Friday Round up – I spy with my little eye

Friday Round up – I spy with my little eye

Gosh, it doesn’t seem possible that this is my last MoFo 2011 round up, where did the time go? Oh yeah, checking out all the awesome MoFo’ers that’s where!
This year has been so much fun, as all MoFo’s are. I’ve loved discoverng new bloggers, reacquainting myself with old bloggers and sharing a cup of chai with regular blogging buddies.
Here’s some of my favourite MoFo’ing that I spied today.

First up is this lovely little tidbit of wisdom from Janet over at The Taste Space

vegan food does not need to be a recreation of something dairy or meat-laden. It can just be. Wonderful, in all its glory. Nameless.

I really like that.
She also made these AWESOME Besan Chillas. Mmmm YUM!
I like those too.

Besan Chillas

Let’s talk about BALLS!
Lisa’s balls to be precise.
Her balls are what grabbed my attention first, but this little quote made me chuckle too;

“There is nothing more Australian than spending time in someone else’s country”~ Anonymous

I LOVE this quote so much because it’s so true, whenever I have travelled there is always, guaranteed, either a group of Australians or a lone Australian, they’s some hardcore travellers so they are.
And some of my best friends are Australian who I never would have met had they not loved travelling so much so I’m glad they do.
Anyway back to Lisa’s balls.

Raw mango, date, and sunflower tropical energy balls

This basic agave-sweetened spice cake, with a layer of pears on the bottom, top, and sides over at Bite me (I’m vegan) might be basic but it looks blinking AMAZING and I’m loving the spice combo.

Spiced Pear Cake

Moira really impressed me with her bread baking over at An Auckland Vegan. Not only is this so gorgeous looking I can almost smell it, but it only took 5 mins to prepare (plus rise time and bake time, but even so!).

Five minute bread

Vegan Angela’s been at it again, Raw Pumpkin Cheesecake anyone??
Awesome picture tutorial as well.

Raw Pumpkin Cheesecake

And finally let’s say hello to this cheeseburger from The Compassionate Cook.


Hasta pronto guapos


7 thoughts on “Friday Round up – I spy with my little eye

  1. I can’t believe MoFo is almost over. It has been an incredible month. Thank you for including my post in your round-up. I’m hoping that the Australians are as good as hosting as they are at traveling. Cheers!

  2. I didn’t look to see whose round up this was at first but the moment I saw “Let’s talk about balls!” I *knew* it had to be Jeni. haha. Thanks for the good laugh, funny girl 🙂

  3. I’ve really enjoyed it too and dare I say, I think my food photography is improving! Took my first picture of steaming hot food today! Right off to bed now to think about oats and carrots!

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