Vegan Eats World Giveaway

Vegan Eats World Giveaway


I can’t tell you how excited I am for this new cookbook Vegan Eats World from Terry Hope Romero. Last year I attempted to be a recipe tester but I was injured and I honestly couldn’t do anything. I would look at the recipes and read about them in the tester forum and think someday, they will be mine. Oh yes, they will be mine. I did convince my non-cooking partner to tackle the seitan pho and it was the best I’ve ever had. And pho is one of my most favorite foods, I search it out. Her coriander spiced seitan is the best I’ve ever tried and the broth was so richly spiced and delicious that I can still remember it a year later. 

Terry knows food. The Veganomicon, written by Terry & Isa came out quite a few years ago now and it is still often praised as the greatest vegan cookbook of all time. I have made countless recipes from it, the book taught me how to cook. Then Viva Vegan came and my mind was blown again if you have it and you haven’t made the tempeh pie, seriously do it tonight. So I have been waiting for this one since the moment it was announced.

I think Terry is the perfect person to try and tackle…um…the whole world because she is such a nerd. She really gets into the critical elements of the different cuisines, you will learn how to make preserved lemons, cabbage kimchi, dukkah, and other condiments. She also has tons of building blocks like lemon and olive chikpea seitan and baked tofu. Then there are the recipes from potato pierogi with fried onions to chickpea crepes to veggie bulgogi or golden tandoori tofu all of the best cuisines are represented. You can tell from reading the recipes that she loves to research and make everything as authentic as possible but usually with a vegan twist. She isn’t just veganizing recipes but often reimagining them combining the best ingredients with vegan cooking techniques. A few weeks ago Isa posted her Tofu Scramble Bahn Mi, and I looked at it and thought, this is what vegan food should be like.

I said I would could write this giveaway ’cause I can gush about Terry all day long, but I know you want this book as much as I do so instead I will end it here with the giveaway:



Two copies will be shipped to your US or Canada address if you can tell me: What food do you like the best that is not native to your country? So if you live in the US you can say poutine but if you live in Canada you better not! You have until Nov 1st at noon to enter.



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  1. The reason my pantry and freezer look like the UN General Assembly is due entirely to my love of exploring the culinary world! To choose one dish that is not native to Canada is like asking to choose your favourite recipe by Terry OF ALL TIME.
    Favourite ingredient: Jackfruit. From Indian to Thai to TexMex to Ethiopian, the Jackfruit turns into something extraordinary!
    Favourite bread: Injera. It’s magical.
    Favourite main course: Either spicy tikka masala or green Thai curry. Today the Thai curry is winning …
    Favourite dessert: Spekuloos cookies.

  2. Jachnun is a traditional Yeminite Jewish dish of rolled dough that’s baked in an oven for up to 10 hours. Imagine puff pastry that’s turned thick, chewy, sweet and delicious. Many people like to eat it with hot sauce called skhug, though I’ve always liked it on the sweeter side, dipped in maple syrup or agave. Favorite ever!

  3. I LOVE all kinds of thai food! But many dishes from Spain hold a special place in my heart as well– one of my favorites is paella 🙂

  4. Sambusas – sort of like West African samosas that are filled with lentils instead of chickpeas/potatoes. I get them at a restaurant near my college campus and they are SO GOOD with this delicious spicy jalapeño sauce.

  5. Raggmunkar! A raggmunk is a Swedish potato pancake (can be either vegan or not). Raggmunkar are typically served with lingon berry jam, and this is a very common meal you can find at any Swedish restaurant while visiting Sweden.

  6. There are oh so many to choose from, but I think I’ll have to go with good ol’ reliable falafel. I could honestly eat falafel every day . . . In fact, I kinda totally want one right now, just thinking about it . . .

  7. I love all sorts of non-USA foods! I am lucky though that CA is such a melting pot of traditions and culture! I suppose Italian food and Mexican food is what we cook most around here and crave most though!

  8. Oooo…so many great items already listed. I would have to go with udon. As plain noodles, in soup, any way I can get them. Yumyumyum.

  9. KOSHARY, the ultimate Egyptian street food. It’s cheaper than heck (about a $1 for a huge bowl), more delicious than anything, and is accidentally vegan. Plus it’s fun to watch being made.

    Ingredients: elbow noodles, rice, lentils, chickpeas, fried onions and tomato sauce with a garlic-cumin-vinegar sauce, all cooked separately and then each scooped into a bowl when you order it.

  10. I love so many foods! I’m known for rarely making a recipe twice, but the rules say I need to tell what food I like the best that is not native to my country. Today I think it is Indian food or a good Dal to be more (but not entirely) specific.

  11. My favorite food is lasagna, which is technically not native to the U.S. (although I think of it as native coming from an Italian American family). My favorite not native to me cuisine is Indian and bengan bharta from my local take-out place is my favorite Indian dish.

  12. I looove burritos. Or any of the other wonderful arrangements of beans, rice, tortilla, cilantro, salsa and jalepenos. But I’d definitely say most of the food I eat is not American cuisine. When going out to dinner with a non-vegan who is unsure about whether or not I can find something at a given restaurant, I usually assure them that I can eat anything other than American food 🙂

  13. Woah! I adore so many other cuisines, but Thai food is my jam. Salt and pepper tofu? Curries? Cashew stir-frys? Tom Yum and Tom Kha soup!? Yes please!

  14. Pho! There is a place here in DC called Pho 14 that makes a fuji apple based pho with lots of tofu, mushrooms, and veggies. It is my favorite cold weather meal of all time.

  15. Nachos or maybe kung pao tofu or maybe a tasty bahn mi! Who am I kidding I don’t really ever even eat American food. Haha

  16. Since I’m not from italy it probably counts if I say pasta is my all time favorite food from another country. It’s so versatile. And delicious on it’s own, too. I love tortellini and linguine specially but all kind of pasta is fine. Though I think enriched is a word that doesn’t belong onto a package of pasta at all. Damn food industry that puts unnecessary stuff in everything!

  17. Kalamata olives, hummus, & Jameson’s (although not necessarily in that order but most definitely not all at the same time)

  18. That’s a super tough question!! How can we possibly narrow it down to just one? I am a brand new vegan (yeah for me!) and I am proud to say that I posted 20 times and ate vegan for the entire month of October… as simple as this sounds, I am going to say Coconut Milk …..brand new taste for me, but I love it!

  19. I am hooked on Saag Aloo Choley, which I get from the Indian restaurant near my neighborhood. The spices in Indian food are so earthy and rich – I just can’t get enough!

  20. I love Ethiopian food! Eating a plate of yemiser wot, atkilt wot, y’abesha gomen, with some injera bread is simply scrumptious. Eating with your hands really connects you with your food and all its textures.

  21. Wow, that’s a really hard question… I love so much food.. but the first thing that comes to mind is Thai Drunken Noodles.

  22. Gah, I want this book. Probably 98% of what I eat originates from other countries, since the US is a melting pot. Bun bi chay might be my favorite– Vietnamese vermicelli.

  23. But… poutine is the best! I can’t believe we can’t even get vegan poutine in Montreal. So sad.

    It’s really hard to choose my favourite non-Canadian food, but I think I’d have to say miso soup, as it became my comfort food of choice when I went vegan. It’s really fast and easy to make, too!

  24. Flavoured peanut butters. Does that counts? Otherwise I’m going to say sweet dumpling squash, because that definitely can’t be found in Australia!

  25. Pretty much any kind of Mexican food – I’ve got enchiladas in the refrigerator right now. Everything is better in a tortilla with some salsa. Yum!

  26. I love love love Mexican and Thai done vegan (not at all difficult!) DE-LISH. Terry Hope Romero is a goddess!! 🙂

  27. Oh man I want this book! My fave non-native food is hard to pin . . . But I think it would have to be mexican. All of it. Burritos, tacos, sopes, chips and guac, all of it!

  28. Tofu & vegetable pho! It’s a perfect pick-me-up and ultimate comfort food, especially in the cold. I could use a nice big bowl right about now…

  29. I like Ramen.
    Korean ramen more specificallly
    with tofu , vegetables and spicy red pepper powder
    I make them from a package with frozen veg that I have put into freezer bags , extra red pepper powder and a block of cubed fresh tofu.

    dinner is 6 minutes!

  30. That is a hard one from me as I believe Southern Food rules, but if I have to pick out of my country I’d say Italian.

  31. I’m pretty sure poutine is the only thing native to Canada anyway, haha. I would have to say tacos are my favourite non-native food in Canada. Yum!

  32. I love chinese food, especially general tso’s tofu (which I know is pretty much an American dish, but I can pretend).

  33. It’s 11:11 AM here, hope I’m not too late! I’m from Ontario, but I love burritoes and all ethnic cuisine (curries, asian spiced rice dishes, etc).

  34. I adore Indian Food, and wonder how I ever lived without it. Must have been in that large, diverse, food-loving country in a previous life. I even get my favorite Indian restaurant to box and freeze goodies for me when I’m taking a road trip to some area with no known Indian restaurants. It’s the spices, and creative uses of vegetables that keep me coming back.
    Most everything grows in the US, especially with the warming brought on by climate change, so I can’t think of individual food item that does not grow here in my home country. Ok, maybe kiwi, which I love, yet I’m sure someone in Cali is growing them these days. Great giveaway to end MoFo 2012. Thanks!

  35. Yay, this book is on my wishlist so thanks for having the contest open to Canadians! I love to cook foreign-to-me food so pinpointing my favorite is tricky, but my heart has a soft spot for Ethiopian stews (especially misir wat…spicy red lentils!), sopped up with plenty of injera!

  36. Chilaquiles. My mom lived in Mexico for a while and they’ve been my favorite food since I was a kid. I don’t understand why they aren’t on the menu at every single Mexican restaurant!

  37. Hopefully not too late.

    I’m an Olive lover/addict/afficianado/craver. I’ll take them any way, any how, and love the shrivelled up raisiny ones as much as the thumb-sized Bella ones that you eat like a fruit, taking little bites off of the pit. Luckily we have a wonderful Italian market in the Canadian city (Edmonton) I live in, so my cravings can be satisfied 😉

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