Caturday Mofoisms

Caturday Mofoisms

Hi Mofoers! I am super stoked to be reading all of your creative and delicious content! Really, I am beyond impressed and inspired by your commitment and ideas, and I thank you all for taking me away from work for many blissful moments just burying myself in vegan food. So today was Caturday, and my cats woke me up at 4am to angrily meow in my face because they knew I might have missed a roundup/they wanted Fancy Feast. First off, are you reading this on Sunday morning? Do you need a hangover cure? Fortunately, Joni has you covered with a Bloody Mary to cure all that ails you.















Admittedly, my eyes glazed over the burgers and went straight to the decadent world of avocado fries. The author lives in Dublin (jealous!) and has the best blog name ever. Please make some avocado fries. It’s for the animals. iheartcrapkitchen You Americans with your fancy cheese! I am not alone in my privileged pout about Daiya being the only vegan cheese available in my part of Canada. Sure, it could be worse, but why can’t I try stuff like Don’t Fear the Vegan‘s Vtopian?! As a long time fan of Végan à Montréal (how else am I going to retain those years of French Immersion?), hearing Terry Hope Romero’s Viva Vegan’s Portobello Feijoada described and raved about en français has me wondering what has taken me so long to make that dish! Go ahead and call it favouritism because it is exactly that. I just can’t get enough of my pal Amey’s words and doodles. Here she praises the book Salad Samurai, draws a samurai, and makes salads. The only way she could do one better is to show her cat Yummers eating the salads, but here, watch this asparagus video instead.   Mouthwatering Tempeh Taco Salad Bowl from Terry Hope Romero’s Salad Samurai. We should end Caturday with a dessert, no? Or better yet, a dessert camping treat that makes us forget it is September and we are still planning our June, July, and August 2014 camping trips. The lovely Lindsay at veganchai brings us s’mores bites! I know, I know, I’m sorry. I don’t have a Trader Joe’s either. But those of you that do best be making a Sunday trip to pick up some cocoa swirl! (fellow Atlantic Canadians–Pete’s, Superstore, and Costco all stock speculoos). Bye for now MoFos!

4 thoughts on “Caturday Mofoisms

  1. What a fun round-up, Gabrielle. No no no, it has nothing to do with the fact I was included!

    I had never heard of that Vtopian cheese before, but it looks pretty darn good. In Montreal, we also now have a vegan artisan cheese make : Byrdsheese. You should check her out!

    Now, I’m definitely asking for Salad Samurai for Christmas. It seems to only get rave reviews.

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