GIVEAWAY – House Vegan: Fall FOMO No More

GIVEAWAY – House Vegan: Fall FOMO No More

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Hey y’all Lazy Smurf here. I can’t believe another Veganmofo is almost over! This year I’ve been making all the instagram prompts and regramming & retweeting like crazy. It’s been so fun seeing everyone’s amazing work! One of our awesome mofoers Hannah Teson who blogs over at House Vegan has been pulling out all the stops this veganmofo and she just came out with an e-book about taking autumn enjoyment to the NEXT LEVEL. It’s called “House Vegan: Fall FOMO No More” and it’s more than just your dreamy comforting fall recipes like Apple Cider Donuts and Gravy-Smothered Stuffed Seitan Sausages. It also has a plan for getting your home ready for fall, picking out movies to watch, planning activities and even recipes for Shower Melts and Fall Pie Simmer Pot to make your home smell great!

I think a lot of you would love it so Hannah has been kind enough to do a giveaway! All you have to do is post below with what gets you most excited for fall and make sure you leave your name & an email that you check. I’ll be back to pick a random winner! This is an e-book so it’s open to anyone in the world! Yay!

26 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY – House Vegan: Fall FOMO No More

  1. That’s an easy answer because pumpkins (& fresh apples)! But I do also love the colors of nature in the fall & knowing that it won’t be long until I can start planning advent calendars. 🙂

  2. My favorite part of fall is the smell of the leaves mingling with campfires outdoors, and the rainbow of colors in our yards.

  3. My favorite thing about Fall is seeing how happy it makes everyone around me, including myself. Cooler weather means cuddling & early evenings. The fall is the start of a series of holidays that are based around family, fun, traditions, food, & love. From homemade pumpkin pie to homemade Halloween costumes, what’s not to love !?!? There was a HUGE bowl of assorted candy at my work the other day, and I just stuck my face in it and took a big inhale. This smell reminds me of being a child, coming home from trick or treating, and dumping ALL your candy of the floor. Isn’t it funny how certain smells can bring back a specific memory !? ????

  4. I love when the smell in the air changes, you know that crisp almost smokey smell & you just know it’s really Autumn – or hot chocolate season as it’s known in my house.

  5. Ooh I love cold weather. I am not a hot weather person – I am so happy when it’s time for hoodies and sweaters and coats. And call me basic, because love pumpkin everything.

  6. Ooh so hard to choose! It’s hard to say because I don’t really know what autumn brings here in Spain, as I’ve just moved here, but I’m looking forward to eating all the pumpkin possible anyway! And lots of warming food likes stews and soups, with plenty of squash!

  7. I am not the biggest fan of the weather getting colder, but my favourite thing is the extended kitty snuggles that Sahara gives overnight when it cools down.

  8. Fall is peanut pumpkins, pumpkin pie, The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown film, the Japanese maple bursting into red flame, my family as quirky as we all are getting it together to make our nuclear “turkey” out of wild Rice and tofu and chestnuts and the comfort of home, community, friends and family.

  9. Mulled apple juice and pulling on my winter warmers, cardigans, mitts, bobble hat and scarves and then pretending I am a child again and imagining that I am running to the park to kick the autumnal leaves – Autumn Loveliness

  10. I love the Autumn because it is my birthday. It was also my dad’s birthday and he was a great lover of baked goods so every year my sister and I have a special outing to eat cake and remember good times with him.

  11. I love fall because I can drink tea without sweating so much! I love tea and I binge on it once it gets the slightest bit chilly outside. When I drink tea, I also like to munch on delicious vegan goodies like pumpkin bread, spice cookies…mmmm!

  12. Ooh…my favourite thing about Autumn/Fall? I love the colours! I love how everywhere is full of oranges and yellows, warm colours. And the golden sunsets you get that just compliment that so well. When the air starts to go crisp and cold and you can sit out with a knitted hat and a mug of hot spiced cider, watching the golden leaves flutter around the grass…that’s what I’m excited for.

  13. I feel cliche saying this, but pumpkin does it for me. So basic, right? But I don’t allow myself to eat pumpkin the rest of the year, so it’s extra special in the fall. Also, I love that fall means stores sell lots of decor with squirrels on it! Because squirrels!!!

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