Vegan MoFo Saturday Round-up: So many bookmarks!

Vegan MoFo Saturday Round-up: So many bookmarks!

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’ve been bookmarking recipes and blog posts left and right this week. My gosh, we’re just starting Week Two – and I’ve already got lots of new recipes tempting me. What fun! It’s hard to keep up with all the MoFo activity, so I had a great time today surfing around and seeing what’s been going on. Here are some of my favorite posts from today:

you know you want some

vegan. in. brighton was so smitten with the new PPK recipe for Apple Pie Pancakes that she posted twice in one day. On a Saturday. Friends, that really says something about these pancakes. Must try!

I’ve been loving Cold and Sleepy Cooks‘ theme of working her way through the alphabet for MoFo – and her G is for Garlic entry is right up my alley. Her garlic soup sounds amazing, plus there are bonus pics everyday of her adorable little mini-vegan.

In case you are a sushi lover, Bread Without Butter (great blog name!) did a really beautiful tutorial on how to make Tofu Musubi. I don’t even like sushi all that much, but this amazing post got me in the mood for some seaweed action. Also, she gives 3 different ways to make it – so anyone can do it!

Awesome. Vegan. Rad. made a great-looking Vietnamese Noodle Salad, and shares a recipe for some very tempting Spicy Grilled Korean Tofu. I spent all day a bake sale today, and after looking at all those sweeties, this super-savory meal looks totally magical.

Even though I’m a bit sweetied-out, I know not everyone is. Plus, you can’t very well have a round-up with out a treat or two. So, for dessert, Vegan Culinary Crusade has some beautiful pictures and an easy recipe for almond-date truffles – a quick weekend treat or an easy gift for a friend.

Or, perhaps you are in the mood for something more decadent! Another little round dessert, but a whole different ball game (ha ha!) – check out Hobby and More‘s amazing Gulab Jamun recipe! I love the name gulab jamun so much, but they’re pretty much never vegan. Now you can make them for yourself and revel in the fun!

Happy Weekend MoFo Friends!


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  1. Wow, thanks for featuring my pancakes!! As soon as I read the post on Bread Without Butter I put one of those sushi gadgets on my kitchen equipment wish list!

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