chip cookies made with coconut flour!  Coconut flour sounds much tastier than the garbanzofava recipes I know about.


Kellybot ruminates over what to make for Thanksgiving.  Go help ‘er out!


Over at Lisasthoughts, they’re doing it right with warm pumpkin donut holes and steamy hot beverages.


Oh my!  Madcap Cupcake has gone mad with a layer cake; sweetened with maple syrup and iced to perfection.  Seriously, the pictures are eye-ball poppin’.  Go have a looks-y at the others.


Not Just Greens has gorgeous photos of chili topped spaghetti.  I really want this right now, even though I just had two slices of pretty good pizza.


October Vegan is collecting mac ‘n’ cheeze recipes.  Got any to share?


Get on over to P.H.D. Delicious ‘cuz there’s crazy stuff going on over there with Dandies, chocolate and peanut butter.


Don’t know what to do with kohlrabiRecipe for Water gives us a recipe plus inside and outside shots, just in case you don’t know what one looks like.


Mollyjade from Scratch and Sniff offers a review of yet another new vegan cookbook, Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Food.  Check out her post to spy a cute pod o’ okra.


The Green Bite has all sorts of yummy treats going on, but I can’t help but be distracted by the birthday cheesecake, all decked out on top of an oatmeal crust!


How the hell have I missed Urban Girl Scout Cooking all month??  Seriously, there is crazy stuff happening over there like banana splits and microwaved date/peanut butter sundaes.  Seriously, just up my alley, I need a week to catch up.


Jeannette’s giveaway over at Vessels and Wares is so awesome that it deserves as much  MoFo Headquarters attention as possible.  Get over to her blog and win a handmade MoFo mug, she’s gifting a few of ’em.


Whole Food Vegan made me do a double take with pictures of their Dr. Cow’s aged cashew cheese.  The most cheese looking non cheese I have ever laid my eyes upon.

Tofu Xpress

I have no idea what’s happening over at xbeepsx, ‘cuz I  am far  too distracted by whatever is topped upon their holiday pumpkin pie.  Whatisititlookssogood!



Yo Soy hits a paneer free saag with lots of love and some tomatoes.  A blog after my own heart…


Finally, Zoey’s Kitchen is so overwhelmed with all the Autumn squash, they’ve taken to feeding it to their cat.  Since the cat won’t eat it, Mr. Zoey took over and now all is well.

xo kittee