February MiniMoFo Roundup

February MiniMoFo Roundup

February’s MiniMoFo was all about showing love through food – and unsurprisingly, you all outdid yourselves! Let’s take a look at what our VeganMoFo’ers made for their nearest and dearest in February.


This month there have been some delicious baked goods courtesy of C&C, but there’s always room for a little savoury treat too – like this heartbeet hummus, winning the hearts of her kids! .

Food for Dissertating

There’s nothing like treating yourself to a special homemade lunch! Check out this three tier bento with chilli, chips and trimmings. Vegan sour cream should always be served in a heart-shaped pot! If you’re looking for packed lunch inspiration, be sure to check out this blog.


Who will the slayer share this buff-ito with, Angel or Spike?!


As Amber points out, love isn’t all about grand gestures, it can be something as simple as regularly doing nice things for your loved ones. Like bringing them purple potato fries, for example.


Show some love for this hearty plate of food! Mrs Spaetzle is out to impress with these oven-baked chickpeas and eggplant cubes on top of tomato sauce and spaghetti. Yum!

My Apologies for the Novel

Julie whipped up this exciting feast for her beau, and also shared some pictures of her feline friends looking extremely snuggly! Check out her post for more food and more cats.


Angie was well aware of the impracticalities of making a slap-up meal on a Wednesday evening, so she prepared a quick and easy Valentine’s meal that was still really impressive. Feast your eyes on that lemon pepper fettucini!

Living the Dream

Jen was back on the blog and in the kitchen this month, with an update on their post-Irma progress, and some delicious chocolate meringues.


Cookies within cookies – what better way to show that you love someone?!

Herbivores’ Heaven

Jenny revealed the way to her heart – chocolate and pretzel donuts. Yum!


Check out these spring rolls with berry dipping sauce created by Janet- quite the delicacy!


And February is not only about Valentine’s Day! Here’s a pretty spectacular birthday cookie cake, lovingly made by Kristy.


We love your culinary efforts! Stay tuned for March’s theme!

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