Community Building During Vegan MoFo

Community Building During Vegan MoFo

Greetings friends! We get a lot of questions leading up to and during MoFo and thought we’d answer some in short blog posts for your edification.

Today Panda is here to address some related questions we hear a lot. How will people find my blog? No one is commenting on my blog. Why isn’t anyone reading it?

We have hundreds of bloggers signing up for Vegan MoFo every year, so it can be hard to be found and be noticed. There are some simple tricks to help get your blog into the flow of the Vegan MoFo community.

First up, make sure you are reading and commenting on other MoFo blogs. This is huge! Mollyjade on the PPK had a challenge one year to comment on x number of new-to-you blogs per day for MoFo. It’s a great way to see who else is out there in blogland and to start building connections. The more you get to know people, the more fun it is to follow along.

Second, make sure you keep on blogging! If you just put up one post and then don’t post again because you aren’t getting comments, you still won’t get comments. Communities are built over time and it can take a while for your blog name to get out there.

And last, write posts that are of interest to you. Find your own voice. If you’re writing content that is interesting to you and engaging to others, the readers will come. Not everyone is going to read your blog, but there will be some out there who will like your voice and style and will be clicking refresh waiting for your next post.

We’ve got 2 weeks to go! Happy MoFo!


2 thoughts on “Community Building During Vegan MoFo

  1. hear hear! I started blogging with the intention of just lurking but had a comment on my second post and have been enjoying swapping comments with other bloggers ever since – I think we need to see our responsibility to comment on other blogs to nurture community if we want to be part of one. I have discovered some great blogs through MoFo and fantastic recipes.

  2. Great post! I’m determined to find more time to browse other blogs and comment this year. I left everything so last minute last time as well as starting a new job that I just did not find the time to get as involved in the whole community side of it. Hopefully with a bit of pre-planning and less work stress I can get stuck in!

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