January MiniMoFo!

January MiniMoFo!

It’s a new year, a new month, and time for a new MiniMoFo! January’s MiniMoFo is all about Creating Warmth. For those of us in the northern hemisphere who are feeling slightly chilly at the moment, you might like to make food that warms you up and staves off the cold. If not, you might want to find other ways to heat up your food – do you use chillies, or peppercorns? Mustard or wasabi? What unusual – or not – ways do you create warmth in your food?

Remember, MiniMoFo is open to anyone – whether you’ve previously participated or not! Just make it vegan, and either use the hashtag #MiniMoFo on social media or post the link in the comments below to be featured in the roundup at the end of them month!



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