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July & August MiniMoFo Roundup!

July & August MiniMoFo Roundup!

VeganMoFo is just around the corner, but you guys certainly haven’t been slacking! In July and August we invited you to share some delicious desserts with us, and, as always, you’ve delivered. Feast your eyes on all of these treats – but don’t let them distract you too much from your MoFo prep!



Have you ever had a dessert so good that it caused everyone to fall silent? Behold Sarra’s cinnamon and vanilla shortcake with sugared blackberries and whipped cream.



How good does this raw strawberry cheesecake look?! Jenny was celebrating a special occasion (happy anniversary!), so she turned to Isa for the perfect dessert recipe.


Crumbs & Caramel

Sticking with seasonal fruits, Bronwyn made this sensational upside down cherry almond cake. Check out the recipe on her blog if you fancy a slice!



And here’s another dessert for any raw vegans out there! This watermelon cake looks so refreshing!



Valerie has shared loads of dreamy desserts in the past two months, and who could resist this colourful raspberry and blueberry mousse?



Here at VeganMoFo HQ, we’re huge fans of Kristy’s food -and she has outdone herself with these amazing dessert tacos! These are lace cookies shaped like tacos and filled with cocowhip, fruit, and chocolate.



This deconstructed blueberry pie looks insanely cute – not to mention delicious! And Jennifer has promised more desserts during September, so stay tuned…



Lisa was served this mocha ice cream with nuts and chocolate on all-vegan cruise – it sounds like she’s truly living the dream!



Everyone loves dessert – and that includes the Slayer! Here’s Buffy trying to decide between two tempting desserts. Which one would you choose?



Emma managed to get her hands on vegan mille feuille! Presumably you’re all as jealous as I am…



This MiniMoFo prompt was pretty much made for Robin, as her Instagram is full of cute, colourful desserts. These cupcakes are just one example of her amazing work.


Living the Dream

Jen had a bit of an adventure trying to make this Elvis cake to celebrate her colleague’s birthday…we think you’ll agree that it was worth all the trouble though!


Herbivores’ Heaven

Jenny shared the top five desserts she’s been served, including this incredible chocolatey concoction!



There’s been something of a heatwave in Europe this summer, and you know what that means – ice cream at every opportunity! It’s basic survival, people!



Dominique is teaching her daughter an important lesson: when life gives you imperfect cakes, turn them into a trifle!



Angela offers up these ginger cookies two ways: as they are, or transformed into ice cream sandwiches. Which would you go for?



Amber usually skips dessert, but we can see why she made an exception for these deep fried Oreos. Wow!