Field Roast Giveaway

Field Roast Giveaway

Our winner is Melinda, she says her favorite way to eat vegan sausauge is, “A bun and mustard. That’s it. Why mess with perfection?”

Vegan sausages may souns like an oxymoron to some, but I can’t think of a single (gluten eating) vegan who isn’t nuts about vegan sausages.  They’re fun to make, they’re fun to eat, they’re fun to just buy when you’re in a hurry for some ready-made protein.  And while I love making my own sausage flavors up on the fly, I can’t deny that Field Roast sausages have a unique texture that I will probably never be able to achieve at home.  The greatest thing about them though, is that they convinced one of my friends that he could live without pork products.  His fridge has more mock meat in it than mine!  Their new frankfurters are a big hit around here, so much so that I paid for a cooler to have a few packages shipped from Cosmo’s so my husband would stop crying.

Field Roast also makes deli slices, loaves, a meatloaf, a holiday celebration roast, and this holiday season they will have a new product for us!  I don’t see this on their site so this might be the world premiere of their Hazelnut Cranberry Roast En Croute!  Jazz hands!

The kind folks at Field Roast have a special package today for one very lucky winner, three free sausage coupons and a t-shirt!  Simply comment here and tell me your favorite dish to add sausagey goodness to!  (No one will judge you for saying ‘straight out of the package’.)  A winner will be chosen tonight at midnight, CST.  US only!


89 thoughts on “Field Roast Giveaway

  1. On a pizza. Side note: you know that scene in 30 Rock when Liz Lemon yells at Jack’s future daughter “PUT POTATO CHIPS ON A SANDWICH?” I’m going to virtually do that now: “PUT FIELD ROAST ON A PIZZA *AND* THROW SOME SLICED FRESH FIGS ON THAT SUCKER, TOO.”

    That is all

  2. Ooh, I made the hazelnut cranberry sausage en croute last year for christmas. So delicious with a yummy gravy and even better the next day. Totally worth the hefty price tag. (And I like my italian field roast sausage on pizza!)

  3. I love Field Roast! Their apple sage sausage is a year ’round favorite, but I cannot wait until the holidays when their roast en croute reappears. It is phenomenal. My favorite way to use their apple sage sausage is cut into slices, browned in a pan and served on a sandwich with plenty of avocado and stoneground mustard.

  4. With the weather becoming a warm vegan potato soup with Diaya cheese. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

  5. with the weather getting cold a warm vegan potato soup with Diaya cheese. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

  6. One of my favorite dishes is simply sauteed kale with panfried chipotle field roast slices. It has so much flavor you barely need add anything else!

  7. I love Field Roast sausages (especially the Apple Sage flavor) and I usually just eat them plain with potatoes or rice. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  8. Field roast Italian sausages are perfect in Tuscan kale and white bean soup, with a hearty ciabatta loaf. It’s the perfect cold weather meal!

  9. White bean and sausage stew! OMG you just gave me the craving. The nights have finally gotten cooler here in the mid-A and it is officially stew weather. Haven’t made any sausage in a while, so if a few free sausage coupons come my way, there will be no excuse not to pull out the soup pot!

  10. Pasta puttanesca with Field Roast! Served it last week to my two teens (along with some sauteed greens) and got the much coveted thumbs up. Thanks, Field Roast!

  11. I love the apple sage sausage with penne pasta with red lentil and adzuki bean sauce. Of course there’s also scrambled tofu with potato hash carmelized onions and sauteed kale and apple sage sausage. ‘

  12. Cooked very well done, cut in half lengthwise, and served as a “sausage sizzle” – like a hot dog but with a piece of bread wrapped around it instead, with very hot English mustard, and ketchup.

  13. I love adding vegan sausage to the Stovetop Mac n Cheese from Tamasin Noye’s “American Vegan Kitchen.” It’s one of the only times I’ll splurge on vegan sausages.

  14. I think I’d have to say a breakfast burrito with rosemary potatoes and scrambled tofu, topped with vegan cilantro sour cream and fresh salsa!

  15. I like to saute the Italian sausage and some zucchini, throw it in some red sauce and serve it over pasta. Sometimes I cook the apple sage one with collard greens. The spicy one is good with quinoa.

  16. Every Saturday morning I make tofu scramble with chipotle field roast, potatoes & daiya cheese. Not one Saturday can start without that breakfast ! I also love the Italian Sausage on a toasted bun with tofutti cream cheese. It can’t be beat! Thank you for such a great product!!

  17. Italian “sausage” sandwiches… On a hoagie roll with grilled onions and peppers, topped with mustard…… The best!!!

  18. On the grill with peppers and onions? So I don’t feel left out at my meat-eating relatives’ and friends’ cookouts. BTW, are they non-GMO (fingers crossed)?

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