Sunday Feasting: A Round-Up of Dreams

Sunday Feasting: A Round-Up of Dreams

Hi guys, Gabrielle here. I’m starving. Give me all of your foods! No, seriously. My google reader has me seriously craving a dream feast made up of MoFoers’ recipes. Grab a snack and join me as we imagine-eat our way through this thing of beauty.

But! Before we proceed, make sure your nails are painted teal, okay? It’s crucial! It just happens to be National Feral Cat day. Don’t let the national thing turn you away, non-Americans, feral cats are everywhere, awareness is always a great thing, and your nails will be teal.

I think most vegans have made up a meal out of side dishes at a restaurant before, and to be honest, I don’t mind it one bit! Especially if something like this curry-roasted cauliflower from The Urban Vegan is on the menu.

That pretty little squash on my counter has its future determined: delicata squash circles.

Moving on to mains, the Crabby Crafter (adorable blog name!)’s green and white bean casserole with spicy sweet potato wedges looks just dazzling.

I have no self-control when it comes to Ethiopian food—injera gut be dammed. I would eat the hell out of this plate of Aussie-Ethiopian plate from Meet the Wikos.

Vegan MoFo’s own Luciana only ate half of this breakfast burrito! If I didn’t love her so much after meeting her at Vida Vegan Con, I would mock her dainty appetite (and inexplicable affinity for chia kombucha).

Next we’ll zip over to Stuttgart, Germany, where we will munch on these amazing Italian vegan gelato “conos” with Vegan Miam.

Forgetting my theme (if there ever was one) let’s get distracted by Jojo’s adorable Football Food Sunday (she’s a Brit who is watching American football! Hilarious!), featuring avocado fries, barbecue tofu, and loaded potato skins. Give me this spread for a (hockey) game any day.

Oh right, vegans eat salad! How about this gorgeously plated gnocchi potato salad with green beans and quinoa?

Everyone who knows me knows how much I love mushrooms—the more exotic the funghi the better. So I’m pretty stoked on Veg-am’s mushroom instalments for 1 food 5 ways: here is the herbed polenta cups with mushroom onion stuffing.

Finally, I will leave you as I pop a hundred of these peanut butter thumbprint cookies into my mouth from a Toronto farmers’ market via Until We Eat Again.

13 thoughts on “Sunday Feasting: A Round-Up of Dreams

  1. Thanks for the mention! Since you love mushies so much, I wanted to let you know that was actually the 4th installment of mushrooms. And 2 of the earlier ones have been some of my favorite mofo meals yet: bbq sandwich and sloppy joe pie.

    I totally cannot pick between any of the others in this post either. They all look fantastic!!!

      1. Definitely wasn’t meant as a complaint. You have so much to go through and y’all are doing a fab job!! I just didn’t want a mushroom lover to miss out on my favorites <3

    1. I made up for it by eating dessert at every meal! I just can’t eat a lot at one time, but I always come back around for the rest. Also, it was a really big burrito. The camera doesn’t capture how stuffed it was. Stuffed with awesome.

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