Cinnaholic Giveaway!

Cinnaholic Giveaway!

We have a winner! Becca who said:

“OMG! I’ve really been missing Cinnaholic since I moved 3,000 miles away.

The s’mores roll is calling my name.”

Thanks for playing, everyone!


The time has come, MoFo’ers. It’s the last giveaway of The Vegan Month Of Food, a bittersweet goodbye. Let’s go our separate ways and walk into the sunset with 80s alternative music playing. Wait, we can’t both walk into the sunset, or that would mean we’re not going our separate ways. I’ll walk into the sunset, and you can just watch until I’m out of sight. And to make it somewhat more bearable, why don’t you eat….a cinnamon roll! Or half a dozen cinnamon rolls since it might be a long goodbye.

Cinnaholic is an entirely vegan bakery located in Berkeley California. I was able to sample a few rolls earlier this month and they were a spiral of ooey, gooey, sweet and spicy…just about everything you’d want on a crisp fall morning. You pick your own frosting flavor and a topping, or you can go with one of their specialty rolls, like Apple Pie or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

This offer is for 6 of their original flavored cinnamon buns. But to enter the giveaway, visit the Cinnaholic website and tell us which flavor you would order if you visited the bakery!Β  A winner will be chosen tonight, probably sometime after midnight EST. You must have a US or Canada address and leave a valid email to win. Good luck, everyone, and have a safe and happy Halloween!



191 thoughts on “Cinnaholic Giveaway!

  1. Wow it would be so hard to choose, they all look amazing! I would say Chocolate chip cookie dough, or maybe pumpkin spice!!

  2. I love cinnamon rolls! I’m glad there are so many people making vegan cinnamon rolls since the yeast and the rising and the rolling is so time intensive. I’d probably order the original cinnamon roll; there’s beauty in simplicity where cinnamon rolls are concerned. But my second choice would involve almond frosting and raspberry topping.

  3. BROWNIE CHUNKS?! CHERRY!! both together!!?? oh man…it’s a good thing there’s NOT a bakery nearby me…I’d be the size of a whale…a very contented whale….

  4. Holy shitake those look amazing! I would get caramel frosting with apple topping πŸ™‚ omnomnomnom. I can’t believe the end of MoFo is here already πŸ™

  5. OMG! I’ve really been missing Cinnaholic since I moved 3,000 miles away.

    The s’mores roll is calling my name

  6. Ahh! I miss cinnaholic so much. Being in Boston is killing me, I need y bay area vegan food! I would definitely grub on a roll with hazelnut frosting, shredded coconut, and chocolate chips! I might just have to order some for my dorm room!

  7. Wow–your list is amazing!
    I am a new vegetarian, and am learning about all of the wonderful choices that really are out there.

    I’d choose the Cookie Dough and top it with caramel and coconut.

    Now I can’t wait to make a trip up there!

  8. Oh my goodness, their Oreo Explosion roll sounds amazing. Its a close call though with the Brownie Fudge chunk. They all sound so good!

  9. Original roll with root beer frosting and coconut on top says my inner child. My almost 40 year old self says an original roll with almond frosting and pomegranate seeds. They all look soooo good, I bet I gained 10 lbs just looking at the website.

  10. I would spend a lot of money: hazelnut, butter pecan, butterscotch, maple frostings; all manner of chocolate and marshmallow toppings; and one each of the specialty rolls minus banana. Okay, banana too!!

  11. I don’t want other flavors overpowering the awesome cinnamon roll experience – so I would get one (dozen) with the original “old skool” frosting

  12. My head explodes when I have too many options, so instead of picking my own frosting & toppings (it would take me 2 hours to choose between them all), I’d go with a Rocky Road specialty roll!!

  13. I would definitely go for the pumpkin spice frosting with walnuts. Traditional, I know, but it says Fall to me. I’m drooling just thinking about them!

  14. OMG there’s so many flavors and toppings to choose from! I would have to start off with a roll topped with chocolate frosting and almond and coconut toppings and another with chocolate frosting and peanut butter topping (an ode to my favorite pre-veg halloween candies almond joys and reeses). Then I would order a chocolate chip cookie dough and a s’mores roll on the side…and that would just be the beginning πŸ™‚

  15. YUM! I would definitely do Pumkin Spice with Fudge Brownie Topping, rich and festive all at the same time πŸ™‚

    1. Oh my goodness! Wishing so very much that I didnt stlmbue on your blog today! haha because those cupcakes look freakin delicious and Im a) SUPER hungry atm and b) scheduled to do the shopping after this lol. NOT a good combo methinks πŸ˜› Anyhoo your cupcakes look delish (yet again) and Im sure they taste even more lovely than they look ^_^ Hope youre weekend went by swimmingly =) Eeli xx

  16. I’d order some pina colada and some chocolate brownie.

    Cinnaholic cinnamon rolls are to die for. Were they not so far away, I’d be in there at least once a week.

  17. I have wanted to try these cinnamon cinnamon rolls for so long! I think if I went into the store I would get the butter pecan frosting with peanut butter, coconut shreds, and chocolate sauce as toppings!

  18. Smores roll with vanilla frosting and marshmallows and graham cracker topping. It would be like a Halloween bonfire to which only my mouth was invited!

  19. So hard to choose, I’d like to say one of everything!! But I will go with Butter Pecan with Brownie chunks on top.

  20. If I would order rolls with chocolate frosting and graham cracker pieces and marshmallows for my toppings!!! Mmmmm smores….

  21. I didn’t know that this website existed, these look absolutely INSANELY delicious! I would want to try almond frosting with shredded coconut first!!!

  22. Happy Halloween and Happy 1 Year Anniversary to my hubby, my vegan inspiration and best friend. I would have to get the pumpkin spice topped with marshmallows and chocolate chips to be reminiscent of my Chocolate Pumpkin Cupcakes from our wedding last year…This has been a great Vegan Mofo. Congrats everyone! Let’s continue it through the year to the next and beyond

  23. You had me at Cinnaholic! How do I get a direct feed to central Va?!?,


    Pumpkin Spice, though Caramel, Almond and Hazelnut are tempting. Alas, I truly need to marry my cinnamon obsession to my Pumpkin one, and this seems a delicious way to do so!

    Now, about that direct feed to Central Va? Seems some sort of James Bondian express tube structure would be in order…

  24. Oh my god, I think you mean what flavor wouldn’t I order – they all look so yummy! I would probably go for coffee frosting and chocolate chip toppings…or holiday spices, cause whatever those spices are they’re probably delicious. Holiday anything = the best.

  25. O.MA.GAWD. DROOL. I would desperately love to try to the s’mores roll or the rocky road roll and or every single other thing on the menu! dear lord, this makes me think that if I had to pick one food to survive off of…..maybe it would be these cinnamon rolls! How could you ever get tired with all of those combinations!

  26. I’m having the banana topping with the pina colada frosting!
    Though I have to agree with everyone who says the original is good; it is really truly good, y’all.

  27. I love Cinnaholic and went many times when I lived in Berkeley and I miss them so much now that I moved away. I would order the order the standard “old skool” frosting and then add hazelnuts and brownie chunks as toppings. Thanks for having such a great giveaway!

  28. Macadamia nut frosting, brownie chunks… oh gawd, I lost my train of thought.

    Caramel on a S’mores roll.

    Hazelnut frosting, marshmallows on mini buns.

    Aw heck, EVERYTHING.

  29. Hazelnut frosting with gingersnap cookies on top! YUUUUUMMMMMYYY! I hope I get these in honor of Halloween today!

    1. Being the cupcake coiosnnseur that I am, I have eaten MANY a cupcake in my day. And I have to say, yours were top-notch. I’ve made the rounds to Sprinkles and other little shoppes that have cropped up as of late, and with the exception of Auntie Em’s Kitchen in Eagle Rock (which, btw, is famous for their red velvet )yours have, ahem taken the proverbial cake. Please freeze the leftovers and FedEx them to my house. KTHXBAI.

  30. Whoa! So many flavors……they look amazing. I’d love to try the mocha almond specialty rolls or pumpkin spice or lemon frosting or ginger snap or brownie chunk toppings….I’d really have to think about this one πŸ™‚

  31. I’d have to take two…one original to see what they’re all about, and the other, butterscotch with chocolate chips, walnuts, and shredded cocunut (’cause how often do vegans come across butterscotch?).

  32. OMG! That is a lot of options! I would probably like the classic vanilla frosting, but chocolate frosting and banana, shredded coconut and marshmallows topping might be a great option, too.
    Elisabeth @CzechVegan czech.vegan (at)

  33. I’d go with blueberry. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for all of your superhard work during MOFO and to all the amazing incredible and helpful vegans I’ve met and admired from afar…screamingly cool bunch o’ peeps. πŸ˜‰

  34. Please!!!! I’m a starving college student. I made my grandma take me to Berkeley when the rolls were a $1! I’d get a roll with hazelenut frosting, graham crackers, and oreo!!!!!

  35. I’d love to try the peanut butter and jelly roll! I already know how much I love the hazelnut and maple frostings!

  36. I’d go with just the plain old vanilla frosting.

    Oh, wait, j/k.

    Maple frosting with chocolate sauce and walnuts would be the real way to go.

  37. I would love to have either maple frosting with graham crackers OR pumpkin spice frosting with ginger snaps!!!

  38. I have to choose? That’s no fun!
    I’d love to try them all. But since you said I have to pick a flavor I’m all for the Chocolate Chip cookie dough. I must try to create my own.

  39. oooo man! i crave these yummy vegan rolls almost everyday. The next time I visit im gunna order the pumpkin spice frosting with apples on top & then…the apple pie to go..;) im hungry. cinnaholic for life these rolls could turn anyone vegan!

  40. My favorite combination that I’ve had so far is blackberry frosting with fresh blackberries on top. It’s an absolutely delicious combination. Sweet, gooey, and fresh all at the same time.

  41. I would kill for orange flavored ones. I can’t help but miss pilsbury’s orange rolls and vegan versions sound even more appetizing!

  42. Can everyone that’s done mofo this year all meet up in a vegan 5 star hotel with water views and be pampered with delicious massages & food cos then this Aussie can get to try ALL the cupcakes and goodies you have over there!

    Savannah xox

  43. I think i would get real crazy with it. maybe…hazelnut frosting, with marshmallows and cookie crumbles as a topping! sounds so good!!!!

  44. Coffee with almonds, walnuts, marshmallows, and chocolate drizzle! Um, if I leave now I can be there under 2 hours! What a perfect dessert!!! πŸ™‚

  45. oh mon dieu. i’m the worst decision maker ever so if i ever make it in person to the shop i would likely spend 20 minutes drooling over the menu and then go with the classic. or maybe i’d stick with my canuck roots and go wild for the maple. mmmmmaple…..

  46. I’m in love with this place! One of the reasons I moved here..seriously! I’m originally from philly. I’d prob go with the roll I had last time( a week ago) that almost made my flesh valve explode..Pumpkin Frosting, Shredded Coconut, Holiday Spice, and a tad of some Gingersnaps… With ISA on top..or the roll on top of her….though that may be geared more towards a Yule gift… q :

  47. Oh man. They all sound AMAZING.. but I’d definitely have to go with either the maple (with walnuts!), or the peanut butter with chocolate chunks. Mmmm.

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