Giveaway – Vegusto

Giveaway – Vegusto

And the winner is, drumroll please…. Eva!! Congratulations Eva, check your emails shortly and get ready to do some serious eating!

Have you heard of Vegusto? Do you live in the UK & Ireland? If so today’s your lucky day becuase we have an epic giveaway for you! If not you should check ’em out anyway, Vegusto make some seriously awesome vegan cheeses. Isa included them in The Post Punk Kitchen 100 at the beginning of this year and Quarry Girl described their cheeses as “The most life-altering/game-changing vegan cheese to date”.

I’m lucky enough to live around the corner from a store that stocks these amazing nut based cheeses & I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve almost eaten my way through the entire range. Vegusto don’t just make cheeses though, oh no, they also make a fantastic range of mock meat products including sausages, burgers, roasts and slicing sausage.

Today Vegusto are offering you the chance to win a £30 mixed pack of their cruelty free meats and cheeses. This’ll look a little like the above picture of their Bronze Starter Kit.

To enter please leave a comment below by 3pm BST tomorrow telling us what you would do with a block of Vegusto vegan cheese. Please make sure to include a valid e-mail address so that we can get in contact with you. The winner will be randomly selected and announced after the giveaway has ended. This competition is only open to people residing within the UK & Ireland.

69 thoughts on “Giveaway – Vegusto

  1. I’d put it on crackers and have a glass of wine with my non vegan husband, as it’s the only vegan cheese he’d give up dairy for.

  2. I would, as simple as it sounds, make a cheese sandwich! A simple and uncomplicated thing that no other vegan cheese can seem to master.

  3. Since going from Veggie to Vegan just over a year ago, I feel ten years younger and so much more alive. Am becoming a culinary hero in my own kitchen and impressing the rest of the family who have all gone Vegan too. Have recently found an awesome pizza recipe but the vegan cheese I used wasn’t as good as I’d hoped.
    Fingers crossed, I’ll be able to checkout another one soon…

  4. I would use it for all kinds of holiday appetizers. Cheese and crackers is something I miss. Oh, and cheese and apples! Not to mention mac and cheese!

  5. I’d cut it into wee cubes and skewer them into a tinfoil-covered grapefruit half with cubes of pineapple and pretend I’m at a 70’s buffet. Get a bit of Tiger Feet on the ol’ turntable.

  6. I’d make a load of mexican food. Enchiladas by chopping up the meat and mixing with rice, topped with salsa and cheese. Tacos, nachos, etc. Maybe save a couple of sausages for a vegan full english 😉

  7. I would use it for a week long celebration of guilty pleasure lunchtimes.

    Monday: Cheese on toast topped with slices of tomato and vegan Worcestershire sauce.
    Tuesday: Cheese and my mum’s homemade chutney sandwich buttered on the outside and fried in a pan.
    Wednesday: Cheese and Marmite toastie.
    Thursday: Beans on toast with cheese and hot pepper sauce.
    Friday: And this is the best/worst one – Chip Buttie with cheese and chip spice!

    If I don’t win the cheese, someone better tell me where to get it… I can’t wait for cheese week to begin!

  8. With that Vegusto Kit I would convince all my friends and familiy that vegan cheese rocks and I’d prepare wonderful cheesy dishes like potato gratin and pumpkin lasagna and gnocchi con fromaggio..
    I’m already starting to dream.. I love these cheeses and my father even stopped eating conventional cheese, when we had the NoMuh dezent at home..
    And noo palm oil.. How cool is that?
    A pitty they’re so expensive, though -.-
    Lg Nora

  9. It would have to be make a massive dish of Mac N’ Cheese in the oven… Hot, melty, bubbly deliciousness! 🙂

    And some cheese on toast while I’m waiting for the oven 🙂

  10. Always wanted to have a go at making beer cheese soup so I’d try that! And French onion soup with the melted cheese on baguette on top (it’s soup season!)

    It’s also lasagne and macaroni cheese season….cheese just screams “winter comfort food” to me 🙂

  11. Oh my! How much would I love to get that, do you know the only place that will deliver to me in N Ireland charges £18 delivery?!

    I would start with a great cheese and pickle sandwich with home made bread, then tacos and follow up with my famous macaroni cheese!

    1. Try Just found them this week so havent ordered yet, but their website says that they will deliver anywhere in Ireland north or south for €6.50, not sure what that is in sterling but should be less than 5.50. New site and all their products are plant based.

  12. I would feed/give the cheese to friends because they confirmed at Brighton VegFest that the nut butter contains cashews. 🙁 However, I would eat the hell out of the meat subs!

  13. Since my oven is broken I won’t be doing anything wonderful like lasagna or pizza but I would totally live on toasted cheese sandwiches for the week. Of course I would instagram each and every sandwich.

  14. Hmmm i would make a vegan classic of beans on jacket potato. Melt the cheese in the beans cooking pot….pour it over the jacket and add some grated cheese ontop. MMMmmmm i love Vegusto! x

  15. I love Vegusto cheese! It tastes so European!
    Simple: cheese and vegemite melted on crumpets.
    Extravagant: roasted veg and garlic calzone

  16. Have I heard of vegusto?! Of course! I’ve only manged to get my hands on it once so would love to try some of the other varieties. In no particular order I would make:
    -A vegan cheese burger with yummy melty vegusto
    -French onion soup topped with crusty bread and vegusto
    -some sort of cheezy scone or muffin.
    I’ve heard great things about their sausages too..

  17. I would invite some omnivorous friends round and blow their socks off with a cheeseboard that no animals were harmed in the making of – it’s time to go dairy-free!

  18. It depends on the type – I love the ‘rezent’ on crackers with mustard, but my favourite is to use the ‘melty’ variety in a hearty dauphinois.

  19. Ohhh I LOVE vegusto cheese! I bought it all the time when I was in London but I have moved now 🙁
    I’d make vegan pizzas, cheese on crackers for a snack and jacket potato with cheese goes down well! 🙂 Is it bad that I used to eat the melty straight from the pack with my finger?! 😛

  20. Oh. I know it’s boring but I want to celebrate Vegusto in it’s purest form: on it’s own! From the package to my mouth when no one is looking, and with crackers for guests. And some of their lovely sausages cut up and pan fried to go with them! I’m hungry.

  21. What wouldn’t I do! I’d use it in mac and cheese, toss some into a tofu scramble, nestle it between slices of bread for a grilled cheese, and make a gigantic pizza with it, and all of that would just be for breakfast!

  22. I’m thinking vegan mac ‘n’ cheese, nachos, cheese on toast AND cheesy baked potatoes – I’d seriously try out everything I can!

  23. I’ve never seen Vegusto up here in Scotland so I’d make some pesto pizza and cheese scones and take them to the next Scottish Vegans potluck.

  24. Just simple crackers and cheese with a glass of wine. Tasted one varity a few weeks ago and it was delicious so I would love to try them all.

  25. put it on oatcakes with a bit of chutney, make a Vegusto cheese sandwich… it’s really too good to not be the featured ingredient!

  26. I would perfect (finally) my vegan pizza after a yearlong quest to make one better than Portobello Vegan Trattoria in Portland, Ore.

  27. How fantastic!

    I would be very naughty and just scoff the lot and not let anyone else in the family get a look in. Actually that’s not true, how could I not share the fantastic deliciousness of Vegusto with everyone else?

  28. I have seen Vegusto adverts but I have never had the opportunity to buy it. I would love to try this product & experiment using it in lots of different recipes.

  29. I’ve never tried Vegusto so I’d like to see how it melts in pasta dishes and what it’s like on toast or crackers!

    Thanks for the give away!

  30. I think I’d make a simple grilled “cheese” and “ham” sandwich to share with my non-vegan boyfriend who is trying a plant-based diet for a fortnight!

  31. The best ever kick-ass pizza!!! I really want to try some of the moo melty, it’s mean to be amazing on pizza. I’d also want to have a good old fashioned cheese and pickle sarnie made in a crusty roll……*drool* 🙂 Ooh, and macaroni cheese!!

  32. Depends on the variety of Vegusto cheese, frankly. Probably thinly sliced on rye toast though, I’m pretty boring really.

  33. If I had some Vegusto cheese I’d give it to my girlfriend because she loves Vegusto. She puts in it on top of amazing shepherd pies, and serves it in delicious salads and when she has Vegusto she smiles and I like it when she smiles.

  34. If I had some Vegusto cheese I’d give it to my girlfriend because she absolutely loves it. It would make her smile and I love to see her smile.

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