Iron Chef Challenge for December

Iron Chef Challenge for December

Happy December everyone! A lot of people in the US are experiencing their first snow today, so it’s a good day to hit up the grocery store on your way home from work, and then hole up in the kitchen all weekend where you can bake and stay warm.

A quick review of our few simple rules/guidelines:

1. Whatever you come up with has to be new, nothing from a cookbook or a blog, not something you posted last week that happens to involve the secret ingredient. It’s fine to use a recipe for a jump-off point, but make it your own!
2. Entries are due at 3 pm CST on Sunday (but it takes me awhile to read all of the entries so if you’re a little late it’s no big).
3. Have fun and be creative!

And the secret ingredient is…


Now, if you have mint in your yard like I do (so, so much mint), you might think that this is more appropriate for spring when you can use fresh leaves. But maybe you still do have fresh available, and there are extracts and teas and just so many mediums of mint that can be used. And while this will be a great way for all of us to figure out some new holiday treats to make, don’t forget that mint can be savory too!

Allez Végétalien Cuisine!

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