The blogroll file is here!

The blogroll file is here!

Our expert OPML file creator worked as fast as possible to get this to you, so, click here to get the file that you put into Feedly or your other RSS reader:

VeganMoFo 2014 Blogroll

Please keep in mind that part of the success of getting all of the blogs correctly added to the file is that we get the correct RSS feed – some people put answers like ‘doesn’t work’ or that they don’t know their RSS url, those obviously we can spot and correct, but with 400 blogs we have to take your word that the link you gave us is correct. So if you signed up and you do not see your blog when you download the file, comment on this post with your blog name and we will compile a corrections post of the feeds that were missed, so people can add you to their feed reader themselves. You don’t have to re-give us all of the information you filled out on the form, just give us your blog address and we will look it up and fill it in ourselves. We know it sucks to see your blog missing, we will get your blog out to the community as quickly as possible, promise!

The lists that arrange the blogs by country/theme/etc. will be coming shortly, when they’re ready we’ll make another post and update the links to the right.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Happy MoFoing, everyone!

56 thoughts on “The blogroll file is here!

    1. Ahh ok ! I see that now with the RSS feed URL which is still registered under the name “UK Rasoi” .. Apologies for troubling you with the query.

      Waiting for the full list now


        1. I did a search on how to install OPML file into a reader. I had to download the whole html file (there is a download option at the top of the page) and install it in my reader. I used I signed in using my google account and there was an option to install the html file I downloaded.

          It sounds more difficult then it actually was. Head here
          and click on Import OPML and follow the prompts.

          Hope that helps until the MoFoers can better answer your questions.


  1. I’m not sure if the list is suppose to read as a html coding but is it possible that it can be fixed as a list? Also, I email months ago interested in this year MoFo. I’m from Happy Vegan Vibes.

    With Love & Good Vibes

  2. Thanks so much for the blog list! I can’t participate this year but I sure love reading the MoFo posts and I always refer to the Vegan MoFo blogroll to link up recipes on my weekly vegan news you can use post! Happy MoFo’ing, everyone! You’re going to rock it!

  3. My RSS feed is correct and is included, but does not import correctly with the OPML file to feedly. When I imported the file, 298 blogs and websites came up. Mine was not among them. Not sure what the issue is, but I thought should report it. Thanks!

  4. Hiya 🙂 I’m included in the HTML script but when I import it into Feedly my blog doesn’t appear… I messaged when I applied and said I wasn’t sure about the RSS feed… Thank you for this amazing list and hope I can appear on it once you get a chance to see what’s happened with mine xx

  5. Hi Vegan MoFo’ers!

    I missed the deadline to be included on the blogroll this year, BUT I’ll still be blogging about delicious new recipes daily and posting comments on other bloggers’ posts daily anyway! I would LOVE it if folks would add my blog, Choose Your Own Food Chain, to their feeds! Here is my RSS url and my blog address:

    RSS url:
    blog address:

    Thanks all, much love, and happy MoFo’ing!!

  6. Thanks for putting everything together!!

    I downloaded and then imported the OPML file into Feedly. It’s only showing 291+8 (299 total) sources. Is this all the blogs? Or have I lost my way on this digital path?? ANYONE???

  7. This is just proving how un-tech savvy I am. I have Googled, I have YouTubed but I still have no idea where to put this into my FeedBurner. I know you are super busy but please help the technology unfortunate.

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