VeganMoFo2014: Round-up Day Four!

VeganMoFo2014: Round-up Day Four!

Hello MoFo’ers and MoFo Appreciators!

I’ve just spent a bunch of time grooving out over at Have you checked out that site yet? It’s such a great way to see people’s latest mofo posts, and it’s especially a great way to discover new-to-you blogs. I already found a bunch of blogs that I’d like to add to my blog roll.

MoFo2014 is off to a strong start, and I found a bunch of great posts to share with you all:

IMG_1603Did you see Deerly Beloved Bakery’s Baked Peaches with Pistachio Frangipane? Be still my heart! I love baked peaches, so that’s a good start – but the idea of pistachio frangipane is truly next level. Right on! Also, I always swoon over her Instagrams pics, so I’m super excited to bookmark a whole month’s worth of recipes from Deerly Beloved.

RigatoniVodka-768x1024Over at Good Good Things, they’ve put a too-liquidy batch of cashew creme to glorious use in a Rigatoni with Vodka Sauce. Creamy and full of tomatoey goodness.

20140904-botaniq1I can’t actually read any of the Swedish in this post from Emmas Vegoblogg, but I can surmise that someone had a pretty great dinner out in Copenhagen. Also, the descriptions of each dish are in English. Just check out this amazing first course with asparagus, basil aioli, rhubarb, and hazelnuts. Yes, please. No matter the language barrier, I can drool over the pictures like a pro.

tacos1I am actually completely freaked out by horror movies, but I know a solid MoFo theme when I see one – and I love Bankrupt Vegan‘s 80’s Horror Movies Theme. And I especially love how she uses tofu scramble to tastefully demonstrate a horror movie scene – for those of us who are squeamish. Plus, a recipe!

14944725138_e3c7d04260_bDo I really need to say anything about these amazing little Kempische Wafels from Kitchen-Experiments?? They are perfect and I want to eat them all.

mostly zucchini (3)Over at Tracy’s Living Cookbook, Tracy offers up an appealing recipe for a pasta sauce she calls “Mostly Zucchini,” because it’s composed of “huge amount of zucchinis compared to a few tomatoes.” She’s got a really great theme going on for MoFo called “Poesy and Plate,” and I enjoyed the quote and thoughts as much as the recipe. But, I offer this picture, because this little tip of holding zip lock baggies in place with a coffee cup is pure genius. I can never figure this step out, and I sometimes make a big mess or end up spilling stuff outside of the baggie (oh no!). Never Again.

20140818-IMG_3253If you are a vegan, you probably already have your official I Love Hummus Badge in your wallet, but Chel Rabbit is taking your hummus and raising it by adding hummus to a beautiful dish of Lebanese Green Beans. This recipe looks so good and I want to eat it right now.

disfordatesMy Darling Vegan is going on an A-Z tour of vegan recipes for MoFo, and these Oatmeal Date Scones look so beautiful and the recipe sounds amazing.

tumblr_naznlcYRKz1sr694jo1_500Finally, from the excellent tumblr Fuck Yeah Vegan Pizza, comes this most epic and praiseworthy gif of kittens eternally eating re-generating slices of pizza. You are welcome.

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