Iron Chef Roundup #3: Hot Peppers, Sunflower Seeds, and Grapes

Iron Chef Roundup #3: Hot Peppers, Sunflower Seeds, and Grapes

This week I posed the challenge of using three key ingredients in a unique dish for Vegan MoFo Iron Chef.  I am really impressed by all the entries this week using hot peppers, sunflower seeds, and grapes. They all sound like dishes that I would like to make and, more importantly, eat!

A visit to The Spade & Spoon produced a guide on how to make Sunflower Seed Tarts with Red Wine and Chili Jam. Can you believe it? I didn’t even think of wine when I thought up this week’s ingredient list. Grapes are versatile I tell you! (Left photo in image above.)

Kelly from Grassroots created a Waldorf Salad containing this week’s key ingredients (including jalapeno-roasted sunflower seeds!) and is called “Jalapeno-Face” Spicy Waldorf Salad.  (Center photo in image above.)

How do grilled tofu, taquitos, and Pico de Gallo fit in with this weeks Iron Chef challenge? You’ll have to visit Kim Cooks Veg 4U to see this inspired menu for yourself. (Right photo in image above.)

Vegan Fazool’s entry is unique for many reasons. Using the Candied Cowboys (candied jalapenos) made early during MoFo, The Sheriff, put together “The Shiny Saddle” and “The Candied Sunflower Raisin Saddlebag“. Hope the homestead makes it through the storm alright! (Photo above.)

Two contestants went the stuffed pepper approach.

Another Iron Chef newbie, The Unintentional Vegan used the ingredients beautifully in her Sunflower Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers with Balsamic Grape Dipping Sauce. (Left photo in image above.)

Opting for poblanos in lieu of jalapenos, Laura created a substantial dish from Stuffed Poblano Peppers with Sweet & Spicy Rasin Chutney. Talk about fusion! (Right photo in image above.)

When I thought up this set of ingredients, sunflower seeds in a bread seemed like a natural choice. Apparently, a couple of participants thought so too!

Take a look at Cara’s Raisin Scones with Sweet & Spicy Sunflower Seed Spread. Perhaps this is the perfect thing to eat while reading Wuthering Heights? (Left photo in image above.)

Somer went all-out with her first Iron Chef submission. This Monte Cristo is pretty epic. (Center photo in image above.)

Rubber Cowgirl’s Sunflower Biscuits with Grape-Chili Jam look like a great snack. I can just imagine the spicy sweetness of the jam on a crumbly biscuit. Mmmm mmmm. Kudos to you for eliminating palm oil from your cooking. I’m right there with you! (Right photo in image above.)

Well, that wraps up this season of Vegan MoFo Iron Chef.  Thanks to everyone who participated!  It was a lot of fun to see the key ingredients used so creatively in unique dishes.

9 thoughts on “Iron Chef Roundup #3: Hot Peppers, Sunflower Seeds, and Grapes

  1. Thanks for the kind words about the storm. The Homestead should make it through alright, we’s been practicin’ all month long makin’ food and drinks special for Sandy, I guess!

    All them dishes look delicious. The Sheriff is currently acceptin’ food donations 🙂


  2. ironchef was so much fun…can we do some more challenges when it’s not mofo? Pretty please? 🙂 I love seeing what everyone else comes up with!

  3. Why the kudos on eliminating the use of palm oil? Palm fruit oil is a healthy oil that has high amount of beta carotene and vitamin E. It’s a good oil for high heat cooking too. I know a lot of people get confused about its fat content, but the saturated fats are the good kind.

    1. Hi Krista,

      I’m so glad you asked! The palm oil issue is less about whether it’s healthful or not, and more about habitat loss, environmental degradation, and species endangerment. There are plenty of resources out there, but here’s one that might be of interest:

      Palm oil is so pervasive in food and other products we buy that it can be difficult to eliminate from one’s life, but it is possible! And I suppose the hope is that if enough people make the decision to boycott palm oil, at least from the biggest aggressors, we can see actual change in the market.

      Apparently, there are programs that certify certain palm growers as sustainable.

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