Round Up: Let’s Eat Out!

Round Up: Let’s Eat Out!

I don’t know about you, but most nights, I’m too lazy to cook. Thankfully, more and more restaurants have some kind of Vegan option. Even better, there are more Vegetarian and Vegan restaurants than ever before. Here are a couple examples of Veganism spreading to eateries all over the country (and the world!)

The Royal Hawaiian

Vegan Good went to Tasty Harmony in Fort Collins, Colorado. Does that look good or what? NomNomNom!

Buddha’s Delight

Food Feud went to Tiengarden in New York City. Old school N.Y.C. Vegan food rules!

Chinese Buffet!

A Little Vegan Blog in Big Ol’ Texas went to Pepper Tree in Houston, Texas. Chinese Buffet!!! I’m so there, book me a flight to Houston.

Coconut Friend Rice, Spaghetti, Tofu Veggie Stur Fry and a Ginger & Pumpkin Curry

Vegan4Life went to Loving Hut in Perth, Australia. Mmmm! I love how every Loving Hut has different stuff.

“Tuna” Melt

The New Vegan Table went to Sticky Fingers in Washington D.C. You know Sticky Fingers has some of the best sweets in the world, but do you know they have a “Tuna” Melt? Me neither!

What are some of your favorite restaurants?


8 thoughts on “Round Up: Let’s Eat Out!

  1. I love love love Minsky’s Pizza in Kansas City. The pizza is incredible – I’d be happy with a no cheese pizza – but it looks like they started carrying Daiya cheese since the last time I ate there. Yay!

  2. I’m in San Diego where we have very few all vegan restaurants, but many that are adding wonderful vegan options. One of my favorite examples of a non-vegan restaurant adding a vegan dish to their menu is the “Spicy BBQ Seitan Dish” at Sea Rocket Bistro ( The dish was inspired by & created with “LOVELIKEBEER” (, a charitable organization that hosts local vegan beer pairing dinners around the city (read about their events on my blog under “San Diego Scene”). This was the first of their “Menu Pairings” series, & with the yummy dish, you get a refreshing & thoughtfully paired craft beer & part of the proceeds of the dish go to a local charity! If you are ever in San Diego & looking for an elegant vegan dinner, look no further. Hooray for more vegan options popping up in San Diego & restaurants around the globe! 🙂

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