2014 Vegan MoFo Graphics Are Here!

2014 Vegan MoFo Graphics Are Here!

Yay! You have two weeks to sign up and in two and a half the blogging begins! Get your logos here, we have different themes as well as banner sized and sidebar sized graphics so hopefully everyone can find room for one somewhere.

Thanks as always go to Amanda Chronister for making these for us, if you’re looking to support a vegan doing the freelance illustration and design thing please check out her work.

940x198_r1_header 850X315_r3_fb 940x198_g1_header 850X315_r2_fb 850X315_r1_fb 850X315_o3 850X315_o2 850X315_o1 850X315_g3_fb 850X315_g2_fb 850X315_g1_fb 400x84_r2 400x84_r3 400x84_r1 400x84_o1 400x84_g2 400x84_g3 400x84_g1 300X150_r3 300X150_r2 300X150_g3 300X150_r1 300X150_g2 300X150_3 300X150_g1 300X150_2
180x180_r5 180x180_r4 180x180_r2 180x180_r3 180x180_r1 180x180_o5 180x180_o4 180x180_o3 180x180_o2 180x180_o1 180x180_g5 180x180_g4 180x180_g2 180x180_g3 180x180_g1

160x220_r2 160x220_r3 160x220_r1 160x220_o3 160x220_o1 160x220_o2 160x220_g3 160x220_g2 160x220_g1

100x100_r2 100x100_r1 100X100_o3 100x100_o2 100x100_o1 100x100_g2 100x100_g1

12 thoughts on “2014 Vegan MoFo Graphics Are Here!

  1. Hi
    I have filled out and submitted the VeganMoFo sign-up form, but I have not received confirmation that my application has been accepted.

    Can you tell me, please, when I might receive this info?

    Thank you.
    Lisa LT

    1. Of course! You should just be able to drag and drop them onto your desktop and then upload them to your blog in the same way you’d upload a picture. It looks like you’re using blogger so there will be a space in the layout section to add an image in your header or sidebar. I hope that helps!

  2. I am trying to add this graphic, but I’m not seeing where to add it. I am using WordPress. There is a widget to add an image, but it’s asking for the image URL…doesn’t allow me to choose a file. Any ideas?

    1. if you go to your media library (where you uploaded the image in wordpress), and click on the one you want to put in your “image” widget, a pop up should appear that shows the link to that image. hope that makes sense!

  3. It’s not working for some reason. I see the link you are talking about. But the “image” is coming up with a “?” in the box instead of the image. I’m so new to this blogging thing, I’m still learning and clearly have a long way to go. 🙂

  4. I’ve noticed that some bloggers have a Random MoFo widget. If clicked it takes users to a random Vegan MoFo participating blog post. How do I get this?

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