Year Supply of Beyond Meat Final MoFo Giveaway

Year Supply of Beyond Meat Final MoFo Giveaway


It’s the last official day of Vegan MoFo 2014 but things aren’t finished here at MoFo headquarters. Stay tuned for the upcoming Mofie Awards in the next few days. And stay tuned for the giveaway we have today! Beyond Meat has offered to give away a year supply of their product to one lucky winner!


You’ve probably seen and sampled Beyond Meat chicken free strips and their newer product, the beef free crumbles, at your local natural foods grocers. They’ve also had a big presence at recent food conventions such as Expo West that was all the rage on twitter and instagram this past year.


bm1If you haven’t yet tried them this is the chance! The year supply will be 52 free coupons for one lucky winner! I’ll also choose 2 second place winners who will receive 10 free coupons each. With such a large prize, I decided that we should take Vegan MoFo 2014 out with a fun treasure hunt!

Hopefully you have been reading and commenting on blogs for the entire month. Below is a list of questions about posts different bloggers have made throughout this past month for Vegan MoFo. Your mission, if you should choose to accept it, is to find the answer to each question by checking out the main MoFo blogroll. All questions are pulled from blogs listed on this blog roll and all questions come only from blogs or tumblrs. I know a few Facebook or Livejournal pages accidentally made it onto the list, but they are not included in this treasure hunt.

You have until Friday, October 3, at 8 AM PDT. Send your list of answers and the links to the blog post to veganmofoblog at gmail dot com. DO NOT post your answers in the comments section here. I will choose the winners after the deadline. If no one finds all the answers I’ll go through the numbers and choose from those who have the most right answers. One entry per household please. This is for US residents only. The questions are as follow….

1) What type of sandwiches did Jojo and Sal make that fit into the themes of both their blogs?

2) Which blogger made tofu scramble for the first time and also knitted her daughter a scarf in the very same post?

3)Who wrote a farewell post to Dough Bakery in Atlanta, which closed this month?

4) What kind of tea did Tea and Sympatico use to make a fruitcake for MoFo?

5) What blogger made chili as a part of a week of MoFo Mystery Box Challenges?

6)  What blogger had the best meal she ever ate with her mom in Munich, and what did she eat?

7) Who featured a cat named George every Thursday?

8) Whose blog taught us about Finnish coffee culture all month?

9) What is the Humpit Classic and who ate it?

10)  What are the four steps to cooking on a fire?

11) Who scored and photographed a large box of Ronald’s donuts during MoFo?

12)  Who made broccoli gribbiche this MoFo?

13) Which 2 vegan candies were found and photographed in Honeydukes and who found them?

14) Who made a tiny 3 layer yellow cake with quarter for size comparison?

15) What was the special bean found in one blogger’s meal at Bullrito’s and who found it?

16) Who blames the Golden Girls for her cheesecake penchant in her early 20s?

17)  What dessert should you eat while watching Mel Brooks’ History of the World: Part I?

18) How do Wes and Jessica repurpose their leftover mac and cheeze?

19) What is french curry called and who made it?

20) What unusual berry made it into oat breakfast bars in one blogger’s breakfast post?

12 thoughts on “Year Supply of Beyond Meat Final MoFo Giveaway

  1. Ohh what an awesome idea for a giveaway! There are about seven that I recognised immediately and some that don’t ring any bells at all. I’m not in the US but good luck to everyone participating!

  2. Those crumbles…yum! And they’re coming out with a burger this fall. I’m so looking forward to that and hope local restaurants and chains start serving it.

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