Giveaway: Vegan Cuts!!!

Giveaway: Vegan Cuts!!!

Congratulations to our two winners:

Beth, who won Giveaway#1 and saves money on as much organic tahini at the dollar store as she can!


Sarah, who won Giveaway #2 and once bought a $60 container of coconut oil for $14.95! Nice!


There are Vegan MoFo giveaways happening left and right these days, but none like this one. For one thing, you get options, and all of them vegan!

Vegan Cuts is a vegan-owned company that offers great vegan products at a discount. Think of your favorite online deal site.  Now imagine if that site offered deals on purely vegan items.  Pretty great idea, right?  John and Jill are offering two prizes today.

Giveaway 1:
The first is a $50 electronic gift card to spend on any of their deals (and they have a lot of products available each week!).  Take a look at some of the products that have been featured at Vegancuts.The giveaway for the $50 gift card is available to folks in the United States and Canada, but keep in mind that some of the individual companies featured on Vegan Cuts may ship to the US only.


Giveaway 2:
This giveaway is for one month of the Vegan Cuts Snack Box.  The Snack Box is a subscription that delivers a box of goodies to you each month.

The Vegan Cuts Snack Box Giveaway is available to folks in the US only.

To enter the giveaways, leave a comment below by 3:00 pm PST on 10/30/2012, telling me A.) about a time you saved money on a vegan product and B.) which giveaway you’re entering.   Be sure to include a valid email address so that we may get in touch with you and send you your prize!  Two winners will be chosen randomly and announced shortly after 3:00.


If you’re interested in finding out more about Vegan Cuts and signing up to have their deals emailed to your inbox, click here.

127 thoughts on “Giveaway: Vegan Cuts!!!

  1. I was had whole foods market coupons and manufacturers coupons for Zevia (WFM allows you to stack the coupons). Got to the store and they were on sale. +WFM gives you 10% if you buy a case (4 six packs) I got 4 six-packs which are usually 5.99 each for a total of $6.10

    I am entering giveaway 1

  2. I have already signed up for their monthly snack box, so I am entering giveaway 1!

    I had a lot of friends sign up for Spencer’s Market, and was able to get two vegan caramel sampler packs for free just for them joining! It was so amazing!

  3. Maybe not the most exciting, but I felt like I won the lottery last week when I found the Daiya havarti wedge on sale at Whole Foods. Mmmm…

    Entering giveaway 1!

  4. I combine coupons for vegan items along with sales at stores to save as much money as possible 🙂 I was going to enter for giveaway number 1, but since everyone else has, I’ll go with giveaway numer 2. They are both amazing prizes!

  5. I just purchased earth balance buttery sticks which were on sale for half off plus I had a coupon for $1 off. They were practically free..
    I’m entering giveaway #1.

  6. I save money on vegan products all the time. Sometimes I even hit it right so that I can stack manufacturer’s coupons with store coupons and the product is on sale. It’s really fun! I’ve gotten some free stuff that way, too. There are some great online sources that have natural, organic, and vegan coupons available.

    I would like to enter giveaway #2

  7. I saved money on Amy’s vegan macaroni and cheese when I wrote to the company and asked for coupons. I’m entering for Giveaway 1.

  8. One really great find was “Yellow Rose Recipes” on sale at Herbivore Clothing Co. awhile ago. I love their sales. 🙂
    Giveaway 1 is my choice. Many thanks!

  9. I’m entering Giveaway 1! I mostly save by doing my grocery shopping at several different stores, instead of just one, where I know I’ll get a better deal on something.

  10. After years of hearing about people finding $1 a carton soy milk at their local dollar stores, Westsoy finally came to Liberty, MO. I am not ashamed to say that I cleared the shelf. I still have about a half a case in the pantry!

    I’ll take what’s behind door #2. Mystery excites me!

  11. My last time saving money on vegan items was actually through Vegan Cuts: looooove the Feed Your Face caramels I received!

    I would like to enter giveaway 2, especially since I’ve been thinking about joining it for a bit!

  12. There’s a small health food store in the town where I live that’s very close to the local supermarket. The supermarket doesn’t have a great selection of vegan products BUT the items they do have are always at least $1.00 cheaper than the health food store, plus the grocery store takes coupons — something the health food store does not for some silly reason (too much work?).

    I’d like to enter giveaway #1 but wouldn’t say no to either of these lovely prizes 🙂

  13. Oh my gosh, thank you so much for introducing me to Vegan Cuts! I will definitely be frequenting this great website! I am a coupon queen and love finding the best deals around! Just recently they had some bars that were on sale for 1$ and I found 1$ off coupons for these bars and stocked up on them for free! I love surprises and am always down to try new vegan products! I would love to enter giveaway 2! 🙂

  14. My local large chain grocery store (Publix) just started carrying Daiya about a month ago, and it’s on sale right now for $3.50!
    I’d like to enter Giveaway 1 ($50 gift certificate).

  15. I heart Vegan Cuts! I recently received a pair of shoes from them that was a gift from my husband. I also bought the recent “whole grain bacon bits” deal, as well as the “Steven the Vegan” book for my daughter. I’m also a snack box subscriber. I would love, LOVE to have that gift card!!!

  16. TODAY!!! I got a groupon for a pizza place that makes vegan pizza, using daiya cheese, in a wood fired oven. This pizza is unreal. I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada which is kind of meat central so finding savings on any vegan products around here is pretty hard, but this deal is pretty awesome.
    Obviously if i was lucky enough to win i would take the Gift Card.

  17. I used to get local organic produce delivered to my house. It was a great deal (and better variety) compared to the grocery store
    I’ll go for the giveaway 2 mystery box.

  18. Grocery Outlet is the most magical place in the world… I lived on vegan cookie dough ice cream for $1.19/pint for about two months.

    Giveaway #2, please. I love surprises!

  19. This isn’t specific, but I find great sales and deals at Whole Foods all the time. I always think it’s weird when people talk about how expensive it is, because I always save when I shop there! I got some of the huge tubs of Earth Balance recently for $3 off!

    I’d like to enter the giftcard giveaway – I’m super picky, so like to choose for myself! 🙂

  20. I saw jars of organic tahini once at the dollar store…. I’m pretty sure I cleared out their entire stock! and I’d like the giftcard giveaway, pleasethankyou 🙂

  21. I have had a lot of luck finding vegan things (food and beauty products) at Big Lots lately .. if you don’t know Big Lots – it’s pretty cheap stuff!

    I’m entering the giftcard giveaway because I already get the vegan cuts box (and I love it!).

  22. Giveaway 2, please!

    I’ve bought from vegan cuts before. I cannot remember the last thing I’ve bought from them, but I love saving money and discovering new products through their site.

  23. a) I actually can’t remember saving money on a vegan product, so I’m very excited to learn about vegan cuts!

    b) $50 gift certificate would get the ball rolling!

  24. A good friend found a huge bag of daiya cheese for three dollars that was about to expire at a random store near my hometown. We split it and I still have a bunch frozen in my freezer. Daiya is a treat for me, so this find was pretty exciting.

    I’d love to enter giveaway 1!

  25. YAY!

    I saved money on a vegan product when I made some vegan butternut cheez squash (home-made “products” are the best!) instead of buying a vegan cheese product! Sorry, a bit of a “cheesy” story hee-hee-hee

    I would like to enter give-away number one please, but you could enter me in both if you would like 🙂

  26. A.) I went to my local co-op’s truckload sale and scored excellent deals on cases of great vegan products-LARA and Raw Bars, Tofurky Slices, and produce. Awesome! B.) Vegan Cuts Snack Box because mail is fun.

  27. Giveaway 1 please. I save money all of the the time by making things from scratch like vegetable broth. Also, my Mom coupons and she is always finding me coupons for almond milk. I once got one for free b/c of coupon doubling and an in store deal. WOOT!

  28. I always check out sales and coupons on stuff I get at WF, plus if its something we eat a lot of I get a “case” which is an extra 10% off. Giveaway 1 sounds fab!

  29. My local Kroger once had Larabars on sale for $1/each, plus almost all of them had coupons attached for 45 cents off (which Kroger doubles), so they were 10 cents each. For some reason no one else seemed to be buying them, so I literally bought like 30 (the cashier looked at me like I was crazy, but I didn’t care).

    I’d like the gift card!

  30. I use coupons each week. I try to match them up with sales. We also bulk order online and get big tubs of things like tahini.

    Giveaway #1 please because I have allergies

  31. I once had a coupon for $1 off almond breeze. Shelf stable cartons were on sale at Whole Foods for a dollar off, so I got myself an unsweetened chocolate almond milk for about a dollar! Great deal 🙂

    I’m entering giveaway #2. I like surprises.

  32. I love vegan cuts! I saved money on their site when they had the deal for the “No Meat Athlete T-Shirts” which I love wearing to the gym. 🙂 I’m entering Giveaway 1.

  33. Okay, so back in college, friends of mine were really, really into dumpster diving. I think I only ever went with them once or twice, but often they would pass on extras to me because they were good like that. Including one time when they scored something like 40 containers of assorted flavors of hummus from Trader Joe’s, all near expiration but totally sealed and pristine. We ate so much free vegan hummus. (And saved so much money on vegan hummus!)

    I’d like to enter #2, the snackbox giveaway!

  34. I snagged a bunch of coupons for almond milk at the Veg Fest & then found if for sale at my local health food sale – ended up paying less than a dollar a box!!!
    I’m entering contest #1 for a $50 gift card to vegan cuts & I’m feeling lucky…

  35. I’ve used Vegan Cuts a number of times, most recently to buy an awesome necklace from Design Specimen. I’m entering giveaway number one!

  36. I vote Giveaway #1. The last time I saved on vegan products was yesterday!! Boston had its annual veg fest this past weekend and everything seemed to be at a discount (especially at the very end when they don’t want to lug things back home in Sandy)!! Mmmmm, ice cream!

  37. I always go to the customer service desk and scour the coupons prior to shopping at whole foods. Plus, I meal plan every week which saves a lot of money on the grocery bill. Enter giveaway 1

  38. Giveaway#2 please, I like a surprise and where I live there is very little access to manufactured vegan products (hello farm country o.O ) so it would be really cool to try out some products before just jumping in and buying them online.
    The way I save money is by growing and foraging for wholefoods. Healthy and economical, not to mention have you ever had wild elderberries or wild black raspberries 🙂

  39. What a wonderful new website to have in my bookmark toolbelt : ) Thanks! I saved money at for signing up to receive their e-mail newsletter. They also do amazing at-cost monthly specials on raw and vegan products, especially bulk items.

    I like the idea of surprise so I would love entrance into contest #2 for the cutely named snack box!

  40. I’m in Canada, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed on Giveaway 1! (looks DIVINE!!)

    I’m constantly grocery shopping – usually picking up a couple of things from many different stores instead of one big haul, in order to find the best deals and freshest produce. For fruits and veggies (90% of my shopping…haha!) I try to hit the small, local grocers instead of the big stores. Better deals and local products! Win win!
    And I always have my eyes out for sales on hummus and soy/almond/rice milks – vegans know this well. Finding a couple of bucks off on a vegan staple is marvelous!

  41. I save money regularly on vegan products with a local coupon book that features sustainable, ethical grocers in my area. I’m entering giveaway #2, the Vegan Cuts Snack Box. Thanks!

  42. Hi
    I get soooo excited when I find deals at places that have organic products on sale that normally are prices 3x that in health food stores. Finding vegan treats in places you never expected also.

    Giveaway #2 sounds great and it’s a treat to be surprise.

    Thank you

  43. I save money on Wayfare’s Hickory Smoked Cheddar spread because I get coupons via e-mail!! I would like to win either giveaway, but I am quite fond of the $50 gift certificate. Thanks!

  44. A.) A time I saved money on a vegan product: A while back Daiya gave away coupons for a free product just for taking a short survey! I got the more expensive Daiya wedge.
    B.) which giveaway am I entering: #2

  45. John and Jill are AMAZING! I love Vegan Cuts. My favourite necklace was bought through their site (it was an awesome deal).
    I’m entering giveaway #2, please.

  46. Ummm, never? Vegan stuff isn’t cheap, unless you mean vegetables, which I buy in bulk from the farmers’ market and can during the summer. Giveaway 1 please!

  47. A) I save money on vegan products all the time! One of the more delicious examples has been using a Groupon to get discounts at Souley Vegan and Cinnaholic, two great vegan restaurants in the Bay Area!
    B) This is for Giveaway #1

  48. A) I save a lot of money by finding recipes (mostly through to make the vegan specialty foods that would otherwise cost a decent amount of money at a health food store. Recently I switched to making vegan mayo instead of buying it and it’s waay cheaper without sacrificing any of the deliciousness 🙂
    B) This is for Giveaway #2. I love Vegan Cuts!

  49. Oh yes, I had a coupon for turtle island stuff and I had not tried tofurky pizza yet. So last week I got a huge craving for pizza since they had some (non vegan) in the office. So I went to get one with the coupon and it was on sale. Awesome.

    I’d like to enter for # 2!

  50. Giveaway 2, please.
    I saved SO much money this summer by participating in a local CSA! We’re a family of 4 vegans, plus we juice – we go through a lot of produce and saved a fortune 🙂

  51. The last time I saved money on a vegan product is last Saturday when I went to buy veggies at the local organic farmers market.
    I’m entering for the first giveaway. Thank you

  52. Giveaway A for me, please. I’ve found that Asian stores often have great deals on vegan products, since vegetarianism and veganism are culturally endorsed for some groups (Hindus, monks, etc.).

  53. A) My savings on vegan items just come from looking ahead at weekly coupon ads or seeing sales in stores. (Maybe I’m not really saving because then I jump to buy some stuff I might not have.) 😉

    B) Give away #1 please!

  54. I save on the ultimate vegan goodies–fruits and veggies–by ordering bulk from local farm cooperatives. I’d like to enter into the second contest.

  55. Giveaway 2 seems a tiny bit less popular so I’m going with the odds and picking that one 😀

    The savings that jumped to mind was that I once got a HUGE container of Nutiva Coconut Oil from Matt Monarch’s raw store for $14.95! It was like a $60 container.

    The Daiya I bought a few days ago was technically on sale but the local health food store is so overpriced I don’t count it.

  56. I save on vegan items by liking their Facebook pages so I can get alerts about discounts and sales. I recently got a great deal on Sweet and Sara marshmallows.
    I am entering #2.

  57. Enter me in giveaway one, please.
    I routinely save on my vegan essentials by liking vegan companies’ FB pages and getting offers and coupons that way. Then I hit up my local grocer’s for specials and near-expiration date markdowns. One large grocer typically marks down food nearing expiration date on Mondays, and I try to get by there to stock up since many things freeze well.

  58. I am the coupon queen, I always have some tucked away in my wallet and break them out when things are already on sale to double the savings! And I would like to enter giveaway #1. Thank you!

  59. I just scored a great deal on gardein products at target (sale + coupon) yesterday.
    there’s no WF or TJ’s in my city so I was happy to get a deal on vegan items even at target!

    entering #2 (snackbox)

  60. I’ve saved lots of money at Kroger when they try new products in the “health food” section that don’t sell well locally. I got four boxes of Earth Balance sticks recently for one dollar each. Sweet!

    I’m entering giveaway #2!

  61. I ordered a Vaute Couture coat last year during the pre-order period, so it was 50% off. Still pricy, but totally worth it!

    I’m entering contest #1. 🙂

  62. I try to stock up on all my vegan products at the local bulk food store! I’m always surprised that prices can be as much as half off those at my local grocery store.

    I’m entering giveaway #1!

  63. I consider my best score to be the discounted vegan caramels I got through Vegan Cuts. Since I’m already signed up for the box, I’d like to enter for the $50 gift card giveaway! Thanks!

  64. The best deal I got on vegan stuff wasn’t in the supermarket– it’s at the farmer’s market! I go there every week and know all the farmers really well, so a few of them will sometimes knock a few dollars off the price or throw in extras. One usually gives me a buy-on-get-one free deal on hydroponic lettuce! Yum! (Giveaway #1, please!)

  65. I am addicted to GTs kombucha so much I drink it at LEAST once a day. Well I learned Whole Foods was having a BOGO sale on Friday (that’s saving 3.59 every two bottles!) so I drove my way to Whole Foods the moment they opened and purchased four cases! Then I made my husband go to his Whole Foods and purchase two more! I was swimming in Kombucha and I saved tons of money!

    I would love the vegan box! Theres nothing more exciting then not knowing what goodies you may get!

  66. Sometimes my local health food store has 50% off sales on expensive raw products like kale chips and raw cookies, so I take the opportunity to try new things.

    Entering giveaway #1

  67. I try to save money by shopping the bulk bins and using dry beans instead of canned.

    I’m entering giveaway # 2

  68. Mother’s has items on sale every month and whenever one of my regular products goes on sale I feel like I’ve won the lottery! Contest #1 please.

  69. Please enter me in giveaway #1… I’m already a snack box subscriber!

    My most recent big savings on a vegan product was at Grocery Outlet. They happened to have three tubs of the Organic Whipped Earth Balance for $1.99 per tub. That stuff’s usually $5.99 per tub in our health food store. I snatched up all three and did a happy dance in the aisle.

  70. I love shopping at Vegan Cuts – I snagged some awesome vegan caviar for a super sweet deal! I would love to win the one month delivery of the vegan cuts snack box – I love surprises!

  71. Two products I get excited about savings for are Coconut Bliss and Mary’s Gone Crackers. Recently purchased on sale, with coupon and added bonus of friend’s 20% off employee discount!

    Mystery boxes are fun! Giveaway #2

  72. Coupon to shop vegan online sounds awesome! Especially since … I can’t think of an example of saving money on vegan products. I mean … organic produce without the cost of animal products always results in a lower grocery bill (even though I haven’t looked at the price of animal products for nearly ten years!). The only thing that comes to mind is Northwest VEG’s “VegFest” in Portland each September = tons of coupons for vegan products and TONS of FREE delicious vegan eats … chunks of dark chocolate, cups of soup, spoons of ice cream … Mmmmmmm

  73. A.) i save money on vegan products by buying the ingredients and trying to make them myself for cheaper. I find it saves quite a bit of money and homemade vegan ranch is delicious. B.) Giveaway 2

  74. I save money on vegan items by watching for sales at my local healthy food market. I want to win the vegan cuts snack box — i think that is such a great idea and I’m contemplating signing up so this would be a great test for me to see if I like it.

  75. I’m entering Giveaway 1.

    I keep pricey vegan staples in the “save for later” part of my Amazon shopping cart so I can look in one place to see if prices change. I got a ton of MimicCreme 16-ounce boxes for about a third of the usual price because they were nearing their expiration date (they lasted forever, too).

  76. I am entering giveaway #2.

    I try very hard to do vegan couponing but I also like to keep my eyes open for giveaways and other ways to save money. The most recent of these was when I filled out a survey for Daiya and received a coupon for a free product. Daiya tastes even better when you’re not paying $5-6 for it, haha.

  77. I buy in bulk as much as possible. It saves me money and it lessens the amount of unnecessary packaging!

    I would like to enter into the snack box giveaway. I keep being tempted to sign up for it!

  78. Giveaway 2
    My local health food store has a “discount” shelf where they sell their foods that have passed their “sell by” date. Totally illegal, but it saves me a lot of money.

  79. A. Just recently I bought a Living Social coupon for Back to Eden bakery, a vegan and GF bakery in Portland, OR. I bought my friend visiting from NY a delicious sundae (and ate one myself!).

    B. I am entering giveaway 2.

  80. I went to DC Vegfest in September and came away with LOTS of vegan coupons…my favorite so far has been from Wholesome Foods, $2 off their agave!

    Ironically enough, I was also a DC Vegfest volunteer at the Vegan Cuts table. They are evidently located in Canada (?) and couldn’t send anyone to the festival so we staffed their table instead. That was the first time I had heard of them but have since checked out their website. I haven’t bought anything yet though and would love to be entered for giveaway #2. Thank you!!!

  81. I have won free product coupons from both Earth Balance & Daiya in the last six months! You can’t get more frugal than free!!! I would like to enter Giveaway #1 please.

  82. Last week I found Tofurky Pizzas for 2 dollars off. This was a huge deal, since they are my favorite, and vegan pizzas always cost at least 8 bucks.

    I’m entering Givaway 2.

  83. I loved saving money, especially on vegan products! After PDX VegFest, I had loads of coupons for vegan products. My fave was for Dave’s Killer Bread whose Sin Dawg loaf is the best bread ever created!

    Snacks Box please!

    Come on, Amanda, pick meeee~!

  84. Giveaway 1 since I already subscribe to #2
    I always match up whole foods and mfg and sometimes gets you free food!!

  85. Since I eat fruit and veggies instead of meat, I save money every shopping trip by being vegan! As far as packaged products go, I recently had a coupon for $1 off of any Gardein product – and since my son and I both looooove the mandarin chicken one, we were super happy with that.

    I’m entering giveaway #2. (And it’s my birthday… just sayin’… LOL)

  86. Just yesterday, was offering 10% off my entire order. Among other things, I bought several boxes of Ezekiel Almond cereal and Artisana Raw Cashew Butter. I got my 10% off on top of the already discounted prices, plus free shipping. Giveaway # 1 please.

  87. I am entering number 1.

    Being vegan IS saving money because I try to avoid processed food and buy as much in bulk as possible. But I also follow the coupons and discounts in my local co-op.

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