Monday Round Up : Dining out in style

Monday Round Up : Dining out in style

So many of us spend the month of MoFo in our kitchens working away at our complex and wonderful themes but these posts reminded me that we all need take a day, or even just an afternoon, off now and then. These bloggers have been showing us the wonderful food they’ve been eating outside their kitchens.

Ashley from A.Cook In The Making is blogging about orange food this week and she started off with this beautiful Acorn Squash Curry with Tofu from Lanna Thai Diner in Massachusetts.


Renée from Veganza spent a wonderful long weekend hanging out with friends and they ate a tonne of delicious looking food from Kuan Yin Teahouse. I am particularly enamoured by the faux fish bento on the top left.


Linda over at The Lentil Institution picked up these wonderful looking desserts from Mister Nice Guy’s in Melbourne. The Chocolate Babka is making me wanna hop on a plane to Australia!


Abby Bean from A (soy) Bean made me super jealous today by posting about somewhere I have been dying to visit for a really long time, NYC’s Cinnamon Snail Food Truck. This sandwich looks right up my street and I definitely wont be missing them next time I end up in NYC.


In England dropscone picked up a delicious juice from her local market, I’m glad it’s still summery enough for this where she is because it’s pretty Autumnal down here already.


Caroline from Tea & Sympatico is focussing on Manchester’s Northern Quarter this MoFo and today she blogged about a falafel wrap from new vegan chain, Go Falafel. Sometimes the classics are the best right?

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 21.51.58

April’s blog, The Travelling Austin Vegan, has been taken over by hedgehogs this month! Whoa! Today they told us all about the great pizza they picked up from Mamma’s Pizza in Toronto.

9632629158_77199a8dd2_zLast but by no means least the awesome peeps at Rabbit Food Grocery in Austin have been taking part in the taco cleanse and today they posted this brilliance from their friends at Sweet Ritual, Choco Dessert Tacos. Mind. Officially. Blown.


10 thoughts on “Monday Round Up : Dining out in style

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  2. That choco taco reminds me of my of my favorite ice cream truck treats as a kid! Yum.

    I did a post over the weekend about Cafe Gratitude Venice. I’m happy to see I wasn’t the only one taking a break from the kitchen!

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