Banners and answering a few questions!

Banners and answering a few questions!

Remember that the deadline to sign up is today! Spread the word as we always have a handful of people who miss the deadline!

(Also you can now follow us on instagram @VeganMoFo, tag your relevant photos with #veganmofo so we can reshare them!)

Finally, here are some banners – you may notice that they are just ones from last year with the year changed. The person who did all of the graphics last year is very sick and so we couldn’t even get the original files from her to easily edit or ask what the font is, so I just had to try and match as best as I could and some of them couldn’t be changed without looking very, very bad. I’m sorry there aren’t more, but if you want to make your own banner the hex code for the orange is #cc6633.

And now some questions that we keep getting asked! Well, mostly this one:

I didn’t get a confirmation email/how do I know my form went through?

If you didn’t get a confirmation email, don’t worry, there is none! The form you fill out simply dumps the information into a google spreadsheet, we don’t even get notified when someone fills it out. And since we don’t require emails, we don’t have an easy way to contact most people.

We started the main blog roll page early so people can check for themselves, it was done on Monday afternoon so if you signed up after that, don’t freak out. We will update it again before we make the bundles, so if you don’t see your blog you will have time to squeeze in. But if you submitted the form and had no issues with the page timing out, there is only about a 0.00000000000001% chance that we did not get your form.

Similarly, some people seem to think that the form is an application to get in. VeganMoFo is a house party, not a club! Everyone who wants to, plays.

We forgot to specify when we updated the FAQ and form this year, but: VeganMoFo means no honey. We’re not interested in sparking a huge debate, but we did get quite a few emails last year complaining about the use of honey. Even if you’re vegan and have no problem eating honey, please keep in mind that a lot of people don’t see it any different than eating things like gelatin or carmine. We are not trying to play Vegan Police or pass judgement of any sort – we are simply responding to an issue that has been pointed out to us.

Finally, if you have any last minute questions don’t hesitate to ask!

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