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It's a multi coloured MoFo

It's a multi coloured MoFo

I can sing a rainbow and the MoFo’ers can eat a rainbow, it’s true!

This Peach Melba over at Our Life in Sandarna has the beginnings of a very good rainbow – isn’t it pretty.

Slow-Cooked Tofu and Cauliflower in a Tomato Cream Sauce from The Global Vegan sounds and looks absolutely divine

What a great winter warmer

Life’s too Short to Make Others Shorter (love that name) was having a totally orange day with this gorgeous looking Pumpkin Soup and Pumpkin Salad

In the yellow corner Mihl’s been making these delicious looking Coconut Macaroons – don’t they look amazing. And she had some honeycomb made for her as well. Jealous!

Coconut Macaroons
Honeycomb - yes please!

Megan has gone all green with her delicious looking Crispy Vegetable Pancakes

Crispy Vegetable Pancakes

How Not to be a Skinny Vegan is also feeling the green vibe with her mouth watering Green Risotto

Green Risotto

This Shepherd’s Pie from Kitsch and Kitchen is truly a thing of beauty

Shepherd's Pie Awesomeness!

And if you’re wondering what to do with the rest of your Sunday, go make a Gay Cake and enter the contest being held over at Loony Louzilla’s blog. The prize is a cool rainbow bag.

So pretty

Rainbows make everything better.

Happy MoFo’ing peeps.

I reckon you’ll all be whipping up a MoFo frenzy this week and I’m looking forward to seeing all your amazing creations.

Another Give-Away from Vegan MoFo!

Another Give-Away from Vegan MoFo!

And we have our 2 winners!!

One copy each of Becoming Raw goes to

Sayward from Bonzai Aphrodite
KT from Vegan Noms

Well done to both of you.

Please email with your name and address.

Thanks to everyone for commenting.

See you soon for some more AWESOME MoFo give-aways.


It’s the awesome people over at The Book Publishing Company and the authors that we have to thank for being able to offer yet another MoFo give-away!

Todays give-away is 2 copies of Becoming Raw by Brenda Davis, RD, Vesanto Melina, MS RD and Rynn Berry.
I know this book is going to be coveted by a lot of you, so to be in with a chance of winning just leave a comment here telling us which MoFo recipe have you made so far and LOVED.

We’ll pick two winners at random, tomorrow at around 2pm PST.

Please note that this is limited to folks in the domestic U.S.

Good luck everybody.

Grab Bag of Goodies!

Grab Bag of Goodies!

Here’s an all-purpose Friday Round-up… just a hodgepodge of cool posts that caught my eye…

I love this short and sweet post from Airy Vegan… featuring an exciting mystery fruit. I love me some mystery fruit.

Who can resist Bite Me, I’m Vegan’s coconut fudge!? Not me!

Vegan in the Sun has an amazing post about the joy of Caribbean soups… you’ll be drooling all over your keyboard by the end of it.

Speaking of soup, I love the theme over at ‘Cause I Eats My Spinach… seven Deadly Dinners! This one is gazpacho, representing Wrath. What a cool idea!

Coldandsleepy has been doing some really excellent and photo-rich posts of eating vegan with her little toddler. He’s really been on an apple kick lately, and it’s awfully cute.

This Orange and Yellow Bread from Elite Food was glowing at me through the computer monitor… asking me to go bake some for myself. So warm and toasty looking…

Last but not least, please join me in appreciating this simple and yummy avocado sandwich from Jessie Bea Eats! I love how it’s just basking in the warm sunlight, looking so green and avocado-y. Yummmmms.

Good Work Mofos! Keep on cookin’!

VeganMoFo Roundup: Spice Mixes and Other Homemade Things

VeganMoFo Roundup: Spice Mixes and Other Homemade Things

Today’s roundup is brought to you by a do-it-yourself attitude and a thrifty way of life!  I’ve noticed a lot of homemade spice mixes and the like over the course of this MoFo.  I saved a few and thought I saved more.  So, if you happen to know I’m missing some please leave a link in the comment so I can add it later.

First up, the wonderful Bryanna Clark Grogan did a recent blog with an amazing number of spice mixes.  I’m talking bacon salt, Cajun seasoning, Old Bay, and more!

Jodye at ‘Scend Food has been making gomasio.  To be specific…garlic-mustard seed gomasio.  Oh yeah!

Now, this wouldn’t be a spice mix roundup without a little parm action, so check out the vegan parm at This Evolutionary Life.

Spice mixes aren’t the only homemade goodies I’ve got my eye on.  Joanna Vaught made an extraordinary pumpkin syrup.  No more coffee shop lattes!

With Thanksgiving around the corner, what could be better than gravy from scratch?  Absolutely nothing!  Except maybe EASY gravy from scratch.  Try Megatarian’s cashew gravy!  It’s super delicious and so, so simple to make.

Nothing goes with gravy like a good homemade biscuit or a roll.  John P, once again, delivers with some of the tastiest looking rolls I’ve ever seen.

That’s all for now.  Feel free to send more spice mixes my way.  Happy Thursday to all!  Hope everybody is having a great one.


It's Time for Another Giveaway: More Cookbooks!!!

It's Time for Another Giveaway: More Cookbooks!!!

And we have our 2 winners!!

Asian Fusion goes to:

Crystal: Speaking of Asian, I have fallen in Korean-love with Mapilee’s Alien’s Day Out blog. She is the perfect combination of all things Asian, Arty and Vegan. My fave post of hers this week (although I am in love with all things she posts) is where she highlights the difficulty of this Vegan MoFo challenge honestly but makes up for it with so much amazing KOREAN food. Plus her rabbit bunny is sooo cute!

Becoming Vegan goes to:

Libby Patterson Smith: “I absolutely loved Yu Ming’s post on raw-bento about bibimbap! I just discovered her blog along with many others on the Vegan MoFo site and I cannot stop reading all of the wonderful vegan foodies’ dishes. Yu Ming has a fresh perspective and is a relatively new raw foodist and I love hearing about her experiences in Tokyo.
Oh my I just want to rub my face in this dish!”

Please email with your name and address. Thanks for commenting!


Vegan MoFo keeps giving!

Attention: Newbie vegans (think Level 1 and 2) , Asian cuisine lovers, health fanatics, cookbooks addicts, and vegans with bare shelves: 2 cookbooks are up for grabs today!

Thank You to The Book Publishing Company and the authors for this donation!

First up is another copy of Asian Fusion by Chat Mingkwan. Chat’s recipes journey from Japan, India, Laos, Korea, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Sri Lanka!

Asian Fusion

Next up is Becoming Vegan by Brenda Davis, R.D. and Vesanto Melina, M.S., R.D. Wavering on veganism? Not sure how to go about it? This book is by two experienced dietitians and discusses the health benefits of going vegan in-depth, including athletic performance and family matters.

Now to enter into the contest just tell us which VeganMoFo post has made you happy this week!

Post a link in the comments and tell us why you loved it, and we’ll pick two winners at random, tonight at around 4pm PST.

Please note that this is limited to folks in the domestic U.S.


Wednesday MoFo Roundup : Delicious Ways to Start the Day

Wednesday MoFo Roundup : Delicious Ways to Start the Day

I try to plan for satisfying, varied breakfasts throughout the week. On Sunday, I plan to make a big batch of scramble, hearty muffins, or a big pot of oatmeal, but then Sunday night comes way too quickly. During the week, I’m running out of the door, shoveling random pieces of fruit into my bag, and I’m lucky if I have to time to pour cereal into a bowl. On the weekend, though, I like to take my time and have something a little more substantial. Lots of you know how to prepare amazing breakfasty food, any time of the day.

Over at Babe in Soyland, Kayla makes a hearty Tofuevos Rancheros. She enjoys this meal after a long run, but I’d just be running to her table to try this dish! Gluten Free Vegan Munchies cooks up some homefries to load onto breakfast tacos.
Breakfast Tacos with Homefries

Always Autumn bakes up some quick and easy, though definitely delicious chocolate croissants, inspired by Nigella Lawson, and Mihl at Seitan is My Motor makes two kinds of amazing croissants using a more traditional method.

Vegan Croissants

I’d love to take a bite of the simple, but tasty sounding tofu egg sandwich on the p.h.d.elicious cooks plants in tiny kitchens blog. I also really want to be invited over the next time Midwest Veg makes this banana bread french toast, drizzled in caramel sauce. Yum!


That Pain in the Ass Vegan fills thick pancakes with strudel filling, and the only pain I’m feeling right now is hunger, while Whoa Wren washes brunch platter of scramble and hash browns with an amazing sounding dessert loaded with bananas and mousse! That sounds like a great way to start the day!

Celestial Bananas

At Vegan Brew, I was wowed by the use of beer in a glaze for pumpkin bread that would a perfect way to start a chilly fall morning. Rebecca at Pure*Life*Taste cooks up one of my favorite muffin flavors, cranberry and orange, loaded with walnuts.

Cranberry Orange Walnut Muffins

I’ve certainly been inspired to make something a little more interesting!  I hope you all take time out for breakfast!

VeganMoFo Roundup: Check Out the Greenery

VeganMoFo Roundup: Check Out the Greenery

With the ultimate brown meal (a.k.a. Thanksgiving) coming our way next week, I decided to do a roundup with a bunch of green in it.  Oddly enough, there’s no salad here.  Not really, anyway.

First up, I am seriously impressed with all the canning that’s going on this MoFo season.  Y’all have me wanting to make my own jam, preserve some vegetables, and whip up my very own salsa like Paula over at Salt and Humor.  How can you look at this salsa verde and not want this deliciousness?!

Guess who else is slangin’ salsa?  None other than Erin32MC!  Check out this delicious looking apple mango salsa that’s being served up at Vegan Mom.

All of that salsa was making me thirsty so I was super stoked to see Allysia’s green dragon juice over at Super Vegan.  It looks delicious!  Know what goes great with dragon juice?  I’m guessing some silky smooth broccoli and cheddar soup brought to you by Seitanic Squirrel!

That soup looks perfect for a sick day…as does the loverly yummies going on at Milwaukee Vegan Bake Sale.  Be sure to wish Stephanie well because she’s feeling a little under the weather.

Now the flavor tour is headed east with this super duper lip smackin’ ginger tofu from Spabettie!  Lookit how glorious this is:

Now, if you are looking for something a bit more soup-like then prepare to drool.  Jen has a little pho porn for you.  No recipe, but enough photographic detail for you to flip your lid!

Of course, I couldn’t end this roundup without a little raw food love.  I was seriously drooling when I saw the raw bibimbap over at Raw Bento.  Yu Ming, I’m coming by for dinner!

That’s all for now.  Happy Tuesday, y’all!


VeganMoFo Roundup: Apples, apples, and more APPLES!

VeganMoFo Roundup: Apples, apples, and more APPLES!

If you’re like me you have 37 apples from your farm share this week and are searching for goodies to make with them.  Anyone?  Anyone?  No, I guess not.  Even if you don’t have apples out the wazoo, it looks like there are lots of folks taking the opportunity to get creative with their apples.

Oh my!  Spiced Apple Bundt Cake with Tofutti Cinnamon Glaze.  I MUST try this recipe!  First I need to get some of those mini bundt pans.  Job well done, Wasabi Peas.  Go check out the great photos on the blog!

In addition to mini bundt pans, I wish I had a juicer so I could make this wonderfully-hued juice from Living on the Vedge!

Not only was MoFo roundup-er, Jeni Treehugger, creative in her use of apples in this post, she was creative in her stuffing vessel.  I must admit, I had to look up the term “marrow.”

Clare from Always Autumn blogged about preserves, including Apple and Tomato Chutney, Apple and Blackberry Jam, and Apple Jelly!  I’m planning on doing some preserving, so I loved looking at the photos and reading about all the great stuff Clare helped make.

Lisa from Raw on $10 A Day (or Less!) made a creamy spinach soup, including our star ingredient of the day, the apple!  I love that green!

What a great idea over at Cooking for a Vegan Lover!  Cranberry-Apple Glazed Tempeh?  Yes!!

I also love this scientific evaluation that celyn over at Miso for Breakfast conducted on several types of apples, especially because THE BEST APPLE EVER came out the winner!  (That’s the mighty Honeycrisp apple.)

You probably can’t relate to my over-abundance of apples (37?!), but I’m sure many of you, at least, can attest to the toll Vegan MoFo has taken on kitchens around the globe.  Off I go to do some damage control (and prepare for my next MoFo post!)  Happy recipe bookmarking!

Vegan MoFo Round Up 15: Nice as Pie and other stories

Vegan MoFo Round Up 15: Nice as Pie and other stories

Regular readers of my blog will know how much I love pies. For those of you who are not regular readers I FREAKING LOVE PIES!
Savoury pies or sweet pies I’m not fussed. Just give me something enclosed in pastry and I’m happy.
Lots of MoFo’ers have been feeding my pie addiction, so to speak, and here’s a pick of the bunch for today’s round up.

Courtney is making something new beginning with each letter of the alphabet for her MoFo theme and today’s letter is G.
G for Gas Station Pies!


A Bug and a Fish is testing and photographing recipes for Robin Robertson’s upcoming cookbook Quick Fix Vegan. This Roasted Vegetable Tart looks and sounds INCREDIBLE

Roasted Vegetable Tart

Pumpkin Pie has been making an appearance all over the MoFo and this Vanilla Pumpkin Pie from Wasabi Peas is simple and not too sweet. A Great holiday recipe!

I'll take a slice of that please

This Pumpkin Pie with a Gingersnap Crust would also be perfect for the holidays.

Mmmm Gingersnap Crust

And talking of Holiday recipes these Cranberry Pistacio Biscotti from Dreamin’ It Vegan look so festive and tasty – I’m really liking the flavour combo of these.

Cranberry Pistacio Biscotti

Cheese cake counts as a pie right?
Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheezecake Bites!


The Vegan Mouse (who just happens to be one of my favourite bloggers) has been making and scoffing these awesome looking Calzones

How crazy good do these look!

And whilst this is not a pie but it caught my eye none-the-less.

Potato and Beets

Google translator calls it potatoes under a fur coat – lol. And whilst fur coats are definitely not vegan this glorious colourful dish most certainly is.

Our very own MoFo rounder-upper Andy has veganised a family recipe with Grandma Jane’s French Breakfast Puffs.
And in Andy’s own words “They really should be enjoyed right out of the oven. Sugar. Cinnamon. Butter-like substance. You can’t go wrong.”

And I’m not gonna argue with that!

Enjoy right out of the oven? OK!

So that’s it for the second week of MoFo 2010 folks – tomorrow will see our halfway stage WooHoo! Is the time just whizzing by or what?
This is your Sunday MoFo rounder-upper signing out.
Over to you MoFo’ers.

random round-up, or, put what in what?

random round-up, or, put what in what?

Tonight, I decided to bring a totally random round-up. As in, I scrolled up and down the MoFo blogroll haphazardly and found the following awesome blogs. (I skipped a couple that didn’t look like they were actively MoFoing. Is that a verb yet? I digress). And now, without further ado, we have these recent happenings:

First off, a couple of surprise ingredient recipes. You can put GINGER in mac & cheese? Yes, as The Apeman shows you in this here post:

Ginger Mac & Cheese

Next up, from the Totally Veg! blog, a recipe for Raffaello cake, aka, you can put WHITE CHOCOLATE and COCONUT in a cake and it doesn’t explode of fantastic-ness??


God, I love bread recipes, and savory quick breads are the hidden gems. This recipe is entitled : Fresh Bread, 45 Minutes, no yeast. Really. You bet I’ll be making this recipe this week.

Vegan Linda blogs over getting over your fears of trying recipes if they sound difficult or complicated- most often you’ll be rewarded, as she was when she made Crispy Tofu with Sizzling Caper Sauce from Vegan Planet. I love how many capers are crammed into this photo. It’s… entrancing…

Caper? I hardly even know her!

Steamed buns are the world’s perfect food! Can it ever be said enough? The Minor Injuries blog reminds of that fact with this:

Stuffed with bok choy, mushrooms, and nooooooodles

Do you ever do this? Mix chili and pasta? It has got to be one of my favorite comfort foods of all time, and Caffeinated Mama blog does this humble food the justice it deserves:

The best part about making chili- mixing leftovers with pasta the next day

Bankrupt Vegan is a blog that is all about frugality. I love this round-up of coupons, special offers, and free samples compiled in last friday’s post– did someone say a coupon for organic berries? Yes please!

Eve Love à la Montagne gives a tutorial (in French) on vegan beer and wine– what to look for, what to watch out for.

Walnut-crusted tofu, step by step, courtesy of Girl Goes Vegan. I don’t crust my tofu enough, clearly. This is my takeaway message here.

Random? Yes. Delicious? You betcha.