Sheese Giveaway

Sheese Giveaway

Because so many of you tickled me with your comments I couldn’t choose 3 winners by my lonesome, I had to install the help of random generator, I am weak.

The winners chosen at random are:

6. Kip

27. Justblogs

38. Clare

Well done guys. Please email your postal address to

Thanks to everyone for entering, look out for more UK and Ireland give-aways coming soon.


Do you live in the UK?
Wanna try a new super melty Sheese?
Then this is the give-away for you.
Bute Island, the AWESOME AWESOME makers of the delectable vegan cheese are giving away 3 sample packs of their latest Sheese and it’s super melty!
Bute Island is a family-run business, and they have been dedicated to pioneering realistic, dairy-free alternatives to cheese since 1988.

Each pack contains:
227g Smoked Cheddar
227g Mozzarella
227g Mild Cheddar
227g Red Cheddar

To be in with a chance to win all ya gotta do is leave a comment here telling me what the first thing you’d do if you won this give-away will be.
I’m gonna pick the winners that tickle me the most.

You can enter if you don’t live in the UK but the prizes will only be posted to UK addresses.


46 thoughts on “Sheese Giveaway

  1. I’d open the pack and make myself a toasted scheese sandwich whilst I started making a vegan pizza for later 🙂

  2. I’m going to make the most sheesey pizza ever, with mushrooms and peppers and redwood cheatin’ pepperoni chunks.

  3. I’d remake my old favourite smoked cheese and lentil pie and this time I’d actually write down what i did so I could blog about it.

  4. I would definitely share. I have been wanting to have a vegan Cheese and wine tasting evening for ages and getting freebies would be just the push I need to get it organised. As I grew up in the 1970’s it may involve guests wearing their best Abigail’s Party style frocks and there may or may not be cheese and pineapples on sticks dispalyed in a tin foil hedgehog centre piece!

  5. My partner is a fairly new vegan who, on occassion, expresses a longing for cheese. Whilst she’d not act on the impulse, I’d nevertheless love the opportunity to responsibly indulge her cravings by smothering the top of my awesome (and not at all modest) vegan lasagne in the delicious melty nomnomnominess. If she thought roasted peppers & courgettes with spinach & spicy mushroom ragu was delectable, just wait until that is topped with the soft, chewy mozzarella.


    And sure, there’d be a few less charitable applications too… Red cheddar melted on sourdough with tomato & seasoned avocado springs to mind.

  6. MACARONI AND CHEESE!!!! oooh the sheesey goodness! just think of it – delicious pasta, loads of sheese, creamy sauce…oh, be still my heart.

    and yaaay for a contest open to UK residents 🙂

  7. I would clear the table, lower the light, place them on top of it in a circle, look at them with bright desire clear conscience, ritualistically move a slightly worm knife over them while humming some solemn tune, and if the knife vibrates with excitement over one of the sheezes, that one would be the chosen guest of honour at the vegan mouth party that would follow.

  8. I would make the most delicious vegan sheesy tart with balsamic caramelised onions, mmmm… in order to convince my omnivore boyfriend how tasty vegan food can be!

  9. Having tried some at the Bristol VegFest, I know how delicious this is. I would go out and buy a sandwich toaster, spread the vitalite on the outside and have a Scheese and onion toastie!

  10. Let’s be honest, I’d mostly likely just tear them out of their packets and take huge bites from each block. Then I’d probably make a biiiiig cheesy lasagne with what’s left 🙂

  11. I would make every meal sheesey! On my lunchtime sandwich, melted over my dinner, I’m sure I could even find someway to work it into my cornflakes.
    Oh, and pizza bagels.

  12. Ooh yey, a UK giveaway! I’d lurrve to win these, the question is what wouldn’t I do with them! Pizza, cheese toasties, cheese sauce for pasta, on jacket potatoes – oh and I would finally be able to have my Mam make me a veganised version of her famous cheese scones: and I’d share the recipe on my blog as well of course 🙂

  13. I’d dust off my old trusty sandwich toaster and get chopping onions! The simplest recipes are often the best : ) The rest of the Scheese would be used in my more extravagant ‘mess up the kitchen meals’ like vegan moussaka and lasagne. It’s that or see if I can fit a whole block in my mouth at once…

  14. I’d sculpt an elaborate Star Wars ‘cantina scene’ diorama from the Sheese, before smothering it in to my beard and doing a little jig.

  15. Living with an omnivore boyfriend can be incredibly frustrating when you’re a vegan who dearly misses cheese (to the point of near painful cravings and confusing dreams…), especially when his diet seems to consist entirely of pizza, pasta, and cheese on toast.

    Unfortunately, as an impoverished student, while he can afford his cheese laden diet, vegan substitutes are sadly out of my price-range, and I can’t indulge my cheesy cravings. So if I won, I would eat cheese on toast for lunch every. single. day. until there was none left! And make sure to eat it in front of him in order to better rub in just how delicious, creamy, melty and all-round AWESOME it is.

    Revenge might not be the most charitable use of the prize, but it will certainly make me feel good! Not as good as getting to enjoy the deliciousness of Sheese, though!

  16. oh goodness! I would make beer-cheese soup with the smoked cheddar.. and I would make little hors d’oeuvres with the mild cheddar on rye crackers with spicy seitan and pickle slices… and the red cheddar open face sandwiches.. and I would try to save the mozzarella for mini pizzas, but I’d probably be nibbling it the whole time while making the other things!
    My omni husband likes it in my tofu omelets! mmmmmm. Please send it soon because I’m starving now =)

  17. I’m gonna make us all a second moon. You’ll thank me when Christmas comes around and we all witness the first ever vegan Wallace & Gromit.

  18. I would cry with joy. Following this, I would create the most epic Vegan Sheese pizza in the history of ever and consume all it whilst crying and laughing and listening to french folk music. It would be a beautiful moment.

  19. OMGOMG Sheeeeese! I would make pizza with the mozzarella, or maybe a grilled cheese with the cheddar. Or maybe just joyously roll around in it until it melts and then eat it from the spots I can reach.

  20. If I won I would shout “What a Bute!” and would celebrate Caerphilly… I’m not very mature! I wanted to come up with a funny one-liner to tickle you, but they were all just to damn Sheesey!

  21. I would make vegan pizzas for everyone in my hall at uni to get them open to the idea of good, vegan food : ) also, it would help everyone calm down from the stress of exams with kick-ass pizza!

  22. I’d start crying with happiness because I’d finally be able to have something like cheese which wouldn’t make me feel physically sick/guilt-ridden.
    Then I’d start frantically googling recipes whilst developing intense cheese cravings until my Sheese arrived..
    And when it did, I would spend forever delicately examining the packets and debating which to open first. I’d then probably end up opening them all and consuming small slices very slowly with apples, and other such things, trying to make it last as long as humanly possible.
    Oh, and of course I’d sent ridiculously grateful emails to you, the fabulously wonderful person who blessed me with such a glorious prize.

  23. I would laugh manically and start to conspire about making a pizza so large, so sheesey, so infinitely delectable that the ground would shake with unadulterated vegan power! (then I’d make the pizza and possibly pretend to be a cat)

  24. I guess I would have to make a wee sheese platter for my kids — that would probably be the closest they will ever get to a cheese platter. This, of course, would be followed by lots of cute pictures of the little ones sheesing it out in my blog.

  25. As i live in Austria.i would get the sheese sent to ma sis and watch her eat it via skype…and drool like a mad woman.;-)

  26. I would invite lots of friends for a wonderful buffet: to go with the cheese, I will of course buy good bread (French baguette please) and good vegan red wine. Then I’ll display everything on the table for people to help themselves, and I will add a few bowls of olives, tomatoes, peppers and carrots to make sure the table is colorful. And with my friends around a vegan table, it’s always rainbowy 🙂

  27. being totally honest here, if I won this the first thing I’d do is probably tell twitter…

    BUT FOOD-WISE! I’d make me a damn fine grilled cheese sandwhich, AND THEN maybe some fondu with really chunky rustic bread. MMMmm

    Also can I just say how amazing it is having a competition open to those of us in the uk? So many vegan blogs are US-based and have awesome giveaways all the time that us brits can’t get in on!

  28. Well the first thing I’d do is dance around and brag to the (rescue!) hamsters about my cool new cheese. My boyfriend doesn’t get excited over cheese substitutes and my friends are all too sensible to watch me dance around. But the hamsters wouldn’t mind. I’m just a giant hand to them anyway.

    I’d have nachos first. Possibly with chilli. No, defiantly with chilli. And Pizza with the TVP peperoni from Hearty Vegan. And Pizza without the TVP Pepperoni. And cheese on toast and everything else I can think of until I can’t move and have to spend the rest of the day on the couch feeling sorry for myself. And it would be good.

  29. I’d host a vegan pizza night. No doubt it will be well attended as sheese is delicious and pizza is awesome.

  30. Ooooh! I’d host a party for all my non-vegan family and friends and show them you can have delicious cheeziness without the animal expense. Vegan Cauliflower cheese, mini pizzas, Welsh rarebit. Vegan wine and cheese night!- so many possibilities 🙂

  31. I would have a plan of action….set some dough rising, get a pot of tomato sauce blubbling, slice some shallots very finely and sacrifice some basil plants. Fill the whole house with wonderful smells and open up all the windows so they waft out into the autumn air. I’d slice a mixture of the delicious scheezes very finely and be unable to resist sampling them while the dough rises if only to decide which flavour is the best…by which point my cats will be on vegan cheese red-alert, (as they are finely atuned to the particular rustling that vegan cheese packets make) and will be rolling about the floor, clawing at the cupboards,prowling around like hungry tigers and meowing endlessly until I succumb to give them a scheezy morsel or two. Hopefully they will be satisfied with so many new scheezy flavours to try, and leave me to make a giant pillow-like pizza with all the scheezes melting together to form a bubbling sea of scheezyness.

  32. After jumping up & down & squeaking a lot I’d probably just melt it all & take a bath in it…erm, no, that’d be weird…I’d make the worlds biggest four cheese pizza & share it with all of my friends.

  33. OMG. I would melt it all in a paddling pool and have a Jedward-inspired dance-party. Then pick all the cheezy goodness out of everyone’s feet and make toasties with it. Or, in the real world, I would make a cheesy beano and a pizza and tacos and lasagne and a big ol’ Lionel Richie face sculpture of sheese and gradually melt it into a glorious fondue whilst singing “HELLOOOOOOOO” and wearing ski goggles.

  34. I cannot deny the truth in my heart: I would stuff my face with pizza <3 But that is predictable so I am going to say ummm, cheese face pack?


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