January MiniMoFo

January MiniMoFo

Happy New Year, VeganMoFo’ers! We hope you will all have a wonderful 2019, full of happiness, good health, and all the delicious vegan food! We needed a bit of a break after September’s VeganMoFo, but we’re back in business and ready to revive our monthly MiniMoFo challenges – hopefully you’re all ready to cook along with us!

Our theme for January is Beat the Blues. January can be a tough month for people for various reasons, so let’s fill our social media feeds with tasty dishes to keep our spirits high! Maybe you’ll make something colourful to counter the grey weather (for those of us in the northern hemisphere, at least), or bake a delicious cake to boost your spirits if you’re returning to work post-holidays. However you’re beating the January blues, let us know!

As always, everyone can participate in MiniMoFo, and newcomers are always welcome to join in – the only rule is to keep it vegan! (If you have friends participating in Veganuary, why not let them know so they can follow along too?) Use the hashtag #MiniMoFo on social media, and link to your blog post in the comments below so that we can come and see what you’ve been cooking and feature you in our roundup post at the end of January.

Happy New Year, and happy cooking!

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