Bob’s Red Mill Sunday Giveaway

Bob’s Red Mill Sunday Giveaway

The Giveaway has ended, congratulations to the winners  Becca (Waffles!!), Alec (Seitan Rubens! Great for Sunday night dinner during the game), Rachel (pancakes pancakes pancakes!!!), and Nobody (my favorite it a walnut lentil loaf with some roasted potatoes. YUM! )

Doughnuts, Pie, Biscuits and Gravy, Banana Bread, Cinnamon Rolls
Almost everything good starts with flour. People always say vegan diets must be so difficult. For me, ethics and environmental concerns aside, I can’t imagine anything more limited than being on the paleo plan. I’ll enjoy my poppyseed bagel, thanks, and don’t forget the Thanksgiving stuffing or Chicago style deep dish pizza

When I first started making homemade seitan I couldn’t get it right until someone told me to check out Bob’s Red Mill brand Vital Wheat Gluten. It truly made the difference, now I am completely free of any sausage making fear.

Bob’s Red Mill also has some of the best gluten free flours on the market. I know their all-purpose blend is the most popular one out there. Buying all those different flours can be expensive though, so I am sure you are all going to be stoked that Bob’s is giving away four 25 dollar giftcards! And they love you all so much that they are even going to pay for international shipping so today’s giveaway is open to anyone with an address!

To win just tell me what your favorite Sunday dish is. It can be anything from a long simmered seitan roast to a pumpkin pie, just make sure it includes some sort of grain or flour. Let me know in the comments by 11pm CST tonight and I will pick the winners then. Make sure you leave an email address that you check!

145 thoughts on “Bob’s Red Mill Sunday Giveaway

  1. The chicken-style seitan from Vegan Diner with mashed potatoes, gravy, and cauliflower would be pretty darned perfect for a Sunday dinner!

  2. Love to make a tofu scramble packed with veggies and served with a spicy seitan and pumpkin pancakes to wrap it all up in!

  3. waffles smothered in sunbutter, agave and coconut oil sauce with sliced bananas YUMMMMMMMYYYY!!!! Bob’s Red Mill flours are amazing I use them weekly also great thickening agents, cornmeal, oatmeal etc !!

  4. I’m addicted to Vegan Brunch’s Spelt, Blueberry & Ginger muffins. I’d never baked with spelt until then – amazing!

  5. Seitan pot pie (from Vegan Diner) in the slow cooker! Chuck it all in around lunchtime and have an awesome dinner a few hours later.

  6. Pancakes from “Vegan with a Vengeance” are my absolute favorite for sunday morning. With some maple sirup it’s absolutely delicious. Since a few weeks I have to avoid wheat, rye and spelt and the gluten free flour mixes save my life.

  7. My favorite Sunday dish is probably a big pot of hearty stew (with barley) that I can eat leftovers of for the rest of the week. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  8. Bob’s Red Mill Vegi Soup Mix made with onions, carrots, celery, and garlic. Seeded flatbreads on the side. YUM!

  9. I usually make my seitan on Sundays (but I do it the easy way with vital wheat gluten flour). Sometimes I make ‘french toast’ on Sundays also, using chickpea flour so it’ll fry up like the real deal.

  10. It’s gotta be something I can eat in my warm bed while watching the animated Fox line-up. A spicy bbq sammich and baked potato wedges, maybe?

  11. Chili and cinnamon rolls! I know it’s an odd combo, but my parents grew up in Kansas and it turns out that it’s standard cafeteria fare there. My mom used to make it all the time, especially near Halloween; it was our family’s traditional Halloween dish. Of course nowadays I veganize the cinnamon rolls and just go extra heavy on the beans in the chili (I use black beans, pinto, lima, and garbanzo). Sometimes I’ll even make it a little fancier and make pumpkin cinnamon rolls topped with raisins and walnuts. It’s wonderful Sunday dinner comfort food!

  12. I think my favourite Sunday food would have to be vegan pancakes! I made some today. They’re especially good when you use vanilla almond milk. 🙂

  13. A gluten-free pot pie, full of delicious root vegetables and beans. The Bob’s all purpose gluten-free flour is what I use for the crust!

  14. Still the same thing I loved every Sunday as a kid…a big bowl of rigatoni with tomato and garlic sauce that’s been simmering on the stove all afternoon. I’ll always love that smell. 🙂

  15. Brunch south western style : ) grits topped with home made VWG charrizo, and tofu scrabble, crowned with some freshly made pico de gallo! Made this this morning after rolling out of bed at 10:30 ; ) thank goodness for Bob’s <3

  16. My favorite Sunday dish is a nice Kentucky Fried Seitan patty made from Bob’s VWG of course paired with mashed potatoes and garlicy greens. Mmmmm!

  17. Pancakes and muffins and scones, oh my! Sundays are for pancake breakfasts and baking for the upcoming week. I still have yet to tackle homemade seitan, but I have a box of Bob’s wheat gluten in the pantry that’s ready for me. 🙂

  18. fresh cinnamon rolls….fruit crumble with an almond meal and rolled oats topping…tofu scramble with fresh bread… out of the oven foccacia

  19. My usual Sunday meal is a triple batch of pressure cooker seitan which I then convert into assorted meals throughout the week. Today’s delicious Sunday Special Husband’s Birthday Dinner, served UK style in the afternoon, was seitan piccata from Candle Cafe Cookbook, locally grown organic potatoes mashed and a raw kale salad followed up by Wildflower Vegan ( Chocolate Coffee cupcakes. Of course, the meal would have been more relaxing if two small vegan toddlers did not spend the entire meal throwing food and crying.

  20. Bobs Red Mill Creamy Buckwheat hot cereal (topped with maple syrup and fruit) EVERY morning for breakfast, lately with pumpkin and cinnamon mixed in!

  21. My mouth is watering from all of the suggestions! My family’s favorite has to be homemade chocolate-chip banana bread. The kids love it and don’t even realize that it’s good for them! Bob’s gluten free flour means I can eat it, too!

  22. I like pancakes or waffles made from scratch. I like being able to use different flours and flavors. I especially like the big Belgian style waffles.

  23. I tend to eat a lot of bread products on Sundays, usually something extravagant like pancakes for breakfast and then (especially this time of year) soup with homemade crusty bread to dip into it. I have lentil/squash soup going on the stove right now (to be topped with wilted greens before eating).

  24. My favourite Sunday food would have to be a seitan roast, preferably covered in pastry like the Seitan en Croute from 500 Vegan Recipes.

  25. I love to make a good hearty breakfast on the weekends since I never have time to do so during the week: biscuits and gravy, tofu scramble, roasted potatoes, waffles, scones, muffins–all good!

  26. my baking cannot be completed without bob’s!

    my favorite Sunday dish would be homemade bagels, salad sprinkled with flax seeds, plus some cake or cookies using bob’s chickpea flour.

  27. One of my favorite Sunday dishes is tofu scramble with potatoes, onions, green & hot peppers and lots of nutritional yeast, with a toasted everything bagel (that I get from a local baker) & tofutti cream cheese 🙂

    jerseygirl1351at aoldotcom

  28. Sunday am or holidays – Mom’s Pancakes (which some blueberries), and a kick but smoothies..or Cinammon rolls. (I love warmy gooey cinammm rolls!)

  29. Sunday is doughnut date day. The kids and I make doughnuts or sometimes muffins together then we eat them with lovely cold soy milk and tea for me!

  30. Definitely pancakes from Vegan Brunch/Vegan With A Vengeance — you can’t go wrong with the cinnamon-y goodness plus maple syrup!

  31. Oh definitely something brunch-related. It’s pretty damn difficult to choose one dish but I think I am going to go with…vegan bacon egg and cheese biscuits. I could eat these every meal of the day and be happy! EAT YOUR HEART OUT, MCDONALD’S!

  32. My favorite sunday meal is naughty, I make homemade fried seitan w/gravy and with stir fry veggies. Not the healthiest, but I love it!

  33. I love multi-bean chili cooking in a slow cooker on a Sunday. Gives you something to look forward to that evening! We put ours on rice or quinoa, just because we like it that way.
    Thank you SO much for opening a contest to Canada – yay!!!!!!
    P.S. Just bought some Bob’s nutritional yeast recently, when making a tofu roast (had no idea he made that too!). It kicks Bulk Barn’s nutritional yeast’s butt 😉

  34. My new favorite Sunday dish is biscuits and gravy. I use the recipes from Julie Hasson’s book ‘Vegan Diner.’ Perfection!!!!

  35. I like to make the peanut butter blondies from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar. I always have a little more time on Sundays to bake. 🙂

  36. I’m not gonna lie…that cinnamon roll up there looked TO DIE FOR. I am going to have to go with cinnamon rolls on Sunday!!

  37. Sunday for me is waking up to my freshly baked gluten free loaf of bread! Or if I’ve been lazy, it’s pancake day! ( Sometimes I’m lazy on purpose…)

  38. Definitely would be something I don’t have time to make during the week…perhaps a slow-roasted ratatouille. Usually, though, I make food for the week – so soups, legume dishes, etc. – and bake something for my coworkers … apple cake this week!

  39. Sunday’s a perfect bread-baking day! Lately I’m on a kick making oatmeal sandwich bread with a tiny hint of molasses…

  40. I’m a big fan of delicata squash bisque and homemade bread for Sunday night dinners. I suppose a green salad on the side would be nice too 🙂

  41. I truly enjoy freshly baked homemade rustic Italian bread with homemade pasta noodles to make lasagne. Homemade sauce, kale and broccoli, with a homemade tofu ricotta, a vegan bechamel spiced with nutmeg. A lovely salad. If not using homemade fresh pasta then polenta would work. That is a wonderful Sunday meal. Yum!

  42. tofu scramble w/ pumpkin pancakes/waffles, vegan sausages, and pumpkin/sweet potato hash!

    helllllllaaaaa delicious, cruelty free, and no cholesterol to clog your
    arteries like their meat counter parts.

    damn i want this right now! (=

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