Giveaway – Go Max Go

Giveaway – Go Max Go

Winners! Check your email.

Ashley: Today my son, who just turned 1 year on Oct. 3, cheered me up by taking his first steps (actually he took about 10 steps all by himself)! I love my little vegan man and his new frankenstein walk!
Krista: My families dog had to be put down recently and our friends cheered us up by giving us cards, flowers, hugs, prayers, etc to help us through the hard time. It was really special πŸ™‚

I love my chocolate, this is no secret. And I like super fancy, fair trade, 70% cacao as much as the next girl, but sometimes you want a candy bar. Caramel, nougat, all that good stuff. That’s where Go Max Go comes in!

Not only does Go Max Go make awesome candy bars, but they are a really giving company. Early this year, my dog slid down our steps and dislocated his hip, which eventually required surgery. I mentioned it in the comments of one of their facebook posts and they asked me to email them, and when I did they asked for my address and sent me a huge package of candy bars and well wishes for my dog (who is now all better). If you’ve ever read the story behind their company name, their generosity isn’t that much of a surprise (but totally awesome).

I’m sure you’ve heard about their new bar that’s coming out next month, it’s a lot like a candy bar that rhymes with ‘sputter linger’ and it’s called Thumbs Up. They don’t have a final product photo yet, so we’ll have to make do with this prototype instagram photo:

Today Go Max Go is offering to send two lucky winners a full set of their current bars – 6 each! Simply comment here and tell us something someone recently did that cheered you up (or how you cheered someone up). US only, the winners will be drawn tomorrow at noon CST.

155 thoughts on “Giveaway – Go Max Go

  1. My kids always cheer me up by making me laugh. My daughter was explaining something she saw this afternoon that included a lady getting an infant carrier out of her car. She explained that the lady took out a “baby in err… one of those whatchacallits… you know, a to-go box.” I laughed my booty off over that one!

  2. I spent Saturday morning at an orchard with friends. We picked Honeycrisp apples, took photos, and had a Snickerdoodle breakfast picnic. What could be cheerier? (Maybe the same day but with candy bars?!)

  3. My best friend spontaneously decided to plan a road trip with me this month to Dallas Veggie Fest (8 hours away) because we both deserve a fun, vegan getaway. And she knew I’d love to blog about it for VeganMofo πŸ˜‰

  4. My favorite thing that someone did to cheer me up lately was to drive half an hour away to buy me Starbucks because I had a headache. My sister can really be sweet sometimes.

  5. We are a family of five without a vehicle, and rely heavily on strollers and those bike trailers that hold two children. Our bike trailer was stolen, and we have very little money. I posted a picture all over our local facebook groups about the stolen bike to see if anybody could help us locate it, and all of the wonderful ladies in our local garage sale group offered to pitch in money for a new (previously owned) bike trailer!

    It was not necessary, I was able to trade some baby clothes with a lady I know for a bike trailer. The next time we went to buckle up the kids though, we saw that somebody had punctured the tires! I was very upset, but still touched by the sense of community that others had shown.

    The next day somebody out of town heard about what had happened and offered to donate to us a bike trailer that they were trying to sell. It all worked out, and I have hope for humanity again. Despite all the bad things in our city, there are still wonderful and caring souls.

  6. I love where I work, we always collecting clothes, toiletries and canned goods for the Homeless Veterans Clinic…we always deliver our goods and stick around to help serve lunch or dinner. I’m pretty sure it’s very selfish on my part, since I love the feeling I have when we’re done.

  7. Go Max bar are the best! I’m in the UK so I can’t enter this competition but I have tried their Jokerz, Mahalo and Twilight bars and they flippin well rock I can tell you! Good luck you lucky folk in the US!

  8. A friend met me out for dinner and a glass of wine. When I was feeling down, she was there to listen and lend advice.

  9. We were both having crappy days Saturday so my friend, Skye, and I spent the evening watching old and terrible horror movies and eating popcorn!

  10. I just went to a high school reunion this weekend. A lot of people said I “looked the same!” They may have been liars, but it still made me feel good (I attribute it to the awesome powers of a vegan diet!).

  11. I cheer people up and myself daily with my bold positive advice, there is ALWAYS a positive in everything no matter how horrible it may seem. The hardest part about any situation in life is sometimes finding the positive in what may seem like the worst thing ever. So cheer up everyone cuz life is amazing and everday is worth living, and it only gets better and better. Peace love and happiness~always. ?

  12. I made vegan pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and sent them to my best friend 500 miles away to make him smile.

  13. Oh. My. God. “Sputter Linger” used to be my absolute favorite candy bar in the world – I can’t wait to try these! When I’m feeling sad, my 2 year old gets right up in my face and says “tiss!” (kiss) and then kisses me and says “happy!”. It never fails to cheer me up!

  14. Today I was riding my bike around the river bike paths, and all the leaves were fluttering around, and it was sunny and warm, and I smiled at every person I passed and most smiled back. Smiling is somewhat contagious.

  15. I was having a bad day at work recently and I told my boyfriend about it over the phone on my break. About an hour later he showed up with a rose, a kombucha, and a bar of chocolate, and I thought it was the sweetest thing and I had a much better day thanks to him.

  16. I was having a bad day earlier this week and a colleague, whom I do not know very well, came up, hugged me and shared a similar situation of her own that had turned out well. It really helped!

  17. a facebook friend (she’s actually the girlfriend of my college boyfriend from 25 years ago) just went through the loss of their dog. it was a hard couple months and i exchanged many messages with her when she was having particularly hard days. i just got this response from her yesterday when i asked how she was doing “Ok. All your advice over the last several weeks was beyond helpful. I am still thinking about the meaning of some things you said. Super wise and kind.” her comment made me feel good and cheered ME up on a bad day. joanne

  18. I was feeling really down last week and a friend sent me a message telling me how important I am to him. That really meant a lot to me and cheered me up!

  19. I was sick last week – I mean really sick! I had a virus and then an allergic reaction to a medication right on top of each other. I had fever, terrible body aches and a rash all over. I was feeling quite down about it all after several days in bed. I rarely get sick and was feeling a bit sorry for myself. My very compassionate son would ask me often how I was felling and drew me a beautiful picture about loving me. It did a world of good!

  20. I watched a video of several big “tough guy” men help a baby great white shark that had stranded. They not only went to the youngsters aid, they carefully held him or her into the waves to reoxygenate and watched out until the little one was able to swim off. That cheered me up beyond belief….guys who I would have pegged to torment or at least laugh at the hapless creatures fate making sure he got back home safely…well, I just love being wrong about people! πŸ™‚

  21. I was really sick recently but was still trying to attend all of my classes and get my work in on time (a lot easier than falling behind and trying to catch back up), and still working at my job. My friend knew how hard I’ve been trying to work while sick so throughout the day, at random times, would send me pictures on my phone of adorable baby animals to cheer me up all day. I loved it!

  22. Well, today I cheered myself up by meditating out in the forest with the filtering sun coming down all around me! Then I cheered up my roommate by organizing her office and surprising her when she came home from a trip. Yay! But you know what would cheer everyone up… some delicious vegan candy bars! πŸ˜€

  23. I’ve been having a rough time these past few weeks being super stressed. Trying to make some major decisions. The guy I’m dating lives an hour away, so he wrote me letters and sent them so I would get one everyday when I got home from work. It always brightened my day.

  24. We trade off bringing snacks for everyone to class each week in one of my grad courses, and last week, knowing that I’m a vegan, the girl whose turn it was brought vegan cookies she’d made with her other treats. So thoughtful, and everyone loved them! (possible future converts… the process begins!)

    MoFo is the most wonderful time of the year!!! πŸ™‚

  25. After a stressful presentation at work one of my friends sent an email to our colleagues praising my efforts- it was such a sweet gesture and it made me smile!

  26. I bought one of my dogs (one of the ‘middle’ ones) a huge teddy bear. She never has a toy that she can call her own. She was in heaven as she suckles these fuzzy stuffed animals. I haven’t seen her this happy in a long time.

  27. I’ve been feeling a bit down lately, and my partner’s been incredibly sweet and supportive. He’s currently emptying the dishwasher and cleaning up our post-dinner mess while I fool around on the internet. πŸ™‚

  28. I was feeling a little down yesterday, until my five year-old requested Gangnam Style. She and her 16 month old brother danced for me until I was laughing so hard I almost couldn’t breathe.

  29. Our neighbor cooked for us last nightβ€”she called on Saturday and said she was making two vegan lasagnas and wanted to know if she could bring one over last night! She is such a thoughtful person and is simply the greatestβ€”she definitely qualifies as the “best neighbor in the world” and we reciprocate whenever we can. πŸ™‚

  30. I was pretty sick last week – so a wonderful friend came over and brought me delicious vegan gingersnaps he had baked himself. It made me appreciate how lucky I was to have a friend who truly cared about me.

  31. Just recently one of my rommates, shes a transfer student, was dumped by her boyfriend. She transfered from her previous school to her current school to be with him. She’s an amazing person, kind hearted, fun to be around, and very determined. I brought her home a dark chocolate bar with raspberries to help with the tears

  32. I was stressed over a party I was throwing, and whether there would be enough food for everyone, so my friends made some dishes for me so I wouldn’t have to worry! They’re so sweet! xo!

  33. I was feeling depressed and irritable the other day when I headed to a place where I do volunteer work, The Free Farm, for a photo shoot which I’ll feature on my VeganMoFo blog later this week. Just being in a place with beautiful things blooming all around me began to cheer me up, but our farm founder and leader, Tree, cheered me even further when he invited me to stay and have a free vegan lunch with the other volunteers, even though I wasn’t volunteering myself that day. Thanks Tree!

  34. a few weeks ago i was in a rut… not too happy, not too sad. just meh. then my boyfriend announced that he had decided to go vegan because of me! nothing makes you feel worthwhile like inspiring even just one person!

  35. I’ve been sick for days, and when I went to class today and asked my students why so many of them missed an obviously answerable question on the mid-term, they said they answered with what I told them. Apparently I told them wrong, but at least they were listening. Aw….they listen!

  36. I’ve been wanting to try those bars for so long!!
    I love to cheer up people… cooking, giving gifts just because, smiling at stranger… it’s the best!

  37. I made zucchini bread today, because its one of my boyfriend’s favorites. We decided to go thrifting tomorrow for the remaining parts of our Halloween costumes & we’re driving to see The Corin Tucker Band play in LA tomorrow night. Baking for others & having ‘plans’ cheers me up :]

  38. A friend bought my baby an OSU sock monkey last weekend to celebrate the 63 points they scored. Super nice!

  39. Last week I received an email from my best friend (who lives in a different hemisphere) for the first time in more than a month and just seeing her name in my inbox really cheered me up

  40. I burned some lovely vegan sweet potato chili which I spent all day making. My husband came home and enjoyed a big bowl of it…some of the best chili he’s had, or so he said. πŸ™‚ Hey, whether he meant it or not, his sweetness made me so much happier.

  41. My youngest kitty is a sweet little thing who showed up at my door one day practically starved to death. She finally decided to stay inside (after a couple of months of constant feeding and getting her use to me) when we had a really bad storm and now after almost of year of her sleeping on the floor near her toys, she snuggles next to me at night to sleep — although I think it might be because the weather is getting a little colder but it makes me happy since my other 2 furballs sleep right next to me too!!

  42. My family lives all the way across the country, but they always help out my school library by donating to my projects on Donors Choose. They’re the reason my students have new books! (We haven’t had a budget from the district in a while.) Love love love to them for how they cheer up not only me, but our school’s 800 students as well:-)

  43. While I was walking my dogs a bit ago, a stranger stopped us to pet them and tell me how beautiful they are! Always put a smile on my face when folks compliment my poochies.

  44. As a companion to an amazing dog, I am always cheered by my pup. She is so sweet, enthusiastic, and has an unconditional love I try to emulate.

    Also, I am wild about Go Max Go candy bars and cannot wait to try the Thumbs Up bar. Thanks for the give away!

  45. An old man said good job as I ran by on my afternoon run today. It may not seem like much, but normally no one says anything or just stares. It made the whole thing a little better. πŸ™‚

  46. My twin sister can always tell if I am feeling blue. She immediately cheers me up with beautiful flowers, delicious food, or her cheerful company. I know I never have to feel down for long. πŸ™‚

  47. Whenever I’m feeling down, I know that my cats can cheer me up! I recently moved to a city where I don’t really know anyone, so I’m thankful that I have them with me. One of them likes to drag her favorite toy (a fleece string on a plastic stick) down the stairs, meowing constantly, until I decided to play. I also try to find something positive to be thankful for when I’m feeling down, because “gratitude makes what we have enough” is my mantra lately.

  48. I was having a rough week at work and my best friend ordered me tickets to a musical that I’ve always wanted to see!!

  49. Today one of the twins that I care for gave me a bite of his carrot (he’s a very restricted eater and only just started eating carrots last week! food breakthrough!)!

  50. I’ve been really down lately for a bunch of reasons. Yesterday my wonderful significant other and I watched a movie on the couch and our cat spread out across both of us to sleep. We were all cuddled together. I had to admit I’m pretty lucky. That cheered me up.

  51. The dogs will wake me up one of two ways in the morning: either Ralphie gets impatient and starts barking at me, or Rennie will roll over onto my pillow and shake her belly (her “piggy fat”) in my face. This morning I rolled out of bed with a mouth full of fur. It was a happy day.

  52. Today my students cheered me up by being really awesome, even though I was feeling like crap. I have the best kindergarteners on the planet!

  53. The last time I was sick, one of my best friends stopped at Panera and bought me some soup on her way home, going about 40 minutes total out of her way. It was so nice (and delicious!) and I’ll never forget it!

  54. The neighbor kids cheered me up by making pumpkin pictures for me this weekend. I was so surprised that they even thought of me. My smile was a mile wide! I love Halloween.

  55. I spent all day yesterday curled up with the Mister , watching movies and just relaxing and laughing. That was the best way to cheer up after a crap work week!

  56. My 2 year old asked me to dance and led me by the hand to the T.V. where she was watching Yo Gabba Gabba. Dancing is my favorite and she knows it. Then she told me a completely incoherent knock knock joke that she made up. She doesn’t get how jokes work yet and it made no sense, but it was so funny I couldn’t help but laugh.

  57. A friend who lives in my apartment complex was going through radiation for breast cancer. I made a tray of veggie enchiladas and a few friends and I headed over to cheer her up. She was so happy!

  58. a smile from a stranger always cheers me up. I went for a run yesterday and was lucky enough to get a smile from a small, shy boy. A smile is the best gift and always makes me feel good; to give and receive =)

  59. I had a really great time going to dinner and a concert with my mom on Saturday. Nights like that really cheer me up. πŸ™‚

  60. How about my kid cheering up another kid? These weekend, while away on a soccer tournament, Shae’s friend’s granny passed away. His friend was super bummed but still tried to hang in there for his team. Shae talked to him about how he felt the same way when he lost his grandmas and that it gets easier to handle after awhile. So proud of my kid sometimes. (I’d say always, but dude, you should see his room.)

  61. My aunt sent me and my husband a Happy Anniversary card with a note folded inside. She wrote “SMILE” on the fold. When I opened it, it was one of the typewritten funny joke stories she used to share with me as a kid to read. It was so touching to see that she brought that back to me. Not to mention, I got a good chuckle from it.

  62. A friend from work who knows I’m saving up for my wedding treated me to lunch on a particularly busy Friday. I will bake him some vegan banana bread in return =D

  63. Recently a friend was going through a hard time, and I brought her a couple of big jars full of homemade split pea soup and a container of prepared Smoky Soy Curls for veggie BLT’s.

  64. My husband recently cheered me up on a long road trip back from Maine by looking up info on the Desert of Maine and taking me there! I’d always wanted to see it, and it made an otherwise gray weekend fantastic!

  65. This past week, I was mentioning to o e of my work friends that I would love to save up for a copy of Photoshop. I used to use it all the time for work, but when my computer died, so did my copy of Photoshop. It has made my creativity to be put on hold because student loans don’t pay themselves. He informed me that he actually had an extra copy because he went to an art scho and was given a copy when he already had it. I brought my computer to work the next day and went hi e with CS5 I. ALL of its glory! I was SO excited, I gave Nima work appropriate side hug and giggle like a little nerd all day πŸ™‚

  66. Does it have to be human? My dog had a cancer scare last month and he’s been recovering nicely, but for a long time now he hasn’t really had the same energy level that he used to. This past weekend, we were finally able to take him on a longer walk and give him a bath for the first time in two months. He came home tired but happy, and with lots of sweet potato chews to cheer him up.

  67. I go for a walk in the woods nearby with my friend and her dog. It always makes me feel better! (Chocolate is also quite effective for cheering up!)

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  68. Today my son, who just turned 1 year on Oct. 3, cheered me up by taking his first steps (actually he took about 10 steps all by himself)! I love my little vegan man and his new frankenstein walk!

  69. Someone special took me on a spontaneous midnight stroll to the beach, and we looked at the stars and talked about life and other wonderful things.

  70. I’m 5 months pregnant, and my husband’s mother and aunt separately sent us care packages this week; a Mickey Mouse baby hoodie from his aunt, and a box of vegan and gluten-free goodies from his mom. Is there anything better than surprise gifts in the mail?

  71. I got my friend a cart for the back of her bike – she’s only been wanting one since she first got her bike. We strapped that bad boy on there with zip ties and she’s ready for groceries and backpacks and what not to carry! It really made me happy to see how thrilled and surprised she was. (=

  72. My family has been horrifically broke lately, although I personally have been working my butt off. The website where I buy most of my clothes (when I can buy clothes) was having a MASSIVE clearance sale and I was feeling a bit sorry for myself that I couldn’t afford anything even at ridiculous prices. A friend called me up and said she had a credit with them she wasn’t going to use anytime soon, so she gave it to me (with the agreement that when our fortunes even out I’ll do something similar for her). I have never been cheered up so much by three blouses and a skirt.

  73. When I got home from school today I was exhausted and had a headache. My little three year old daughter came up to me, placed her toy crown on my head, called me a princess and pretended to cook me dinner. She cheered me up and made me feel better. . . But that’s usually what angels do;)

  74. When my husband & I moved from Utah to Florida the moving company we hired stole everything we owned. For my birthday recently my mom & sisters gathered up as many old photos of my kids that they could find and made me a book of pictures since I had lost all of the photos of my kids. Cheered me up immensely!

  75. Today I was feeling lousy because of a cold, but one of my coworkers gave me some paperwork that I needed. I know that sounds weird, but it totally made my day. πŸ™‚

  76. My boyfriend cleared my birthday present with one of my closest friends so I don’t know what it is yet, but I know I’m gonna LOVE IT.

    This is a fantastic giveaway and I’d be super jazzed if I won!

  77. My mom told me she’s sending me Halloween socks which is to cheer me up. So if I win I will send her these as she has a big weakness for chocolate and I wish she’d stick to vegan-only chocolate–she does most of the time but she caves around Halloween.

  78. My five year old was sad this evening after gymnastics and my eight year old came rushing down the stairs to give her hugs and console her. At the end of the kisses, patting and hugs my son told my daughter that we would now go out for Thai food to cheer her up. I was so touched by his sweetness to his sister, I totally didn’t mind that it meant we were now heading out for dinner.

  79. My cat (Boris, a Maine coon) put his gigantic self against my head and started purring when I got my wisdom teeth removed. I’m glad he picked up my empathy for creatures of a different species.

  80. Most recent thing someone did to cheer me up was that my boyfriend went vegan with me for Thanksgiving weekend and helped me cook a big meal for us and his friends.

  81. I brought my pal @CzechVegan a french press, tea press, and other goodies to work when she was having a tought day. She returned the sweetness w/ lots of treats for my two cats!

  82. A few months ago, I had to quit my job to become my Grandmother’s full-time caretaker. It’s been stressful and totally depressing. (While I do love being able to spend as much time as possible with her, cleaning up vomit and diarrhea, and listening to her cry on a daily basis are not the way I’d love to be doing it)

    My aunt and uncle came in from out of town last weekend so I could take a much-needed weekend camping trip. It was great.

  83. My families dog had to be put down recently and our friends cheered us up by giving us cards, flowers, hugs, prayers, etc to help us through the hard time. It was really special πŸ™‚

  84. ooh, i could really go for 6 candy bars…right now. i’ve been getting a lot of encouraging words from friends about an upcoming exam…that cheers me to no end!

  85. My boss bought me flowers after being away from work for awhile. Nothing like feeling appreciated at your job. Hard to come by sometimes πŸ™‚

  86. no cheering up. that’s why I need this candy. totally. Oh wait, there was Christina Ricci in Addams Family Values.. Guess that was cheerful!

  87. I got cheered up recently when I had a girls night out with my friend and got to catch up since we haven’t seen each other for years. It was fun and now it’s a regular thing since we found out we live right now the street from each other.

  88. I love to take my pup somewhere quiet where she can relax and lean her head back and close her eyes and sniff the air. What a beautiful sight to behold, to watch her calmly wonder at the world with her nose.

  89. Well, technically the actual event hasn’t happened yet, but I am immensely cheered up by the fact that there’s less than a week before I get to go home for October break and see my family and four-legged best friend!

  90. I switched a really good on-call overnight shift at the hospital for a crappy one because I knew my classmate needed the better shot at having the night off.

  91. Was feeling in a bit of a funk yesterday after work. Grieving the transition of summer into fall. So I walked my pup Shanti anyway..and curled up and watched Stardust. Allowing myself to just be for a bit did me good.

  92. My brother, who is the closest person to me in the world, is going through a difficult period with his partner. I’ve been talking with him everyday to make sure he knows how amazing he is and that everything will be okay, no matter what. Usually he’s the one coaching me, but sometimes the little sister has wisdom to share.

  93. I surprised my uncle with a bottle of sriracha sauce and a pile of sriracha recipes. He’s an amazing cook, trying to rediscover his vegan roots from way back in his hippie days, but he’d yet to hear about sriracha. I enlightened him and he was so excited to use it and try new recipes!

  94. My boyfriend has been working extra-long hours lately. Yesterday when he got home, I surprised him with home-made pie!

  95. My daughter had an outdoor wedding two weeks ago. We borrowed an antique haywagon to sit all the little children. When I returned the wagon, I brought all of the chrysanthemums (about 20 huge, beautiful ones, and around 40 smaller ones,) and the straw bales, and decorated the wagon owners yard for fall. It was beautiful and the owner told me the next day that no one had ever done anything so nice tor him or his wife since they were children. Made my heart so happy.

  96. Just last week my boss took me out to lunch and then when we got back he told me he wanted to show me something in the warehouse. We went out there and I got flashed mobbed by the entire office staff to “Push It” by Salt ‘n Pepa. It was the greatest thing ever and it totally made my month!

  97. LOVE these candy bars….but haven’t had them in a while. Well, a long time ago, I moved to the south by myself (without my boyfriend-now my husband) for a new job. I was lonely in the hotel, before I found an apartment to live in. We were talking on the phone one morning and he said he’d call me right back. Well, he did….but as it turns out, he called my hotel and ordered me coffee and bagels to my room between calls!! That cheered me right up πŸ™‚

    More recently, just driving through the country roads looking at the all the Fall colors cheers me right up. I love it!

  98. When I recently had surgery, my friend went to my favorite vegan food trailer with some tupperware and had them fill it up with food and then she brought it to me for dinner.

  99. A student I supervise called me to tell me that he is considering pursuing a career in Student Affairs since working with me and seeing the difference I’ve made on him and others… it made me super happy!

  100. My four-year-old daughter is always cracking me up and breaking me out of foul moods. This morning she started limping around with one arm behind her and I said, “What are you doing?” She said, “D’uh mom. I’m a zombie with my hand up my butt.” Being woken up way-too-early in the morning is a little easier to take when your kid is hilarious.

  101. A couple of weeks ago, I was mad because I had to work on a Saturday, and was heading out back behind the building on my lunch break. When I stepped out back, the sweet homeless man who hangs out back there sometimes, was crying. I sat down to talk to him to see if he was ok, and he went on to tell me how it was the anniversary of when he lost (or they left, he was crying pretty hard, so I think I missed parts of his story) his wife and son. After he stopped crying, I saw he was trying to eat a nasty few days old, rock hard cookie from Panera. I went inside and warmed up my lunch for him (pizza challah and spaghetti) and took it back out, and let him borrow my cell phone. He then started crying again because he hadn’t had a hot meal in months, and no one had treated him like he was human in some time. That was the first time I’ve ever seen him smile. It’s amazing what some good bread and common courtesy can do πŸ™‚

  102. This past Friday I was given a free massage at an amazing local spa – I’ve been really stressed out so it was the perfect gift and definitely cheered me up!

  103. My boyfriend is super sweet, and despite his stressed-out situation right now, he was determined to cheer me up! We went to the Pa. Ren Faire this weekend, and we saw a dress that would be a great way for me to start dressing up for the Faire. He bought it for me. Then, without warning, when we were home, he did the dishes … in his kilt! I have photo evidence.

    Now, I am going to make pumpkin muffins from VWAV for him, to brighten his mood and welcome fall.

  104. A pb & banana smoothie for breakfast instantly cheered me up this morning. I drank it when I got to work, and it made me feel better about being … at work πŸ™‚

  105. The recent commenters on my blog have cheered me up; I don’t usually get many comments, but people always seem to have encouraging comments during vegan mofo.

  106. I started a new job recently, and it’s my first time working a job where I’m really in charge of an entire group of kids and a few other staff members. It’s stressful and I worry that I’m not the best at it, but my boss has made a point to pull me aside and tell me I’m doing a great job a few times.

  107. I cheered one of my friends up by bringing over a couple tubs of baked goods – chocolate cupcakes and iced pumpkin cookies, which he loved. He’s the only other veggie I hang around with, and he doesn’t get enough homemade food, so I’m sure that cheered him up. I love baking for other people (not so much myself), so I suppose that cheered me up too!

  108. My wife and I had one of those vegan blues days recently. You know, one of those days when people just want to bully you about your eating choices? They tell you how very wrong you are and how you are going to shrivel up and die from lack of protein? Yeah, one of those days. That evening, knowing we had a rough one, my sister-in-law surprised us by making a little vegan cake and bringing it over so we could just sit, dish, and eat some creulty-free goodness. It was an unexpected and splendid surprise that really cheered us up!

  109. My husband hates gardening. Absolutely loathes it. Yet, during an impending frost last week, he helped me harvest what was left in the raised beds. True, he only held the bowl and pointed at stuff I missed but it was really cool that he was there.

  110. My friend, who never cooks, made a special road trip salad for us to share on our train ride. It was so thoughtful!

  111. I was having a rough time studying and my mom sent me a card in the mail. We live in separate states, and it’s nice to feel less far apart!

  112. Monday morning was really, really hard for me, and out of the blue (once on my way to the restroom and once on my way to fill my water bottle), two colleagues said they wanted to tell me that a number of their students were saying really good things about my classes. I could not have had better news — made me day-week-year.

  113. I always cheer people up with food, and recently I shared the love with kale chips. I know, I know– it’s the polar opposite of candy bars, but kale is powerfully awesome!

  114. my husband woke up early on his day off to make me coffee and blueberry banana pancakes, i was grumpy that i had to work when so many other people had the monday off, but he fixed me and made me super happY!

  115. I was having a horrible day and was near tears when my friend’s 3 year old son picked me a flower and brought it to me and gave me a hug. Even though I was hiding my sadness, he must have sensed it and cheered me up so much.

    I can’t wait to try one of these bars. I NEEEEEED my chocolate/candy bar fix!

  116. Vegetarians vary in their feelings regarding these ingredients, however. For example, while some vegetarians may be unaware of animal-derived rennet’s role in the usual production of cheese and may therefore unknowingly consume the product,[.`-*

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