Iron Chef Challenge #2

Iron Chef Challenge #2

Last week, we dipped our toe into the pool with chickpeas, a very common ingredient in vegan cooking. This week, we are shoving you in the deep end with an ingredient combination! That means you use them both together, not that you get to choose. I think this is definitely a hard one, but I know you guys can pull out some amazing stuff because you are vegan champions.

A quick review of our few simple rules/guidelines:

1. Whatever you come up with has to be new, nothing from a cookbook or a blog, not something you posted last week that happens to involve the secret ingredient. It’s fine to use a recipe for a jump-off point, but make it your own!
2. Entries are due at 3 pm on Sunday (but it takes me awhile to read all of the entries so if you’re a little late it’s no big).
3. Have fun and be creative!

And the secret ingredients are…


Isa came up with this combination idea. As usual, you can use any form of the ingredients that you want: banana extract, banana chips; coffee extract, espresso powder, whatever. This may seem like a dessert challenge, but I would love to see some savory applications! Bonus points if the coffee is just an accent flavor for those of us who don’t like it that much.

Allez Végétalien Cuisine!

40 thoughts on “Iron Chef Challenge #2

  1. Epic epic fail on my attempt. I was going to make a seared tofu with a spicy jerk rub that incorporated a bit of finely ground coffee into it. I was going to incorporate thin slices of it into a spring roll with spicy almond sauce and banana chutney. I failed on the tofu execution which is not my specialty. Boo. Oh well, I may attempt a different version in the future and scroll the Mofo’s for advice on tofu, jackfruit, tvp, etc. However, the flavor concept works I think. I’ll try again next week…

  2. For week three of VeganMofo, I’m doing dinner (week one was breakfast, week two lunch and week four is desserts), so this meant a not-sweet, but savory banana and coffee dish. I think we did it. Everyone in the house ate it too, even our 17-month-old daughter and my nonvegan parents! Here it is: Baked banana polenta on a bed of carrot mashed potatoes with coffee barbecue sauce!

  3. I couldnt take any pictures 🙁 its such a super busy weekend!.. i made some cracked wheat porridge with bananas and topped it with cashew cream flavored with instant coffee and pumpkin pie spice(creamy pumpkin pie spice latte!:) have a fun sunday!

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