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Hi! I'm Jojo! I love to travel, eat awesome food & write about it! I love the beach & I get all squeaky whenever I see a dog. I live in Brighton, England and I blog at
MoFo 2105 is coming in September!

MoFo 2105 is coming in September!

Oh hello!

The VeganMoFo team are back and we’re here to shake things up!

Blogging has changed a whole lot since Vegan MoFo began thanks to the dawn of social media and the, yeah I’m gonna say it, corporatization of the blogging world. We’ve decided to evolve, diversify, move with the times, and take our beloved Vegan MoFo down a new more contemporary path.

The online vegan community has grown so much in recent years, and our time is stretched thin between our blogs, vlogs, Pinterst boards, cookbook projects, Facebook pages, Twitter and Instagram feeds. But, all too often, the connections we’re making are superficial. MoFo is a time to get to know each other, to make real and lasting connections and to step out of your comfort zone and promote veganism in your own physical communities.

This year you can officially participate in VeganMoFo on your blog, on your vlog and on Instagram. There will be a more simple sign up sheet (watch this space) and we will make lists of all of the bloggers, all of the vloggers, and all of the Instagrammers and have that available here. You can totally be on both lists. There will be no RSS feed this time around. If you tried to use it last year you know, as well as we do, that without Google Reader (RIP) it just isn’t the same and it doesn’t work.

If you’re an Instagram participant using the official hashtags #vgnmf15 as well as #veganmofo is super important and if you’re a blogger make sure you get yourself signed up in time so that we can keep an eye on your creative wonderful MoFoing.

The basic premise of Vegan MoFo still stands – get the word out there about how amazing and delicious vegan food can be. That means using those #’s, tweeting up a storm and sharing far and wide on Facebook. Is there a vegan blogger or Instagrammer out there who you love but who hasn’t participated in MoFo before? Reach out to them! Get them involved!

Whilst we won’t be doing daily round ups here anymore we will be doing weekly round ups as well as Instagram round ups. We’ll also be regramming our favorite Instagram posts on the official VeganMoFo Instagram account.

Now, here’s what you’ve really been waiting for… This is how MoFo is changing. This year’s VeganMoFo is a VeganMoFo Challenge and we’re laying down some official VeganMoFo Challenge guidelines!

Whilst we love it when you come up with amazing monthly themes and challenge yourselves with all kind of off the wall ideas we wanted to give y’all a little guidance this year. If you can make that Eastern European Desserts theme you had in mind fit within our guidelines then power to you, you go for it, but otherwise take a step back from the rigidity of a theme, have a think on our official VeganMoFo Challenge guidelines and join in with as many as you can. We thought it would be really fun for everyone to be talking about the same thing and would give more inspiration than the ole’ here-is-my-green-smoothie posts. (though if you only eat green smoothies, that’s fine!)

The idea is to shoot for 30 posts over the month of September and you can do them all on your blog, all on Instagram or all over the vegan blogosphere or the world-wide VEGAN web. Whatever floats your boat. Pin other mofos that inspire you! SnapChat your vegan secret ingredients! Periscope your kitchen! YouTube recreating a childhood meal with your grandma and treasure it forever. Endlessly discuss things on the PPK. Tag your friends on Facebook to join the fun. Twitter your veganmofo anxieties. Tumblr EVERYTHING!
There will be prizes for participation (more info coming soon!) so try to take part in as many days as you can!
Remember that these are guidelines and open to your interpretation; for example for the Fusion Challenge you could eat at a fusion restaurant (Tex-Mex anyone?) or go all out, pick two cuisines and create a cohesive & delicious (or downright disastrous & hilarious!) dish.

Every day in September will have a different prompt, We will remind you on instagram and twitter what the prompt is for the day but here they all are starting with September 1:

1 Rise and Shine! It’s MoFo time! Tell us about your breakfast.
2 Recreate a meal from your childhood.
3 Quick, easy and delicious.
4 Tell us about a weird food combo that you love.
5 Best sandwich ever.
6 Re-create a restaurant meal.
7 Make / eat some thing inspired by a book or film.
8 Reach out! Make a new vegan friend & tell us about it.
9 Most retro recipe.
10 Something blue.
11 Focus on a nutrient
12 Tell us about your favourite cookbook!
13 It’s kitchen tour time!
14 Share something vegan (and delicious, duh!) with a non-vegan.
15 OMG, Barack Obama is coming over because he knows you make awesome vegan food! What are you going to make?
16 What’s your favorite late summer food?
17 Make (or eat!) a traditional local dish.
18 Honor a human or non human animal who inspires your veganism.
19 Lunch on the go.
20 Veganize an old family recipe.
21 Autumn equinox eats.
22 Make a dish using all seasonal produce.
23 Fusion Challenge!
24 What (inset well known person) would eat if they were vegan.
25 Share your favorite cuisine.
26 It’s cold and rainy and there’s a snow drift outside your door! What are you going to make using the ingredients you have?
27 Favorite herb or spice?
28 Tacos VS Burritos. Where do you stand on this important issue?
29 What would you bring on a vegan road trip?
30 What three endless food supplies would you take if you were going to be stranded on an island? (Imagine your nutritional needs have been met, these are a bonus!)

We are hoping this will be more fun and it will be easier to make connections and get involved. This year you can’t really do it wrong so please join in the fun!

Jojo & LazySmurf

The 2014 MoFie Awards! Round One…

The 2014 MoFie Awards! Round One…

Hey there MoFo’s! Jojo here and I’m super excited to be bringing the MoFies back atcha for 2014! Your team of MoFo organisers has been hard at work reading blogs all month (just like you have!) and after much deliberation and even a little voting we’ve picked just some of our favourites.

We also want to thank every single one of you for participating, reading and commenting throughout the month. Without you MoFo wouldn’t exist and we think you’re all amazing. We’ve all loved scrolling through our preferred readers (I’m a Digg kinda grrl these days) and devouring your posts throughout the month; whether you were posting pictures of your cats photo-bombing your food shoots, celebrating anniversaries or taking us on your vacations we’ve loved every second. Without you MoFo wouldn’t exist and we think you’re all amazing.

This is just round one, round two will be posted tomorrow and round three will be coming your way the day after that. Every single one of our winners will receive a prize from MoFie sponsors The Raw Chocolate Co. Uh huh, you heard that right, prizes! We’re kicking it up a notch this year!

RCC logo vector-hiresIf you see yourself here just drop us an e-mail (many links to the address can be found here) with the subject headline MoFie and your address deet’s and we’ll get your prize in the post.

Without further ado I present The 2014 MoFie Award Winners…

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 18.36.09Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 19.37.14Most Ridiculous Theme goes to Hasta La Vegan for her Bizarre and Outdated Cookbooks theme which was HILARIOUS. Seriously, most of the cookbooks were ridiculous (Pineapple Party Time anyone?) and some of the recipes from those cookbooks (see above!) were even more ridiculous. Hilarity ensued almost every day and I found myself cheering when she made something that actually looked edible! Hasta La Vegan also posted 32 times during the month which kinda deserves it’s own award!

epic_650x15015300469832_d565196dac_zMost Epic Post goes to Kelly from Easy Vegan for her All the Bacon and Eggs I Have post which was part of her (totally epic) Carbs & Recreation theme. If you’ve seen Parks and Recreation you know how often food gets mentioned and if you haven’t seen Parks & Rec what are you waiting for? It’s hilarious! Ron Swanson’s “just give me all the bacon and eggs you have” line is a classic and props to Kelly for veganising this one with all of the vegan bacon and eggs she had!

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 18.36.34OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABlog That Made Us Want to Jump on a Plane goes to Mammi for her adventures in Finnish Coffee Culture. Her posts on the Finnish Coffee Table had us rapt all month and I know I seriously considered purchasing a plane ticket and popping over to eat some of the delicious treats this blogger was whipping up in the kitchen. The Åland Pancake (shown above) was a particular favourite of mine and I loved the daily random facts, I felt like I was learning something about Finland as well as gazing at food which was super cool.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 18.36.58IMG_3997-e1409956930397-300x225Most Epic Journey goes to Vegan Nom Noms. I know first hand how hard it is to blog from the road sometimes and Nicole kept it up all month. Nicole currently lives in Germany but she spent September road tripping across the USA, she was in Atlanta, Portland, Austin, New Orleans and a tonne of other places and she found that delicious looking box of chocolates in Anchorage, Alaska. Nice one Nicole!

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 18.37.11Speedy_Delivery_600x900The Community Spirit award goes to Cadry of Cadry’s Kitchen for organising the Speedy Delivery Postcard Swap. We loved the idea of this international event and people were sending postcards, letters and packages all over the place. It was so great to watch!

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 18.37.31ImageMost Mouthwatering Instagram Account goes to kippysnacks. For the first year ever we opened up MoFo participation to our Instagram friends, some people went Instagram only and some people used it alongside their blogs. I was the person re-posting some of the things that caught my eye on the official VeganMoFo Instagram account so I was all up in your pictures and one account that really stood out was Kip’s. She was posting pictures from the Vegetarian Festival in Thailand as well pictures of food she’d been eating at home in London interspersed with hostel kitties and more. Great work!

That’s it for today folks, check back tomorrow for round two!

VeganMoFo 2014 – Pour Some Sugar On Me

VeganMoFo 2014 – Pour Some Sugar On Me

Wowzers, what a month! I feel like it’s gone super fast and I know that me and the rest of the team over at MoFo HQ have been loving every moment. We’re currently deliberating over the MoFies, watching your entries to the Beyond Meat giveaway rolling in and catching up on the blog posts we missed throughout the month. I’m sure I’ll be going on a commenting spree this week now that I don’t have posts to cook for, write and post.

I felt like I should end the month the way I like to end any meal, with dessert of course, and I’m going to start with this stunning Chocolate Mousse Torte from VGNGF = Vegan, GlutenFree, Delicious. This light, delicious looking cake is one Liane’s made countless times, including right at the beginning of VeganMoFo 2013, and I can see why. I totally want to make this cake all the time too.

chocolate-mousse-cake-8Continuing the cake theme we’ll hop over to Sprouts & Chocolate where I spotted this totally stunning Decadent Dark Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache. As well as thinking the cake itself looks uh-mazing I adore the styling of this shot, the single candle, the paper tassel bunting, the MoFo tag. Perfect.

DSC_0007-800x756Cat from Cat & Ju also whipped up a wonderful looking cake to help a friend celebrate their birthday. This Celebration au Chocolat not only has chocolate cake and chocolate ganache but also crumbled Oreo’s and rice milk white chocolate. Can I get a hell yeah?

IMG_4596Moving on from cake but sticking with the chocolatey theme My Darling Vegan ended MoFo 2014 and celebrated the beginning of her ninth year of veganism with these Vegan Zucchini Brownies. It took me a long time to come around to vegetables in my dessert but I’m totally on board with zucchini (or courgette as we call it on this side of the pond) these days.

zucchinibrowniesIf you’re not into chocolate (I’m okay with that, more for me) maybe these Maple Walnut Sandwich Cookies would be more up your street? Killer Bunnies Inc has posted about cookies every single day this month and I for one have been loving it.

Maple-Walnut-Sandwich-Cookies-2-940x624Whilst we’re talking cookies, these Peanut Cookies from Of Vegan Cuisine Desires and Other Things… look ridiculously delicious. I would totally eat a whole batch of these bite sized treats!

Erdnuss-Cookies1_blogLastly, whilst I was wondering what the best thing to munch on whilst perusing the MoFo blogroll for the final time would be, this popcorn popped up in my reader! This Vegan Candy Bar Caramel Popcorn from Fork and Beans to be specific. It’s outa control. There are Twilight bars and Cocomels in there for gawds sake. It’s brilliant, nice one Cara! What a rad way to end MoFo.

Vegan-Candy-Bar-Caramel-Popcorn-682x10242014 has been a total blast and I want to thank every single one of you for putting in the effort to participate. I hope we’ll see you all back here next year for more MoFo fun.

PS – Don’t forget to check back on the 7th, 8th and 9th for our three part MoFie award ceremony, it’s gonna be great!

Giveaway – Animal Rescue Bar

Giveaway – Animal Rescue Bar

This competition is now closed. Congrat’s to Bobbie!

We have a great giveaway for you today from compassionate vegan company Animal Rescue Bar who’ve teamed up with us to offer you the chance to win a whole box of their nutritious peanut crunch bars.

The people behind Animal Rescue Bar donate 50% of their profits to non-profit animal rescue organisations including Compassion Over Killing, Mercy For Animals and The Pig Preserve which we think is super cool. They’re a great company and you can buy their delicious sounding bars online from Vegan Essentials.

unnamed (1)To enter leave a comment below before 6pm EST tomorrow telling us what your favourite non-profit animal rescue organisation is. Please be sure to leave a valid contact e-mail address so that we can contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced after the giveaway has ended. This competition is open to anyone living in the US of A.

Giveaway – Vegusto

Giveaway – Vegusto

This giveaway is now closed. Congrat’s to Matt!

It’s no secret that I love, love, love vegan cheese. Hell, it’s made up the majority of my own MoFo this year and I keep writing cheese based round ups. My cheese love is out there in the world! Vegusto are one of my favourite brands as they make the kind of delicious cheese you can eat straight up on a cracker at a fancy cheese and wine party. If anyone would like to invite me to one of those I’m totally available. I’ll bring the Vegusto.

Vegusto, who hand make their products in Switzerland, don’t just make cheese though they also make my absolute favourite vegan sausages as well as burgers, sandwich slices, luncheon rolls and steaks. Today they’ve teamed up with us to offer one lucky UK based winner a £20 voucher (excluding postage) to spend on whatever they’d like in the online store.

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 07.47.12

To be in with a chance of winning just leave a comment below by 8pm GMT tomorrow letting us know which Vegusto product you’d be most excited about purchasing with your voucher. Please be sure to leave a valid contact e-mail address so that we can contact you if you win. The winner will be randomly selected and announced after the giveaway has ended. This competition is open to residents of the UK only.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese

Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese

If you’d asked me before I went vegan what my favourite food was I would have said cheese. If you asked me now I’d probably still say cheese, just vegan of course. All of the deliciousness but with none of the heart wrenching guilt my vegetarian self was dealing with on the daily. The round up I wrote last week was focussed on this true love of mine and uh, so is this week’s, so sue me. Please don’t sue me, I have a problem m’kay?!

This first post comes from Laura at Abracapocus who wrote this seriously helpful round up of Atlanta’s vegan friendly restaurants. As a traveller I loved to amass this info, I never know where I’ll end up one day! Everything from the tofu spring rolls to the chimichanga look amazing but it was this pizza from Ammazza that really grabbed me. They make their own cashew cheese! Book me on the next flight to Atlanta, stat.

IMG_0918Whilst we’re travelling around the Southern states fellow vegan travel blogger Vegan Nom Noms hit up one of my favourite pizza spots Via 313 in Austin today. Via 313 make Detroit style pizza which is kinda like a well-oiled, crispy-crusted, deep dish ‘za. If you’ve never tried it you need to. Nicole ordered the Herbivore with vegan cheese – Follow Your Heart in this case (one of my fave’s for any melty situaton) and added extra arugula, or rocket as I would try to call it!

IMG_4199-300x225Coincidentally also located in the south is MoFo blogger The Veg Abides who wrote an epic round up of her favourite frozen vegan pizzas today. As a self confessed junk food lover she’s clearly a grrl after my own heart and I only wish there were six (yes SIX!) types of vegan frozen pizza in the UK. I think we have two. Maybe three. And only one has cheese. FML!

tofurky-pizzasEasy Vegan are killing it again and again with the Carbs and Rec theme and today’s post is no exception. Today they blew my mind with this DEEP DISH MAC & CHEESE PIZZA. Yes. DEEP DISH. Sorry for shouting but OMFG! I made mac & cheese pizza for my birthday this year because it’s my dream food and deep dish didn’t even cross my mind. I feel like I need to hand over my mac & cheese lovers pizza crown!

15124523247_a20201a6d7My pal Lindsay from Vegan Chai made one of my favourite ever mac and cheeses, the Roasted Red Pepper Mac & Cheese from Isa Does It, for Mac & Cheese Monday. She upped the pasta (just like I always do!) because pasta’s awesome and this recipe makes a whole lot of sauce. If it looks as good to you as it tastes to us the recipe’s online here, thanks Isa.

15318023432_8c1d18ecd9Jenny from Man nennt mich Öko has the right idea about Mondays and she whipped up this gorgeously creamy looking cashew based mac & cheese for her Mac & Cheese Monday post. There are even vegetables hiding in the sauce so if you’re that way inclined this might just be the mac for you.

Nordamerika_A+(2)Lastly this cartoon from Kale Crusaders made me smile when I spotted it this morning. Nooch is my jam y’all. Every day during MoFo Kale Crusaders have been posting a cartoon that fits their theme, Vegan Faux Show, including a chickpea flour omelette and ten different kinds of plant based bacon! Each cartoon includes links to the recipe (or recipes) that inspired it. Such fun!

Mac & NoochI hope everyone’s had a wonderful Monday and don’t forget to keep on MoFoing, we’re nearing the finish line and the team are already busy franticly compiling list upon list of blogs, blog posts and cats (for our personal collections!) for this years MoFies, our amazing online awards ceremony. With prizes this year! You gotta be in it to win it!

Giveaway – The Cruelty Free Shop

Giveaway – The Cruelty Free Shop

This giveaway is now closed. Congrat’s to our winner PL.

Good morning Aussie friends, we have a fun one just for you today! As I’m sure you know The Cruelty Free Shop has brick and mortar locations in both Melbourne and Sydney but luckily for Aussies living elsewhere they have an online store too. They stock everything from cruelty free cosmetics to cheese and from shoes to shrimp, all vegan of course.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 10.13.11

They’re constantly adding new products, hello raw macaroons, and they’ve teamed up with us to offer one lucky winner a $50 voucher to spend either in store or online.

To enter leave a comment below before 8am AEST tomorrow telling us which new-to-you product you’re most excited about trying from The Cruelty Free Shop. Please be sure to leave a valid contact e-mail address so that we can contact you if you win. The winners will be randomly selected and announced after the giveaway has ended. This competition is open to residents of Australia only.

Giveaway – The Raw Chocolate Co

Giveaway – The Raw Chocolate Co

This giveaway is now closed, congrats to our winner Liliana!

We have another super exciting giveaway for you today from The Raw Chocolate Co who are the company sponsoring this years MoFie prizes! Yup, you heard that right. MoFies are back and this year they have prizes! This super eco-friendly vegan company are offering you the chance to win six raw chocolate bars and three 100g packs of raw chocolate covered berries and they even ship internationally, hurrah!

Mixed 44Flavours include Vanoffe, Vanoffe Dark, Mint and The Raw Chocolate Co’s award winning Goji and Orange bar. Another of their award winning products, the raw chocolate mulberries, are my favoruite product. I always buy the 100g bag which is great for sharing, they even come in a resealable bag so they make a great travel snack.

Mixed 100To enter this fantastic giveaway just leave a comment below before 8pm GMT / 3pm EST tomorrow telling us which of the Raw Chocolate Co’s products you’re most excited about trying. Please be sure to leave a valid contact e-mail address so that we can contact you if you win. The winner will be randomly selected and announced after the giveaway has ended. This competition is open to everyone everywhere, yay!


Giveaway – Teapigs

Giveaway – Teapigs

This giveaway is now closed. Congrat’s to our winner Sophie!

I’ve always been into matcha, it’s one of my absolute favourite cupcake flavours, but I stepped the love affair up a notch when I visited Japan earlier this year. I drank matcha soy tea lattes almost every day and they were a revelation. I adore them. This is why I was so excited when London based tea company teapigs suggested doing a giveaway for a Matcha Kit, how wonderful!

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 07.48.38The kit includes everything you need to get in a daily matcha fix including a 30g jar of matcha green tea, an electric handheld whisk, a shot glass, a matcha info leaflet and a matcha badge.

To enter please leave a comment below telling us the first thing you’d make with your matcha by 9am GMT tomorrow. Please be sure to leave a valid contact e-mail address so that we can get in touch if you win. The winner will be randomly selected and announced after the giveaway has ended. This competition is open to residents of the UK only.

VeganMoFo 2014 – Cheesy Friday Round Up

VeganMoFo 2014 – Cheesy Friday Round Up

Howdy friends! This unplanned Friday round up is coming at you from late Saturday morning in England but it contains Friday’s posts so that still counts right?

If you know me at all you know that I am pretty obsessed with vegan chesse, if a new one comes out over here I’m trying it. If a new one comes out somewhere else I’ll obsess over wanting to try it until I can eventually get my grubby mitts on it. Hence this round up coming to you from the letter C!

I’m not sure which shredded cheese fellow MoFo volunteer Zsu used here in her Premium Patty Melt but gosh darn, it looks epic. I would like someone to make me one of these asap please!

orig_0325 s copyAs a huge Parks & Rec fan I have been excitedly devouring Easy Vegan‘s Carb’s and Rec theme and this French Fry Pizza with a side of ranch / ridiculous Calzone post made my mouth water. Want! Go to the blog for melty-cheesy inside shots!

15023354437_b50ce6bc15This next hand held snack is what my dreams are made of! Veganopoulous‘s Ham Cheese Stromboli are made with Daiya and they look like super cheesy, carby perfection to me.

1000x662xveganhamcheesestromboli-1.jpg.pagespeed.ic.18FfX1RAPMSomeone who strayed away from store bought cheese was the blogger behind Avilia’s Way who whipped up some cashew cheese for this delicious looking cheesy pasta dish. You can totally google translate the recipe if you’d like to make this and don’t speak the language!

DSC_0583-Medium-1024x680Next up is another home made cheese from Suzie V Homemaker who used her garlic and Italian herb mozzarella to whip up an amazing looking pizza. Go check it out!

wpid-1410562870920It’s definitely poor MoFo form to rep’ your own posts but if it wasn’t meant to be your round up does it count? I hope not! And I hope y’all are as excited about this vegan cheese and wine party (but really, it was all about the cheese. I don’t even like wine!) as I was. These fancy schmancy cheese sticks had two kinds of VioLife cheese, gherkins, pickled onions and two kinds of olives! You can read more about it on

IMG_1212Last but by no means least Loz from In Rad Taste made this delicous looking pizza that I’m wishing I had in front of me right now. It’s topped with TVP chunks, olives, sundried tomatoes and an unspecified vegan cheese. Let us know what it is Loz!

vegan-pizzaThat’s it for this belated Friday round up, stick with us over the weekend as we have giveaways, more round ups and did you see last night’s Chopped post? Ridiculous! I hope loads of you are up for the challenge! Jalapeños, radishes and … nuh uh, I’m not telling! You’ll have to check this post to find out!