Iron Chef Roundup – Mint

It’s a small roundup this week, but as always, I am impressed! Mint isn’t something that I use a whole lot outside of chocolate pairings (and the several gallons of green mint tea I drink a week) so if I had done the challenge myself, I probably would’ve been stuck.

First we have Rolled Focaccia with Garlic and Herbs from Julia, one of the herbs being mint obviously. Perfect for those of us whose kitchens are too cold to be in unless we’re baking something!

Tiffany made Mint Tea Whole Wheat Couscous, which brings to mind some many nice adjectives. Like: fast, easy, pretty, delicious, and simple-yet-interesting.

And to fill that cookie-shaped hole in your heart, Danni gives us Chocolate Mint Cookies, which she based on a veganized recipe of her mom’s pinwheel cookies.

So you could put those three things together and pretty much have a complete meal. Or. OR. You could head on over and check out Cara’s entry because she made three minty dishes (Tabouleh inspired Bulgur Veggie Tower on a Bed of Mint Sauce, Mushroom Cannelloni on Bed of Lettuce and Garlicky Button Mushrooms, and Minty Pancakes with Chocolate and Strawberry Jam) and she doesn’t even like mint! Watch out, Morimorto.

Thanks for playing, guys! Next month’s ingredient has already been picked out, and I promise that it’ll be perfect for the cozy kinds of food we all need in January. See you January 13th!

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