Vegan MoFo 2014 – Sunday Round Up

Vegan MoFo 2014 – Sunday Round Up

It’s been a week, and I’m back for another round of Sunday goodies. And goodies you had on your minds! Loads of you must have felt that sweets are where Sunday’s at, and I’m happy to highlight your preferences.

Those of you who posted your MoFo Chopped entries, or decided to actually eat something on the savory side today, will find these luscious offerings appealing.

Let’s get to it!


Up first is Mimi’s Fairy Cakes. She presents a Carrot Cake that I’m pretty sure is raw, but my Google Translate decided to act all uppity and not work today, so I’m just using my strong intuitive powers to surmise this. You decide:




Vegan Chai was up to no good, via another blogger, when she baked up a batch of these amazingly wonderful looking S’Mores Cookies. Even Jojo found them delectable!



Cooking with Some Help created Cashew Lemon Bars with Date Crust. Three of my fave ingredients: cashew. lemon. date. I’ll have some drop-shipped please!




If these treats aren’t enough, take a look at Mammi’s Lingonberry Pie. Oh man! Not only is this beautiful, with it’s gorgeous hue, but it looks so delicious. Sour berries, a sweet crust. I have to make this! A little interesting bit to note is that she calls for soy yogurt or oat yogurt. I haven’t even heard of oat yogurt!




And because the best sweets are the ones that help a great cause, Suzie V Homemaker is applauded not just for her Baked Donut Holes, but for making them for a bake sale to help the animal advocacy she works.




Finally, although I realize that some parts of the world are basking in cool luxury, San Diego is experiencing its hottest weather of the YEAR. YEAR, folks! Let’s empathize with us poor Californians and gaze longingly at this colorful, and I am sure spectacular, frozen treat from Artistic Vegan, Blueberry Nicecream. With two ingredients, it is perfectly doable!



Keep posting for MoFo! You are almost halfway there! I’ll catch you next week, enjoying cooler fall weather, I hope!



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