Vegan Essentials Giveaway And Discount Code! (Hint: It’s “mofo”)

Vegan Essentials Giveaway And Discount Code! (Hint: It’s “mofo”)

We have our winners!! Congrats to Nathalie who said  “I would love to try to Cocomels coconut milk caramels!” You are the winner of the $30 gift certificate.

And  Denice Lucas who said “I am DYING to try the vegan cheeses. I am a cheese freak and would love to find a vegan alternative.” You are the winner of the $15 gift certificate!

Thanks for playing everyone, and remember that the 10% off coupon code is good for the entire month of October!

Since I’ve relocated to the Midwest, Vegan Essentials has become my friendly neighborhood vegan grocer. Ok, maybe they are hundreds of miles away, but still, that’s the closest I’m going to get to my precious Dr. Cow Nut Cheeses and my fave whipped topping in the world (Healthy Top, if you gotta’ know.) After placing a few orders that were always prompt and well-packaged, I knew that whenever I had reason to thank someone, I’d do it with a Vegan Essentials gift certificate. When it comes time to show some love, forget hugs, I give ‘em marshmallows or whatever their heart desires. And this month, dear MoFoer’s, Vegan Essentials wants to show YOU some love!

Chocolate heart ordered from VE, by Laziest Vegans In The World

In this giveaway, everyone’s a winner! For the entire month of October, Vegan Essentials is offering 10% of all items, with use of the coupon code “mofo.” So get your chocolate, your cheezes, and even your vegan twinkees on! I suppose I always look at a VE order as a chance to get cool treats that I can’t normally find. But they also have clothing, vitamins and books! Yep, they’re not called Vegan Essentials for nothing.

And the fun doesn’t end there. Vegan Essentials is also offering two gift certificates to two lucky winners today! The mama gift certificate for $30 and the baby gift certificate for $15.

Ryan, the founder of Vegan Essentials, doing some light lifting

To enter, just leave a comment below by 1pm EST tomorrow, Monday 10/8, telling us which Vegan Essentials product you are dying to try *or* talk about a recent order and how awesome it was! Be sure to include a valid email address so that we can contact you. The two winners will be randomly selected and announced around after the giveaway has ended. This offer is worldwide, open to all. Good luck!

*only exceptions are cat/dog food over 9 lbs. in weight and cold shippers for sending frozen items.


174 thoughts on “Vegan Essentials Giveaway And Discount Code! (Hint: It’s “mofo”)

  1. I would absolutely love to try healthy top whipped topping! I haven’t braved making my own just yet – though I have been wanting to try Isa’s recipe for awhile.

  2. I’ve wanted to try Dr. Cow for forever, but nervousness about whether I would like it combined with spendy-ness has kept me away. Maybe now’s the time…

  3. I’m a huge cheese fan and have never tried the Dr. Cow products. Would love a chance to try them – what a great way to celebrate vegan mofo!

  4. I have heard such good things about Dr. Cow, but have never tried it, because I couldn’t rationalize the expense. I don’t really like soy cheese, nut-based cheeses are where it’s at for me. Every time I think I’m going to order some, I talk myself out of it, thinking, “I could make my own.” But I never do.

  5. I am dying to try Dr. Cow Nut Cheeses!! I am waiting for winter here in Florida. So they don’t melt in shipping. Someone needs to start a vegan grocer in the south.

  6. I’ve never had the Dr. Cow Nut Cheeses…. I’ve been wanting to try them for over a year now, since hearing about them! It would make me so happy to be able to afford trying them =)

  7. just moved from NYC to the south and have been missing vegan cheese!!! alas only pulled pork and ham bones around me :/

  8. I would LOVE to try some of the facial cleansers! I’m always on the hunt for cruelty-free products that work well, without going broke in the process. I’d love to get my hands on those Tate’s products!! 🙂

  9. I *heart* Vegan Essentials. I bought a chain wallet from them for my husband almost ten years ago and – guess what – he’s still using it! Great, quality products. If I win a gift card I plan to get the Vegan Star t-shirt in the clearance section (I’m a clearance hound) and the rest I would spend on the two greatest things in the world – cheese and chocolate!

  10. I’m sure I need some Ricemellow Creme. I could revisit the peanut butter marshmallow creme sandwiches of my childhood.

  11. I’ve been desperately wanting to try ALL of the Dr. Cow but cheeses as well as the Punk Rawk but cheeses! Also, the Choc & Nut hazelnut/cashew/chocolate spread has been calling my name.
    Being a college student living in my own apartment, buying what I call “luxury” foods like these is well, a luxury! A gift card to Vegan Essentials would be such an exciting way to treat myself to some vegan goodies!

  12. Would love to try The Vegg Vegan Egg Yolk. I have seen it used in so many recipes but I cannot buy it anywhere even remotely close to Michigan. The Dr. Nut Cow Cheese sounds awesome too. 🙂

  13. I’ve never ordered from Vegan Essentials before, but I’m running low on vitamins and could use some more (so boring), and of course I always need more chocolate. 🙂

  14. Cool giveaway! They have a vegan DHA supplement I’ve been eager to try. Also, during MoFo I saw a recipe for egg noodles made from Vegg by The Vegan Word that would be fun to do!

  15. I’d love to try several cheese alternatives.

    Organic Pistachio Pesto also sounds delicious, and there’s several interesting cook books. And I haven’t even checked the cosmetics, shoes or clothes yet…

  16. I’m pregnant and had been advised to take a DHA supplement, but couldn’t find a vegan one anywhere until I remembered Vegan Essentials. It shipped quickly, doesn’t taste “fishy,” and doesn’t have any scary preservatives.

  17. I would love to try the white chocolate or some of the candy bars! (That’s the 5 year old in me talking.)

  18. I totally want to try the Sjaak’s Organic Dark Chocolate Orange Halloween Bites… they kind of remind me of those chocolate oranges I would get in my Christmas stocking as a kid (pre-veg days) that you would slam to break open.

  19. I’m really dying to get some Vegetarian shoes, but it’s a little scary buying them from across the country. However, I hear that Vegan Essentials has a great return/exchange policy and know how the shoes fit (which brand runs large or small). Also, they are a little out of my price range, so some help with the cost would be great! 🙂

  20. I still haven’t gotten to try the Chicago Soy Dairy mozzerella sticks. Also, the Sweet and Sara seasonal items!

  21. I have been dying to try Sweet & Sara marshmallows. They are a well sought after food item here in Canada and we can never seem to get our hands on them. Would love to make my vegan babes hot chocolate and add these sweet little numbers, making me best Mama ever.

    From my mess to yours, Happy Vegan MoFo

  22. I am in desperate need of some chocolatey treats to tide me through Halloween, some marshmallows to roast over the fall campfires, and some magical melty vegan cheese!

  23. We live in the Midwest as well so I feel your pain. Love Pangea and Vegan Essentials for getting us through the tough times. I really want to buy some of the ghost and bat marshmallows for the kids. They look like the perfect Halloween treat for my little vegans.

  24. I just placed an order with Vegan Essentials and eagerly awaiting my Veggs and No Miss nail polish to arrive!

  25. Do this summer I went back home to Germany and discovered spacebars by Wheaty. They are so ridiculously delicious and the ingredient list does not look like it came straight out of a chem lab. I’ve been whining about having them here ever since my return and just a few days ago I saw that veganessentials has them. Here is the link. Everyone should try them:
    Problem is I went back to school and as it is my last semester I can’t work as much and simply can’t afford it right now. That’s why that gift certificate would be heaven sent because I could get some spacebars to get me through my next 10 papers. One as a reward for each paper 🙂

  26. I ordered Valeo’s (now discontinued) weightlifting gloves from Vegan Essentials and they were very helpful over the phone describing the measurements for each size. If I won the gift certificate, I’d order the nut-based cheeses, gum, and nail polish. Hook me up, Isa & Vegan Essentials!

  27. I would love to try Dr. Cow cheese. I’ve been wanting to try fancier vegan cheeses for a while but they don’t stock them anywhere near me and the price+shipping tends to stop me from purchasing it online.

  28. some Dr.Cow would definitely be the first thing to order, and a couple of more vegan cheese, and some jerky, and maybe a ham log, and some soy curls, and a few Gardein package, and… oh! I forgot the Celebration field roast..!

  29. I have been vegetarian for most of my 43 years. In March, I decided to try veganism. It has been a fun challenge – trying new recipes with new ingredients. I never thought I would be eating nutritional yeast and liking it! Added bonus, I have lost 30 pounds. I have missed rice crispy treats – and accidentally ruined them for some of my non-vegetarian/vegan friends by educating them on the contents of gelatin/marshmallows. 🙂 I think I would try any of the Sweet and Sara items! Thanks for all of the great inspiration!

  30. There are so many things I want to try! The Free & Easy Dairy-Free Cheese Flavor Sauce Mix, The Vegg egg sub, and sooooo many more things!


  31. I get my awesome D3 and mascara from here on a regular basis. And had shopped with them for YEARS. Great customer service!

  32. Their faux leather biker jacket by vegetarian shoes and butler soy curls which I’ve never tried are at the top of my list. It’s starting to get chilly around here so why not do it n cool animal and eco-friendly style?

  33. In addition to the great food I received from Vegan Essentials this week, there were several household items I had never used before and I am glad that I tried them. One is Dr. Singha’s Feng Shui Spray. I am now addicted to this. There is just something about it. The other item is Grab Green’s garbage disposal freshener & cleaner. The manufacturer recommends using it twice a week, but I used it last week and it has not been necessary to do it a second time this week.

  34. I am in love with Alternative Baking Company Vegan Cookies. I would love to have an excuse to buy a dozen or so of them and fatten myself up for the holidays.

  35. I have been wanting to try those Punk Raw raw nut cheeses for ages. Dr. Cow has been my favorite but competition can be good, especially for the under-appreciated raw nut cheeses.

  36. I’ve been really curious to try Punk Rawk Labs nut cheeses, and some flavors of Dr. Cow that I haven’t tried yet. Also, WHITE CHOCOLATE CHIPS! Yes, those get all caps. 🙂

  37. Before we moved from Wisconsin, we drove to Milwaukee and visited the warehouse. I bought a pair of boots and my husband got a belt a Lot of food packs. It was a little overwhelming to be surrounded by so many vegan products. I wanted everything.

  38. I can’t wait to try and make vegan hot chocolate mixes to give away to friends this Holiday Season. The only thing I can’t find is rice-milk powder and Lucuma powder and Vegan Essentials has both!!

  39. I have not tried the Dr. Cow cheeses, but I’m WILDLY curious to! I’ve heard and read that they’re to *live* for 🙂 Thank you Isa, Vegan MoFo and VE for the discount and winning opportunity! Good luck folks! xoxo

  40. I would love to try some of the marshmallow products.. dandies or sweet and sara’s.. besides the obvious of s’more’s (!!), there are recipes that call for marshmallow (ie: frosting, cakes, sweet potato bake), oh! And… hot cocoa it IS getting cold out there!.. thanks for the giveaway. :)-

  41. I love the “Vegetarians Taste Better” bumper sticker (already have a couple from Vegan Essentials, but I always need more!), but I also really want to try the Earthlings Organics Raw Foods Bar and Rawtella. I’m trying to eat mostly raw now but definitely still have some sweets cravings every now and then!
    Peace, Love & Kale

  42. I love sweets! I ordered the donuts in the Spring and they were awesome…would love to try the cookie dough.

  43. My local natural foods store stopped carrying vegan dog biscuits and my puppy is sooo sad. I’d love a gift certificate so I can order some boxes of Mr. Pugsley’s Peanut Butter Biscuits. Woof!

  44. I live in the midwest and my city has two Whole Foods, two Trader Joe’s, two “natural food” co-ops, several other “natural food” stores, a vegan bakery, a bar that serves all vegan pub grub, and up until recently a vegan gourmet restaurant and a vegan hot dog cart. Still, Vegan Essentials sells some unique stuff that I can’t get here, so I’d still love to win.

  45. Oh yeah, also a Loving Hut and at least one other vegetarian restaurant (and probably a few more that I’m forgetting). In the midwest.

  46. I LOVE Vegan Essentials! I’m (im)patiently waiting for the Punk Rawk cheeses to be back in stock – those are my absolute favorite. And it’s just so nice to be able to buy ANYTHING from them and know that I don’t have to check the ingredients when I get it. Plus, 99.9% of the time I get my package the day after I place my order so I don’t even have to wait long to get my treats 🙂 Oh, and I think that it’s really awesome that they work with local companies to get them to make vegan products – ex. the baked goods from Larsen Bakery which are all super yummy!

  47. I’m a huge fan of VE…always great service and lots of hard-to-find-things.
    I’ve always wanted to try the Millionaire’s Chocolate Caramel Shortbread Cookies…I’ve heard they are squealingly yumful and vegan chocolate with caramel? ummm, yeah!

  48. I would love to try the Eat Pastry cookie dough. I can’t get it anywhere near me and I’ve been dying to get some!

  49. One vegan cheese that I haven’t tried yet, but have heard lots about, is the Punk Rawk Labs nut milk cheese……they sound so good!! LOVE Vegan Essentials 🙂

  50. Love the folks at Vegan Essentials. I am grateful for VE so I can get my WF Smoked Hickory cheese spread, but I am up for trying some nut cheeses too!

  51. The liquid eyeliner! The powders/foundations! Mascara! Tints of Nature Permanent Hair Colorings!

    Vegan Butterscotch Baking Chips by Lieber’s! Chocolate Cashew Brittle! Better than Ricotta Cheese! Daiya Wedges! Dr. Cow Tree Nut Cheese! Punk Rawk Labs Vegan Nut Milk Cheeses! Teese! Sheese! Parma! Rawtella! Kale chips! Goji berries! Hemp seed! Gardein Sloppy Joes! Tofurky Beer Brats! Gardein’s Ultimate Beefless Burger! Fantastic Foods’ Sloppy Joe Mix! Artichoke Burgers! Everything by Field Roast! Gardein’s Meatless Meatballs! Cowgirl Veggie Steaks! Agar! Arrowroot! Vegan Bouillon Cubes! Raw pestos! Nayonaise!

    If I had to cut it down to one: probably Daiya’s Havarti wedge – I’ve heard such great things!

  52. I’m dying to try your favorite item, the Dr. Cow Nut cheese!! I’ve heard great things and reallllly wanna try it!

  53. I would definitely love to order Veganomicon by Isa Chandra and I would really like to find a good vegan cheese that I like. .

  54. They have these veggie snack sausages that I’ve been wanting to try for a while now. I used to get a veggie salami from them years ago, but I think it has been long discontinued. I miss it so.

  55. i’d love to try one of the fancy cheeses, and i also need a new belt! oh..and i’d love to try your fave whipped creme. the ones in the cans never come out!

  56. Vegan essentials is my go-to source for anything vegan! I have been dying to try the Choc & Nut hazelnut chocolate spread!

  57. I’ve never had a vegan toffee and was so excited to see it sold here! I really want to try the Organic Dark Chocolate English Toffee Bites by Sjaaks. Yummm.

  58. I would try any kind of baking product, its a good excuse not to have to sit around doing multi-regression analysis this week.

  59. I lovelovelove VE! I live in Wisconsin, so whenever I order from them my stuff arrives incredibly quickly. If I won, I’d splurge on some stuff I wouldn’t normally buy… such as those freshly baked donuts. I haven’t had a donut in three years but I can never bring myself to order them…!

  60. What a wonderful giveaway! I recently placed an order and bought Vegan Macaroni & Cheese by Leahey Gardens and am DYING to buy it again. It was so delicious!

  61. I am dying to try the vegan marshmallows!!! I have an impending camping trip next weekend, and want something for my s’mores!

  62. I want those Millionaire’s Chocolate Caramel Shortbread Cookies! I mean, look at them. They’ve got three layers of vegan deliciousness.

  63. It’s all about the imports …
    1) Biscoff Spread. Spekuloos are my favourite cookie in the world, and the mere thought of this cookie in spread form makes me incoherant … I even invented my own soy latte to taste just like a spekuloos cookie!
    2) Vegan truffles. Oh how I crave thee. Especially during the holidays!
    3) Dr. Cow Nut Cheese. I really want to try a professional nut cheese, as opposed to the versions I produce … often with the smoke alarm going off.

  64. I would love to try Audrey’s Vegan Raw Food Bites, the Indian Summer selection. It would be great to toss in my and my kids backpacks for lunch during the week.

  65. I’d love to try the Hazelnut Biscotti MimicCreme or Organic Dulse! This website has so many amazing products to choose from, it’s hard to narrow it down to one.

  66. I have been dying to try Sweet & Sara marshmallows my whole vegan life and would love to use this certificate to try it! hope I win, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE 🙂

  67. Usually if I order from Vegan Essentials, I get foods that can be shipped without the cold pack. My last order was The Vegg (which I LOVE!) and SoyCurls (which I fell in love with at VidaVeganCon).

    I’m dying to try Dr Cow’s Tree Nut Cheeses, and Sheese’s Gouda flavoured cheese.

    I’d also have to pick up a package of Sweet & Sara Toasted Coconut Marshmallows. Yum.

  68. Hello 🙂
    I’m would love to try the Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Peanut Butter by Peanut Butter & Co.
    Sounds and looks delicious 🙂

  69. Ooooooh I’m just DYING to have some Daiya cheese! Can’t get that over here (NL), nor do we have vegan sour cream. So I’d love some of that Wayfare’s too! Chocolate beans, Earth bars, vegan marshmallows, dark chocolate mint mills… Do I really have to pick just ONE item??? How cruel! 😉 I guess it would be Daiya then.
    Awesome giveaway – love it that it’s worldwide! 😀

  70. Mom was JUST saying how long it’s been since she had a box of chocolates (due to diet restrictions) and I do like to surprise her! Did I mention she also loves cashews? 😉

    Must say, as a chocolate lover myself, EVERY ONE of your offerings sound tempting — can there REALLY be a white chocolate done in a vegan fashion? Plus a vegan chocolate spread?! Genius!

  71. Ahhh, I want to try the Sweet n Sara smores so much, any time I’ve seen anyone post a picture of them I get jealous.

  72. I would totally get the vegan donuts (I am deprived and my coffee is lonely), whipped topping, marshmallows for baking, and probably some cheese that I haven’t tried as well.


  73. I used to order from VE when I lived in the US but I haven’t since moving to Europe. I so miss dandies and the chocolate selection.

  74. There’s so much buzz about this Dr. Cow Cheese. How could I not be craving it even though I’ve never even seen it? (I miss cheese!)

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