Iron Chef Challenge #4

It’s the last Iron Chef Challenge of MoFo, are you guys pumped? If not, go listen to Eye of the Tiger and then come back to make sure you’re in the right frame of mind. We’re going for a combo again!

A quick review of our few simple rules/guidelines:

1. Whatever you come up with has to be new, nothing from a cookbook or a blog, not something you posted last week that happens to involve the secret ingredient. It’s fine to use a recipe for a jump-off point, but make it your own!
2. Entries are due at 3 pm CST on Sunday (but it takes me awhile to read all of the entries so if you’re a little late it’s no big).
3. Have fun and be creative!

And the secret ingredients are…


Carrots paired with oats still isn’t too difficult, but hopefully I will not be doing an Iron Chef Carrot Muffin Round-up on Sunday! Both ingredients are so easy to make either sweet or savory, so you can really do almost anything. Put on your thinking caps and bring it!

Allez Végétalien Cuisine!

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31 Responses to Iron Chef Challenge #4

  1. What if I made something with carrots and oats and JUST posted it to my blog today……?

  2. jess says:


  3. Farrah P says:

    Oh finally I will be home for this one!!

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  5. Sarah says:

    I don’t know if this counts but I just made Gluten Free Carrot Spice Oat Bread last week! It is so yum!

  6. I totally forgot about Iron Chef this year. Boo on me!

  7. Danni says:

    I made cinnamon rolls with carrots and oats in them for the challenge today! 😀
    (Sweet Surprise Cinnamon Rolls)

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  10. I have two entries again this week! First I made veggie pancakes with carrots and zucchini, subbing in oats for the flour I’d normally use; they came out really well!

    My second entry is a special doggie edition: Cinnamon Cranberry Carrot Oatmeal for my girl Kaylee, who’s recovering from dental surgery and on a soft food diet. I tried a spoonful (or two!) and it’s delicious, suitable for humans as well as canines.

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  12. Savannah says:

    Three Layer Carrot Coconut Crumble!

    (And yes there are oats in it!)

    Savannah xox

  13. Zoa says:

    Carrot-oatmeal balls, so delicious, so colorful, so very healthy:

  14. Ash says:

    Choc-Carrot-Chai Pudding With Oat-Carrot Cookie Crust.
    (Naming isn’t my speciality….)

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  16. This morning I decided I couldn’t let this challenge pass me by. With temps in the 30’s, snow and ice on the ground (um, yeah, it’s October in New York! Nutty) I wanted a heart, stick to your bones breakfast. I give you “Oat, Amaranth & Carrot Porridge”:

  17. Not sure with the time difference (I am in Perth Australia) if this post will make it in time, but here goes: Carrot Curry Puffs.

    I quickly published a post but will now go and add the recipe so hopefully the time you look at the post the recipe will be there.

    I have really enjoyed the Iron Chef Challenges, and checking out everyones creations. Thanks so much for doing it.

  18. lovestoeatvegan says:

    I am so glad I got my computer back up in running in time for this challenge. I made a Carrot Crisp.

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  20. I made waffles!

    My kids gobbled them up — I think my 18 month old ate more than I did!!

  21. Annie says:

    I made a balanced meal of Meatless Loaf, Mushroom Pilaf with Glazed Vegetables, and Carrot Oatmeal Ice Cream Sandwiches. Enjoy!

  22. Kelly says:

    Carrot Cake Oatmeal Cream Pies with cinnamon coconut cream instead of marshmallow!

  23. Here’s my recipe for Iron Chef #4!

    Gluten Free Carrot Oat Waffles with Red Grape Compote! Yummy!

  24. GiGi says:
    Tropical Trip Voopee Pies with dried pineapple, macadamia nuts and coconut creme middle with video too. or Tropical Trouble.
    Thanx for the great challenge!

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