Round ‘Em Up Panda Style

Panda here to do up a quick and easy Monday night MoFo round up. Comfort food! We are in the middle of the Great Deluge and so I am looking at some soups and sweets for a chilly night at home.

Tahini Too has a sweet potato curry recipe up to cure what ails you.

Tami over at Vegan Appetite has a big bowl of chili. You say chili, I say yes.

There’s a big bowl of bulgur bean bake with a pile o’ lima beans from too cheap for pinenuts. Limas and bulgur are two of my underrated favourites.

Did you say chili? Because yes, Joyful Girl has a pile of Mom’s chili on her blog today. And you know there will be a cat photo if you click on over there.

Awesome Vegan Rad has a cup of oyster mushroom chowder to keep you going through the fall and winter.

And the amazing Tofu Mom has a pumpkin cheesecake recipe up today that will finish off your evening of pure comfort food bliss.


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3 Responses to Round ‘Em Up Panda Style

  1. Amanda says:

    Who doesn’t love comfort food! This all looks great! :-)

  2. Mrs Pine Nut says:

    Thanks for loving on my limas. :-)

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